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From the Jasmine to the Lotus: Getting the Constitution Right

From the Jasmine to the Lotus:  Getting the Constitution Right


By Hwaa Irfan

Having faith in the wealth of what one has is something that many of us have to awaken to whether it be on a personal or social level. When Tunisia’s Jasmine Revolution seemed to pass through its period of unrest to vote in a new government on December 23 2011, a number of the Egyptian youth revolutionaries looked on with envy – they had made it, so it was believed. However, just as protests erupt on the streets of Cairo again amidst the air of “I told you so” as a growing number of people realize that they were too ready to handover governance of their country through a questionable though peaceful electoral process to SCAF and the National Justice and Freedom Party (Muslim Brotherhood). Simply, in the struggle for a people’s democracy the people have been left out of the picture. All the signs were evident throughout, but far too many were far too willing to settle for less.

One of the arguments proffered by the Egyptian middle classes for the polarization in the voting in of the People’s Assembly, was the high level of illiteracy amongst Egyptians. Equated with the idea of being illiterate thus ignorant, nothing could be far from the case when it comes to the natural intelligence of the Egyptian common man, woman and child. In fact, one would even dare to say that the electoral procedure was “designed” to reduce full participation by the diversity of people that represents Egypt. Thus a number of the influential Egyptian middle classes rested on the argument that the Tunisian population is more educated, which in worldly terms they are.

Yet, we find that the Jasmine Revolution and the Lotus Revolution as triggers of the Arab Spring are now on par.

Without a doubt, the Constitution should come first not the president, because it is the basis of any governing body. It is what defines the policies that will arise, and the best suited officials to carry them out. But as Egypt approaches the June presidential elections, when SCAF have been made to commit to handing over governance of the country with the new president, an interesting series of scenarios are on the horizon, as to whether the arguments around who should draw up the constitution remains quite clearly unsettled.

Even though the Tunisian youth had been far more proactive, more engaged with their people, and thus had greater consensus among their people as of 2012, the obstacles are the same when it comes to the Constitution. Ignoring how the U.S. government has managed to invalidate their constitution, now activists, political entities, and human rights groups in Tunisia find themselves battling for the Tunisia’s National Constituent Assembly to hear, and act on their demands. After 23 years of suffering under the thumbs of former president Zine El Abidine Ben Ali, who suppressed all things Tunisian, and supported all things in the Western interest, the overseers of the revolution continue to demand for human rights to be enshrined in the Constitution, and to avoid vague terms like “must exercise the rights as required by law” – clearly open to abuse.

Echoing the Tunisian concern that the Constitution must represent all for generations to come, conscientious Egyptians must realize that they along with the Tunisians are unique in modern day terms in the fight for a real people’s democracy, and that they pave the way to success or failure on that journey. Their faiths will stand tested and to honor those faiths or just the right to live with respect and dignity means honouring the rights of all. If SCAF and the Muslim Brotherhood want to be remembered with that honor and respect, they must play their role in that liberating experience, not suppress it, block it or be overcome by their desire for power, the kind of power that has not only led to the Arab Spring, but the kind of power that has led to the global economic crisis sacrificing the many for the few. To be despised and feared is the only legacy to their memory if power hungry leaders continue as they are continuously looking over their shoulders, and living a life whereby no one can be trusted!

Where is the humanity or compassion when the Egyptian military courts like the British courts investigate and try children like the case of 13-year-old Ahmed Hamdy Abdel Aziz, leaving them without legal and parental access? If a child is involved in a riot (in this case the Port Said football riot) that is only a reflection on the society that has raised him if indeed Ahmed carried out a crime.  If anything, Ahmed could be made to join one of the many helpful, but under-resourced Egyptian NGO programs that work with families, and the money spent on the trial could by directed to them. Once working with a number of these children, the NGO concerned could then present the type of comprehensive report that should be made to affect policy of social issues.

