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Heavenly Signs: March Winds Kicking Up a Storm!

Heavenly Signs: March Winds Kicking Up a Storm!

Cowardice asks the question: is it safe?

Expediency asks the question: is it political?

Vanity asks the question: is it popular?

But conscience asks the question: is it right.  – Dr. Martin L. King, Jr

All stops have been pulled out in the past 2 years by the main players in global governance to make life and liberty an illegal pastime both home and abroad. The week (27 February 2012) that the U.S. House of Representative voted in the H.R. 347 bill which literally eliminates the 1st Amendments, God’s tool Nature decides to have her say.

As a reported 50 killer tornadoes hit the U.S. a large outburst (coronal mass ejection) of earth directed solar radiation erupted from our Sun on March 2 2012 at 1746 UT.

Currently, NASA’s Spaceweather reports it is an M3-class solar flare. An M-class flare according to Spaceweather “…can cause brief radio blackouts that affect Earth’s polar regions. Minor radiation storms sometimes follow an M-class flare”.

In 2011, U.S. tornadoes caused $28.7 billion worth of damage. Unfortunately, the innocent  suffer.

“We are no match for Mother Nature at her worst,” Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels told BBC..

By March 01, 2012, a reported:


18 – Illinois

3 – Missouri

2 – Tennessee

13 – Indiana

12 – Kentucky

2 – Ohio


Many homes and towns have been destroyed, with actual tornado airlifts taking place before dropping the houses. With media silence it is difficult to say bad is bad, but a state of emergency has been declared:

1 hospital destroyed,  1 mall destroyed, transmission lines destroyed – Tennessee

Limestone Correctional Facility seriously damaged, 40 homes destroyed, 150 homes damaged – Alabama

School buses, and buildings completely flattened – Indiana

Trailer park, fire station and homes destroyed – Kentucky

Power lines downed – Atlanta

By March 02nd 2012, spaceweather, which influences natural disasters was unleashing a more powerful emission of solar radiation (plasma) from earthbound Sunspot 1429.

5th March 2012

On March 05th 2012, 2 small earthquakes added to the trauma, registering 4.0 on the richter scale at at 13:33:20 UTC and 05:33:20 UTC in the San Francisco Bay Area, California (37.929°N, 122.303°W).

6th March 2012

Small towns like Marysville and Daisy Hill Indian were wiped out, with to date a total of 290 people killed across 6 states.

On March 06th from Sunspot 1429, NASA’s Spaceweather reported eruptions of 4 CME’s M-class (average), and 1 X-class (major) along with eruptions that interfere with radio communications on our Earth.

Storm Prediciton Center for those living in the U.S. If you need help contact The Disaster Recovery Center

If darkness gives way to the power of light as signified by the triple dance of Venus between the Sun and our Earth on 25-26 February 2012 there is hope for all humankind for drastic change is an opportunity to realize the meaningful purpose of our lives! Will the money spent on feeding wars on other’s soil, and overriding sovereignties be spent where it is needed, i.e. on the American people?


“Sunspot and Flare, March 2012.”

“Tornadoes Wipe Out Small Towns.”

“Towns Wiped off Map”

“US Tornadoes Leave Least 12 Dead.”

Ghianni, T “Multiple Tornadoes Strike U.S. Midsection, Injuries Reported.”

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101 Resignations from the World Bank*

101 Resignations from the World Bank*


The Vatican!?

