Jamaica’s PM Calls for Reparation

Jamaica’s PM Calls for Reparation


By Hwaa Irfan

Many do not know, and many chose to forget, but instead wandered into addictive forms of behavior, whether they be emotional, forms of drugs, or a care free lifestyle, or a lifestyle that would not allow them to raise their heads above the prejudice and wage slavery that got them nowhere. They may have straightened their hair, and have taken to the dance floor all in attempt to forget the pain of their history that did not involve their informed consent. But with the winds of changing blowing across all continents, why not Jamaica as well.

Sister P, the recently elected Prime Minister of Jamaica decided not to wait for Prince Henry, U.K. to bless Jamaica with the last leg of his Caribbean tour, but sent a message ahead, and it is a message of reparation for the “wicked and brutal” centuries of slavery…

August 2011 witnessed Bunyoro-Kitara Kingdom, West Uganda doing the same by taking the representative of the colonial powers, Prince Henry’s mother,  Queen of England to Court. The British Commissioner in Uganda, Martin Shearman replied:

“We write to acknowledge receipt of your letter dated 31 March 2011. Despite the date that it bears, it was received at these offices only on 25 May. We have sent the letter to London, and we shall let you have a response in due course.”

Sister P had this to say:

“I’m not going to give any time frame. We will be celebrating our 50th anniversary [colonnialism] in August, so for us to be looking at changes now, is an appropriate time in our history.”


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