When a 25 year old Egyptian artist creates a painting that depicts that they as a people are being played with, that is a sad indictment on Egyptian governance. That artist is not politically inclined whatsoever, but she has been made so by what she sees from those who deem themselves as her betters. Maybe if it was not for their actions, this young female artist would have continued with the typical self interested life of the stereotypical adolescent, hence the nations “leaders” may have done her a favour, and woke her up to a greater reality. Multiply this by how many, then one has a force to be reckoned with! Maybe that is the function they serve, but they also have the God-given gift of choice.


“Egypt: Children on Trial.”

Trabelsi, H. “Rights Groups Pressure Tunisia Lawmakers”

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American Teachers: An Unhappy Lot!

Much has been said about the death of education in the U.S., unless one can buy it! But the teachers also have something to say too!

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U.S. Paranoia Going Awry!?*

U.S. Paranoia Going Awry!?*

When one has committed a wrong, and one know that one has committed a wrong, to keep repeating it, one shuts down on the scale of compassion. However, there is a price for everything, and that ultimate price is fear of retribution from those one has wronged. As governments and the international elite lose themselves to maintain their hold on power, those that voted for them become irrelevant.

We can see this reflected in the current governance of Egypt as the issue of formulation over the new Constitution becomes heated, but where all sense of reason and proportion has gone out of the window, is the U.S.

In its obssesive, compulsive knee jerk reaction to remain the superpower, even Americans who accepted the status quo might begin to question what on earth is really going on.

To declare intentions to expand the U.S antiballistic missile defense system to Asia and the Middle East is to prepare for a perceived scenario that it has created. However, which America is being protected surpasses the range of paranoia which outmatches preparation for WWII.

Terror Drills

Currently, reports show how American children are being drilled for that perceived scenario. American childrne are being taken out of their classrooms, and are bussed elsewhere during these drills.  Referred to as “evacuation/relocation drills” parents are no always informed prior to these drills, which is even more alarming because the locations that they are being bussed to remains undisclosed, and their cell phones are confiscated. These drills seme to be taking place coast-to-coast.

For those parents informed prior to these “terror drills” they may be told the following:

Trained soldiers serving in the Minnessota National Guard, Unit 2-136 CAB / B Company on a training exercise in the middle of Crookston, MN

From a Pennslyvanian school newsletter…

“As mentioned in a separate letter in our CB Electronic Envelope last Wednesday, our school will be involved in an Off-Site Relocation Drill. This practice opportunity will sharpen our skills and provide us with the chance to review important safety procedures in the event of an emergency. This Relocation Drill is scheduled for Friday, December 16, 2011. Here are some very important reminders for all parents and families:


In every classroom, teachers will prepare students for this activity. To ensure that every child and adult arrives safely to the relocation site, no child will be released for any reason during this practice activity or real emergency. All parents are asked to review the detailed letter explaining the official steps for such drills and practice activities.”

The following is from the Washington Post:

School administrators in the Washington area yesterday stepped up preparations for possible terrorism, and most school districts told parents that they would be prevented, or strongly discouraged, from picking up their children in the event of a biological or chemical attack.

What does U.S. governance have up it’s sleeves that it has to make such serious pre-war arrangements!

Yes, the U.S. is a violent country, and violence is a apart of American school life, but this reaction to a scenario will give any American parent reason for grave concern. This, along with a long line of steps to silence the people, and to basically deprive personal control over one’s own life, may simply be a fear that arises out of questioning the system as the Establishment only seems to seek perpetuating itself by all means deemed necessary at the cost of liberty, and the freedom of choice!

A 4-year old child hugging her grandmother at a security checkpoint at Whichita Mid-Continent Airport was percieved as a national security threat in April 2012. The reaction of TSA officers resulted in a child who could not stop crying. TSA confirmed and defended their paranoia after the Brademeyer family had cleared the checkpoint to Fox News. The child was so excited at seeing her grandmother that she ran to her, at which point TSA demanded a body search in the paranoia that a gun had been passed by the mother! The child was separated from all who she knows for the body search to take place with her arms and legss spread apart, which resulted in a screaming child.


Starnes, T. “Mom: TSA Treated My 4-year-old Like a Terrorist.”

