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Urban Choreography

Africa leading the way in off the grid power and how to pay for it – fromSmart Planet By Mark Halper

A British startup company is offering rural Africans an energy efficient pay-as-you-go solar lighting kit and service that can illuminate two rooms for 7 hours using LED lamps and a rechargeable battery provided at minimal up front cost to the user.

Eight19’s IndiGo solar powered battery pack includes USB slots for charging cell phones.

Cambridge-based Eight19 last week started offering the service in Africa’s newest country, the Republic of South Sudan, in partnership with Colorado-based Christian charity WorldVenture. It aims to deploy 1,000 kits through the first half of this year, in the Nimule region.

Eight19 first launched in September in Kenya, and has expanded into Malawi, Zambia and now South Sudan, which gained independence from Sudan last July.

The service, called IndiGo, is aimed at replacing expensive…

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