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Heavenly Signs: A Cosmic Triangle

Heavenly Signs: A Cosmic Triangle

By Hwaa Irfan

While the heavens are taking time out from visible eclipses that draw the attention of many from around the world, a divine triumverant has been taking place , and quite visible as sunset dawns.

Precipitated by an Earth-Mars directed eruption of solar energy (radiation) or coronal mass ejection on February 24th 2012, appearing like the brightest stars in the sunset sky of the 25th February is Venus, Jupiter and a crescent Moon as the Islamic month Rabi-ul Thani begins with the scent of spring.

As the moon switches partners between Venus and Jupiter  what comes to mind are the emotional waters that cloud the egos of global governance trying to stir things up via terrestial Iran as Venus and Jupiter come into alignment.

Moon-Venus-Jupiter N. Carolina, 23-02-2012 by Astrophotographer John Green


With a quick visit from the messenger Mercury and Mars. The diagonal line is Jupiter, Venus and Mercury, with the crescent moon above and to the right of Venus, and later above and right to Jupiter.

February 25th 2012

February 26th 2012

The expected arrival of the solar outburst is February 26th 2012, according to Goddard Space Weather Lab Spaceweather reports.  Focusing on a few of the many elements at play, the manifestation is, as we all know that we are in a flux of change. Whether we are ready or not for some serious change, and serious change we need, it is in process, and the more ready we are the easier it will be. It is like the difference that can be made by our preception of a wave as a tidal wave or a tsunami!

As the Moon is in the constellation of Aries, and with that Taurus while in opposition to Saturn, we might be experiencing mixed emotions like the lunacy of preparing for war, when the world is in need of reciprocity not animosity. Becuase of this conflict, it is best to conserve and not use energy behind anything new as we might be thrown off our center of gravity. However, there is always hope in the wings, as Moon falls into alignment with Jupiter, which allows for positive growth in the midst of a struggle between attachment vs. detachment, the lower self vs.  the higher self, self interest vs. the collective.

In terms of global governance, the lower struggle continues with the World Bank playing monopoly over our Earth’s natural resources via geopolitics.  As we look on, we can see aspects of our selves, and learn to define what is unsustainable in our respective lives at all levels, as the Establishment reacts out of fear to silence that which it does not want to hear – that goes for any dominant force in our lives that we have subjected our lives to, including our egos!

What we see, is only limited by how we see, and how we tailor our lives accordingly either in suspended animation, or in touch with our own life force and that of the Earth that sustains life as we known it!


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