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Militarization of the Middle East Despite Abuses*

Militarization of the Middle East: Arms Shipments Continue Despite Abuses*

By Pratap Chatterjee

Combined Systems tear gas canisters were retrieved by protestors from Tahrir Square.

A mysterious ship laden with weapons is expected to dock in Port Said, Egypt, this week [March 21st].

The MV Schippersgracht left Southport in North Carolina, the Pentagon’s largest ammunition port, on March 3, 2012. The ship is on contract to the U.S. Navy’s Military Sealift Command, which refuses to explain what weapons are on board or what the ultimate destination of the weapons are, claiming security concerns.

Data on the MV Schippersgracht shipment came from an investigative collaboration between Amnesty International, Transarms and the International Peace and Information Service (IPIS).

Brian Wood, Amnesty International’s head of arms control, raised the alarm: “This ship of shame should not be allowed to unload its dangerous cargo in Egypt, and there is a substantial risk that this is what it plans to do,” he said in an Amnesty press release.

There is good reason to worry – the U.S. is one of the major sources of weapons that both the current and the previous regimes in Cairo have used against their citizens.

For example, a shipment for the Egyptian Ministry of Interior arrived from the US on November 26, 2011, carrying at least seven tons of “ammunition smoke” – which includes chemical irritants and riot control agents such as tear gas – from Combined Systems, Inc. of Jamestown, Pennsylvania. A U.S. State department spokesperson later confirmed that they had approved licenses for the export of such devices to Egypt.

That very month, more than two dozen people were killed and hundreds injured during protests against the ruling Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF). Protestors picked up spent cartridges in Tahrir Square marked with the logo of Combined Systems Inc.

Nor was that the first time that Combined Systems Inc. weaponry has been used against protestors. In late January 2011, during the first protests of the Arab Spring, protestors collected similar tear gas canisters stamped with the logo of Combined Systems Inc.

“These licences were authorized during a period where the Egyptian government responded to protests by using excessive and often lethal force. It is inconceivable that the US authorities did not know of evidence of widely documented abuses by the Egyptian security forces. These licences should not have been granted,” says Wood.

The U.S. accounts for 30 percent of global arms sales, according to a new report out from the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI). Russia is close behind at 24 percent, according to the annual publication. (The report does not track China, which is believed to be a close contender for first or second place.)

Among the details in SIPRI’s new report – Syria, which has embarked on a major crackdown on democracy activists and dissidents in the last 12 months – has increased its arms purchases by 580 percent since 2002, mostly from Russia.

European countries are just as deeply involved in militarizing the Middle East. Der Spiegel has obtained a report from the European Commission that shows that combined exports from European Union member states a delivered at least €3.3 billion ($4.34 billion) worth of military equipment and licenses to Saudi Arabia in 2010. While Saudi has not seen the mass crackdowns that Syria is experiencing, it has supplied weapons to neighboring Bahrain which has violently suppressed protests.

This coming July, government negotiators from around the world are expected to convene in New York, to discuss how to address this burgeoning traffic in small arms with a new global treaty. Not surprisingly, countries like the U.S. and Russia are reluctant to commit to any binding agreements. We’ll keep you posted on the arms companies and governments that attempt to water down this important new legislation.


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The Man Who Stomped His Shadow

Parable the Man Who Stomped His Shadow


Author Unknown

Once upon of time there lived in the Realms of Light a man who took for granted its ethereal beauty. It fell everywhere in beams of radiant splendor. It was more resplendent than the reflections of gold and silver, more sparkling than the flash of emerald, sapphires, diamond, more ubiquitous than the entire spectrum of the earthly metals and crystal. In the dazzling play of this infinite radiance, there was an accompaniment the Music of the Spheres, perfect harmonies beyond the furthest reach of the human ear, an ultimate perfection of sound. And so in this consummate perfection of SPIRITUAL TRUTH, the man existed.