  1. 9/01/11 Bank of New York Mellon Chief Robert P. Kelly (USA NY)
  3. 9/25/11 UBS CEO Oswald Gruebel quits over  £1.5bn rogue trader crisis (SWITZERLAND)
  4. 9/28/11 SNB Bank Council: Fritz Studer (SWITZERLAND)
  5. 10/29/11 China Construction Bank Corp Chairman Guo Shuqing (CHINA)
  6. 10/29/11 Agricultural Bank of China Ltd Chairman Xiang Junbo (CHINA)
  7. 11/01/12 More directors of the Beed district bank (INDIA)
  8. 11/02/12 Lloyds Banking Group chief executive, António Horta-Osório  unconfirmed (UK)
  9. 11/21/11 UBS’s Japan Investment Banking Chairman Matsuito (JAPAN)
  10. 12/15/11 Senior private banker Coutts James Fleming (UK)
  11. 12/23/11 Chairman Mark Giles: (USA VA)
  12. 12/23/11 Bank feud: Board Member Claire Gargalli quits VNB over Bank feud
    (USA VA)
  13. 12/23/11      Board Member Leslie Disharoonquits VNB over Bank feud (USA VA)
  14. 12/23/11 Board Member Neal Kassellquits over Bank feud (USA VA)
  15. 1/01/12 United Bank for Africa Plc Victor Osadolor (NIGERIA)
  16. 1/01/12 Israel’s Bank Leumi CEO Galia Maor (ISRAEL)
  17. 1/03/12 Suffolk Bancorp president and CEO J. Gordon Huszagh (USA VA)
  18. 1/03/12 Arbuthnot Banking Group: Neil Kirton (UK)
  19. 1/03/12 Arbuthnot Banking Group: Atholl Turrell (UK)
  20. 1/05/12 Saunderson House [Private Bank] CEO Nick Fletcher (UK)
  21. 1/09/12 SNB Chairman Philipp Hildebrand (SWITZERLAND)
  22. 1/19/12 Spanish bank Santander’s Americas chief Francisco Luzon (SPAIN)
  23. 1/30/12 Butterfield Private Bank head Danny Dixon (UK)
  24. 1/20/12 Normura’s head of wholesale banking Jasjit Bhattai (JAPAN)
  25. 1/21/12 Institute of International Finance negotiator Charles Dallara (Greece)
  26. 1/21/12 Institute of International Finance negotiator Jean Lemierre (Greece)
  27. 1/29/12 New Zealand Reserve Bank Gov Alan Bollard (NEW  EALAND)
  28. 2/01/12 ABSA [Barclay’s Bank] deputy CEO Louis von Zeuner (SOUTH AFRICA)
  29. 2/01/12 Lloyds Bankging Group head of wholesaleTruett Tate (UK)
  30. 2/01/12 Llyods Banking Group Tim Tookey – end of February (UK)
  31. 2/02/12 Banking Crisis Arne Chacon arrested for Banking Corruption (VENEZUELA)
  32. 2/05/12 Morgan’s investment banking chairman Joseph Perella (USA – NY)
  33. 2/05/12 Morgan Stanley investment banking Tarek  Abdel-Meguid (USA – NY)
  34. 2/06/12 (INDIA) Dhanlaxmi Bank CEO Amitabh Chaturvediquits:
  35. 2/7/12 Bank Of America’s Mortgage Business Chief Barbara Desoer  (USA)
  36. 2/07/12 Kotak Mahindra Bank Falguni Nayar (INDIA)
  37. 2/07/12 Iran denies central bank resignation rumor (IRAN)
  38. 2/09/12 Four Priests Charged In Vatican Banking Scandal (names not known) (VATICAN)
  39. 2/9/12 National Bank of Ukraine deputy governor Volodymyr Krotiuk (UKRAINE)
  40. 2/10/12 Korea Exchange Bank chief Larry Klane (KOREA)
  41. 2/10/12 Tamilnad Mercantile Bank CEO A K Jagannathan (INDIA)
  42. 2/13/12 Kuwait Central Bank CEO Sheikh Salem Abdulaziz Al Sabbah (KUWAIT)
  43. 2/14/12 Nicaraqua Central Bank President Antenor Rosales (NICARAQUA)
  44. 2/14/12 Social finance pioneer Malcolm Hayday quits Charity Bank (UK)
  45. 2/15/12 World Bank CEO Zoellick (WORLD)
  46. 2/15/12 Nova Kreditna Banka Maribor CEO Andrej  Plos(SLOVENIA)
  47. 2/15/12 Nova Ljubljanska Banka d.d. CEO Bozo Jasovic (SLOVENIA)
  48. 2/15/12 Govenor of Kenyan Central Bank Njuguna Ndung’u to resign (KENYA)
  49. 2/16/12 The Financial Services Authority Margaret Cole (UK)
  50. 2/16/12 Databank Group Executive Chair Ken Ofori-Atta (GHANA)
  51. 2/16/12 Saudi Hollandi Banks Managing Director Geoffrey Calvert (SAUDI ARABIA)
  52. 2/16/12 ANZ Bank Australia CFO Peter Marriott (AUSTRALIA)
  53. 2/16/12 Royal Bank of Scotland Sr Equities Trader Jason Edinburgh Arrested (UK)
  54. 2/16/12 Royal Bank of Scotland director equities bus. Vincent Walsh director Arrested (UK)
  55. 2/16/12 Marex Spectron senior trader Michael Elsom Arrested (UK)
