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The Problem of Buying Milk that’s Actually Good for You

The Problem of Buying Milk  that’s Actually Good for You

By Hwaa Irfan


There is probably more to what meets the eye, but quite frankly it is just getting more and more ridiculous, almost as if the American citizen is the enemy that must be controlled at all costs. This is the beaming reality of the high price of Corporate America, which will do absolutely anything to protect its wealth for its self while, in this case, the American food industry is making its people sick. Consumers are just people who maintain their profit margins, without regard for their health, and fall prey to the do and donts of the likes of the Food and Drug Administration that tells Americans what to eat, what to think, and what to buy.

Here we speak of one simple God-Given food, the gift of milk, labeled ‘raw milk’ to distinguish it from the denatured processed commercial milk that has been striped of many nutrients contained in ‘raw milk’.

Ridiculous is when ones hears of a raw milk producer, which would once be called a dairy farmer being arrested (March 2 2012) for providing raw milk, to have a bail set at U.S.$1mn, and when efforts to establish the situation is made, to be told that James Stewart owner of Rawsome Foods, Los Angeles is charged for grand theft!

This is the extent to which Coporate America protects its interests against anybody else!

To say raw milk is illegal is equivalent to say that all natural foods are illegal, or will be if the agro-pharmaceutical giant Monsanto continues to have its own way.

Prior to this incarceration Rawsome Foods was raided twice by  ‘armed food police’, that’s saying it. Rawsome Foods was raided for selling raw milk to its private members-only club, becuase to sell to the public is illegal in California, yes illegal, and not for the reason stated. Al hamdu Lillah for Arab countries despite the upheavals when one can still have a choice between commercial milk, and raw milk.

Theses private members also have ownership in the farm, so there is nothing ‘public’ about the way in which Rawsome Foods trades. They are not blind to the fact that it is illegal to sell something that is natural and healthy!

The high bail was set by the Clara Shortridge Foltz LA County Superior Court. LA County Superior Court judges get ‘incentives’ to go beyond the call of duty. They are paid to give a verdict that is favorable to whoever is paying. In 2010 alone, each judge recieved U.S.$57,000 in addiction to their salary of  U.S.$179,000. It pays well to have a career in law in the U.S.

Yet in the same breathe we have a woman who has cured herself from Lyme disease through fasting on raw milk. This woman has a degree of anonymity becuase of the illegality of raw milk, but this approach came after years of suffering from Lyme disease and being at the mercy of the U.S. mainstream medical profession.  This woman stumbled upon a possibel solution that was presented in documents published by the Mayo Foundation in the 1920s. These published documents contained clinical applications for those suffering from tuberculosis, high blood pressure, diabetes, and a range of neurological problems. This woman was willing to give it a try, becuase the mainstream medical profession could not help her for she had become severely debilitated.

Her diet consisted of fasting for 90 days homemade raw milk kefir drinking six ounces every hour. By the 90th day, the severe weight loss experienced over the years was regained , her yellow complexion had gone, and her hair stopped falling out.

Under the FDA regulation Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act 21 USC 301 – 299a, and the Public Health Service Act 42 USC 201 – 300ii it states:

“…prohibits the sale or distribution in interstate commerce of unpasteurized milk and milk products (“unpasteurized milk”) for human consumption”.

To prevent the spread of communicable disease is the responsibility of the state, but this blanket application has not been applied to foods produced by the American food industry when it comes to the 73,000 illnesses arising from E. Coli, and 60 deaths every year in the U.S. This number of casualities arises mainly from ground beef products  as E. Coli lives in the intestines of cattle, chicken, sheep, goats, and pigs. One does not see convictions, or products being banned, or the companies responsible being charged and taken to court.

The communicable disease in raw milk the FDA refers to is listeria, and salmonella; yet the 200 deaths every year i cae of listeria efers to that which has been found in products produced from cattle, sheep, and fowl, as well as dairy products, both pasterized and unpasterized.

In the case of salmonella,  35% of fatalities every year is due to salmonella poisoning traced to raw/undercooked egg products, raw milk products, contaminated water, meat products, poultry, and improper standards of hygiene. The 2010 study Health-Related Costs from Foodborne Illness in the United States reported 19.7million of reported illnesses was the result of food borne diseases from fresh, canned and processed foods.

The  food industry being protected has left the unsuspecting American public prey to a whole range of illnesses and diseases while in Germany, raw milk is used in hospitals as therapy.


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