Attending to his duties was as effortless and perfect as the realm he inhabited. His work provided a profound fulfillment of ultimate joy and satisfaction. But then a strange and terrible thing happened. To his dismay, as he beheld the work of which he was about, he found it had became covered by a shadow, a darkness. He did not recognize the source of this darkness.  The darkness obscured the purpose of his work upon which he had been so joyfully fixed.

The man attempted to move away from the darkness, but it followed him. The more he moved, the more he became fixated on it. He altered his work to make in thrive in the darkness. But the darkness changed to cover it more deeply. He changed his goals but the darkness confused his path. He ran but the darkness raced ahead of him. Though he cursed the darkness, it persisted. At last it, became an impenetrable barrier separating him from his work. He could not find a Soul to explain it to him. Others who were moving within it did not seem aware of it or did not care. They appeared confused by his questions and then ignored him. Now the darkness grew such that it consumed his entire consciousness with frustration, fear, and anger. His work had now become meaningless, but he pursed it more aggressively to recover that lost sense of accomplishment.

Finally the impasse became intolerable, and he was confronted with a choice.  He could accept the darkness and the new rules it enforced, and transfigure his consciousness to understand its significance to his goals. Or he could destroy himself with his hopeless struggle to avoid or overcome it.  At length, the helpless frustration, bitterness and the injustice of it all overcame him. He had tried everything he could think of to eliminate the darkness which had ruined his beautiful realms of Light and the joy of his work he accomplished there. Then the man became totally full of rage. At the peak of his rage, he tried to stomp that shadow that had become his darkness.

But the darkness remained impervious and unresponsive. His mind gone, he kicked and stomped . In the process of his self destruction, while the shadow persisted unchanged, his magnificent work which was the subsistence of his life was smashed beneath his beating fists and crashing feet. At last the man’s heart gave out, and his physical strength failed. His anger was overcome with helpless grief, exhaustion, and bitterness, and he fell into a coma. As he fell, his body turned and he saw again the LIGHT, and in a flash there came to him THE KNOWING. He realized that the darkness was his own shadow, his literal self (ego) which had obscured the light of his Spiritual Truth. Because he had been born to earth, he had deluded and entrapped himself in believing that the darkness, an artifact of his senses and ego judgment, was real.   He had altered his goals (work) to accommodate it.

He was stunned at last to KNOW as his earthly consciousness faded, how fully he had accepted the illusion of the shadow and not the TRUTH of the light. His persistence in obsessing on the illusion had brought him torment and cost him the earthly success of his Spiritual work. The diversions he pursued were exactly that. They had finally seduced him to totally substitute material goals at the cost of the joy of Spiritual accomplishment.  As he discovered too late, all he needed to have done at any time  was to accept the shadow as the mere illusion it was, and turn to the LIGHT that was still accessible within him.  The Spiritual work that was his assignment, even though diminished by worldly limits, would have been a blessing to humanity.  Maintaining contact with the light would have preserved his Spiritual perception of his work!  Then he could have Known in TRUTH his actual relationship to the shadow.

Alas! Too late for his enlightenment in this cycle of life. He passed away into the emptiness, and was returned again into the Realms of Light. There, he was cleansed of his illusion, and restored to his sacred work.  Since he had not sufficiently advanced Spiritually during the challenges of his earthly birth, he was returned to the same level of Spiritual unfoldment from which he had been born.  Now restored to the realms of Spirit, he returned to his former Spiritual tasks while he waited to receive yet another precious trial in the material part of the cycle of Spiritual unfoldment.

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Indoor Farming May Be Organic’s Only Hope


farming growing organic[tweetmeme source=”intercongreen”]After decades of trying to build an industry based around a diversion from the chemical-laden farming practices of agro-giants, organic farming still makes up an infinitesimal portion of America’s produce. Despite the apparent strength of naturally oriented stores and markets, when it comes to planting acreage and shopping baskets, organics do not hold a meaningful presence at the table—largely due to lower yields and their affect on profitability. Due to its inherent control over growing conditions, indoor farming could be the medium that allows organic produce to harvest more of the national market share.