  56. 2/16/12 Royal Bank of Scotland Austrailan CEO Stephen Williams (AUSTRALIA)
  57. 2/17/12 Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blank (USA)
  58. 2/17/12 SNB Council President Hansueli Raggenbas (SWITZERLAND)
  59. 2/18/12 The Bank of Azad Jammu & Kashmir executive Zulfiqar Abbasi (PAKISTAN)
  60. 2/20/12 Head of Russian Bank Regulator Gennady  Melikyan (RUSSIA)
  61. 2/20/12 Credit Suisse Chief Joseph Tan (SWITZERLAND)
  62. 2/20/12 Bank Leumi le-Israel Ltd: (ISRAEL)
  63. 2/20/12 R. David Land Submits Resignation from the Boards of Directors of Peoples Bancorporation, Inc. and Seneca National Bank (USA)
  64. 2/20/12 First Financial Northwest Director Spencer Schneider (USA WA)
  65. 2/21/12 Central Bank of Argentina (BCRA) Gen Mgr Benigno  Velez, (ARGENTINA)
  66. 2/21/12 Nitol Insurance Co. Ltd director Abdul Matlub resigns conflict of interest with director seat on unknown bank      (BANGLADESH)
  67. 2/21/12 Nitol Insurance Co. Ltd director Selima Ahmad resigns conflict of interest with director seat on unknown bank (BANGLADESH)
  68. 2/21/12 Nitol Insurance Co. Ltd director Abdul Musabbir Ahmad resigns conflict of interest with director seat on unknown bank (BANGLADESH)
  69. 2/21/12 City General Insurance Co. Ltd director Geasuddin Ahmad resigns conflict of interest with director seat on unknown bank (BANGLADESH)
  70. 2/21/12 Social Islami Bank Limited director Taslima Akter resigns conflict of interest with director seat on Eastland Insurance Company Limited (BANGLADESH)
  71. 2/21/12 CITIBANK JAPAN: Bakhshi is taking over duties from Brian Mccappin, who the bank said in December would resign after the unit was banned for two weeks from trading tied to the London and Tokyo interbank offered rates. (JAPAN)
  72. 2/22/12 Goldman Sachs Hedge Fund Group Chief Howard Wietschner (USA)
  73. 2/23/12 Richard Gush resigns from Standard Bank (SOUTH AFRICA)
  74. 2/23/12 Royal Bank of Scotland Group director John McFarlanere (SCOTLAND)
  75. 2/24/12 Breaking: ICICI Bank GC Pramod Rao (INDIA)
  76. 2/24/12 Citigroup Pvt Bank Global Real Estate Kwang Meng Quek (HONG KONG)
  77. 2/24/12 FSF Executive Director Kirk Hope (NEW ZEALAND)
  78. 2/24/12 Evercore Partners Head Eduardo Mestre (USA)
  79. 2/25/12 Goldman Sachs Chairman Stephen Fitzgerald (AUSTRALIA AND NZ)
  80. 2/27/12 Deutsche Bank Americas chief Seth Waugh (GERMANY)
  81. 2/27/12 Khaleeji Commercial Bank CEO Ebrahim Ebrahim (BAHRAIN)
  82. 2/27/12 Societe Generale’s Investment Banking Chief Michel Péretié (FRANCE)
  83. 2/27/12 Elaf Bank CEO Dr El Jaroudi (MALAYSIA)
  84. 2/27/12 Nomura’s Head Of Wholesale Banking Jesse Bhattal (JAPAN)
  85. 2/27/12 Kotak Mahindra Bank Ms Falguni Nayar (INDIA)
  86. 2/27/12 Equiduct chairman Artur Fischer (GERMANY)
  87. 2/27/12– Mumtalakat Holding [Sovereign Wealth Fund] CEO Al Zain (BAHRAIN)
  88. 2/27/12 Bank Melli CEO Mahmoud Reza Khaavari (IRAN)
  89. 2/27/12 Bank Saderat CEO Mohammad Jahromi (IRAN)
  90. 2/27/12 Lloyds Banking Group Glen Moreno (UK)
  91. 2/28/12 Hang Seng Bank CEO Margaret Leung KoMay-yee (HONG KONG)
  92. 2/28/12Bank of China International ECM global head Marshall Nicholson  (CHINA)
  93. 2/28/12 DBS security head Jim Pasqurell (SINGAPORE)
  94. 2/28/12 Bank of America’s Asia-Pac. mrkts Brian Canniffe (HONG KONG)
  95. 2/28/12 KBC’s CEO Jan Vanhevel (BELGIUM)
  96. 2/28/12 Ontario Securities Commission chairwoman Peggy-Anne Brown (CANADA)
  97. 2/28/12 Bank manager Colin John Carletonjailed 9 years for $3m theft (AUSTRALIA)
  98. 2/28/12 Sri Lanka Com Bank CEO Amitha Gooneratne (SRI LANKA)
  99. 2/28/12 REDEFINE INCOME FUND director Gerald Leissner (SOUTH AFRICA)
  100. 2/29/12 Perpetual portfolio manager Matt Williams (AUSTRALIA)
  101. 2/29/12 Honister Capital CEO Richard Pearson  (UK)



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