I recently read a fascinating post by Steve Savage, over on Sustainablog, who did some analysis of farming data collected by the USDA. His reported conclusions give us a glimpse of organic food’s place in American agriculture—and you need a magnifying glass to see it. According to Savage, harvested organic produce currently comprises a mere…

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Are We in the Throes of an Evolutionary Process!

A thousand goals have there been hitherto, for a thousand peoples have there been. Only the fetter for the thousand necks is still lacking; there is lacking the one goal. As yet humanity hath not a goal. But pray tell me, my brethren, if the goal of humanity be still lacking, is there not also still lacking- humanity itself? - Nietszche

Are We in the Throes of an Evolutionary Process!


By Hwaa Irfan

The impetus to continue life as we have understood it is prevalent for many of us, especially those who are not ready for change. Our perceptions of the world has we have been entrained to believe by modern science and medicine infused with politics and self interested entities, has given us no reason to believe otherwise, unless we step off the conveyor belt of our lives and take an overdue deep intake of breathe.

After all what does it matter if the universe as we have understood it is in the midst of change? This is the life we have been given to make the most of, but are we!

The trouble with that belief is that it is rooted in a system’s interest that we perpetuate it, and not rise above it, because to do so would make the system falter. The system is not interested in the individual discovering their true purpose to our potential unless it serves the system. It is not interested in the emotional, psychological and ethical sustainability of our respective lives; it is only interested in being sustained. As long as we remain alluded to the idea that our addictive habits are actually expressions of freedom, the system or the matrix that constructs our lives for us does not care. This is no more evident as various countries around the world feed into that system and react accordingly to thwart any attempt to change the status quo throughout 2011 and onwards.

Yet there is one important truth that is occurring as we pretend to live and breathe, the change we desire in our hearts is supported by the universal changes taking place. For a growing number, this is enough inspiration to encourage us towards seeking that change both on a personal and societal level.

Change Afoot in the Universe

Many things are happening, some not evidenced and some are, but it does not change the fact that it is happening.


The most evident for those who do not wish to see, is the collective action of a group of youth who go beyond the self posessed stereotype and called for a dream that represents everyone. They were not youth calling for employment and fare access to education as the corporate media likes to purport, but youth wiser than than system that seeks to thwart them. They inspired many around the world when they rose up and called for serious change on January 25th 2011 in Egypt. They reach across faiths, and have been honest about who they are, and see the real change requires a change of hearts and minds in order to faciltate change on a domestic level, and that takes time. Their message has yet to be comprehended as the governance of the country seeks to pull back the country from the inspiring act of the youth that magically brought an individuated people into unison again, being responsible and accountable to one another. That “pulling back” is feared based, and onyl serves to benefit the elite minded, and elite aspiring, and is plunging the country into a level of discord at all levels. However there is hope, because for the many who listened only to the governance of the country, they are beginning to realize that the call of those youth is beginning to prove itself.

The Washington Consensus

The global economic system is shaped by the Washington Consensus, but at no other time have we witnessed a mass resignation from one of the key entities, the World Bank. For whatever reason, the result is the same as between 2011 – 2012 to date, there have been 358 resignations from this overly esteemed initiative, and related entities, set up to control the global economic order in service of the global elite.

New Blood Types and More!

Besides  blood types A, B, AB, and O, two more have been discovered. Langereis and Junior blood types  have been found amongst some Japanese. The discovery is a result of blood transfusion problems that occur as a result of mother-fetus incompatibility. These two blood group proteins were discovered a while ago. But dont stop there, becuase the International Blood Transfusion Society recognizes 28 additional blood types!

A growing number of cases reveal that there is greater diversity in human DNA tan previously thought. It has always been assumed that DNA, and its “driver” RNA are identical in protein sequence. But these cases tell another tale. Just as The Establishment is set to register all our DNA on a massive database, nature says so close but so far. Known sincw the 1980s, they have yet to fathom what process is at play that makes the RNA produce a sequence that is not identical to DNA. Twenty-seven people with this ‘anomaly’ were analyzed by the Howard Hughes Medical Institute.  Our genetic blue print does not read like a computer chip afterall!

New Life Forms

If one believes in the Universal Creator, the question would not arise that if we are on the precipice of extinction or Armageddon that the world is coming to an end. If one is connected with one’s true self, and the unity of life, then one would reply if that is the case, why all these new life forms then?  Yes, many species have passed out of existence, but many new life forms are coming into existence – at least one could say that experts are becoming aware of new life forms.

Embracing the unity of all life makes one aware of the connectedness of all things so that we may learn.

Apart from the Indigo children who are children (some are adults now) who have special attributes that serve the sacredness of life in various fields, in 2010, scientists discovered arsenic-using microbe was discovered at Mono Lake in California. In homeopathy the characteristic of an arsenic personality in a state of balance is one who places trust and honest relationships high on their agenda, which is the underlying call from the mass protests around the world that genuinely arise from the people.

Geologically, arsenic is found where there are copper-gold deposits.

The finding of arsenic using life forms completel challenges the understanding of the chemistry of life:  chemistry of life: oxygen, carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, phosphorus and sulphur .Nasa-funded astrobiologists have now added arsenic to this chemistry of life. In the same year, researchers found arsenic (As2O3) to be effective in the treatment of leukemia (acute promyelocytic leukemia). Leukemia s a blood cancer, and in homeopathy, the psyche of a sufferer has a pattern of suppression, feels unworthy, and has unfulfilled potentials, a common characteristic amongst those of the developed world.

In New Guinea, 1,060 new species were discovered from 1998 – 2008, a signifiant year, and 615 new species were discovered in Madagascar from 1999 – 2010. One of the findings in New Guinea included an new specie of dolphin, the snub-fin dolphin, Orcaella heinsohni.

Evolution of the Universe

It has now been established by science that we are living in an expanding universe, and that there is life beyond the 9 planets that we have come to know and love. As our Earth becomes increasingly bombarded with solar radiation, meteors and the like, challenging the Big Bang theory, which requires a static universe. It has now been established that “We are not alone” and that hundreds if not thousands of other galaxies exist has revealed by the Hubble Space telescope.

Meteors and the like contain elements that are new to our Earthly environment, and as such is adding elements that will influence the environment along with increased exposure to solar radiation-ultra viole radiation that will play a role in the synthesis of these elements into our environment.

To add to the intrigue, there is the argument by New Agers, and metaphysicians understanding that we are moving away from functioning at  the limited 3D level, i.e. seeing is believing, and being challenged by the universe to move towards a 5D world. Modern physicists are now saying that there is a subtle 5th force at play in the universe with the increasingly discovery of finer particles – some faster than the speed of light. We are familiar with 4 forces: gravity, electromagneticism, and the short range strong nuclear force and the weak nuclear force.

Life is stranger than fiction, and much more interesting. To believe that Nature can be defined, labeled, and exploited is small minded, including that of human nature itself is limited by the nature of our minds, not by nature itself! Even down to how we perceive ourselves over-rides our true and higher potential, and the world we have become addicted to is merely a reflection of that.  When a bridge os formed between our higher ideals and aspirations, and our ability to mainfest them, then and only then can we begin to live without harming one’s self, others, and the very environment in which we live. All negative things born out of fear, only tells us that which we must relinquish, and that is fear it self!


Carroll. S. “Are There Mysterious Forces Lurking in Our Atoms and Galaxies?”

Connor, S. “Science Grapples With The Concept That Alien Life May Be Among.” us

“Final Update: 358 Resignations from World Banks, Investment Houses, Money Funds.”

Helias, V et al.ABCB6 is dispensable for erythropoiesis and specifies the new blood group system Langereis.”  Nature Genetics, 2012; 44 (2): 170 DOI: 10.1038/ng.1069.

Li, M. et al. Widespread RNA and DNA Sequence Differences in the Human Transcriptome. Science, May 19, 2011 DOI: 10.1126/science.1207018

Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center (2010, November 12). Arsenic early in treatment improves survival for leukemia patients, study finds. from­ /releases/2010/11/101111121630.htm

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