Heavenly Signs: Stronger Ultraviolet Rays from our Sun

Heavenly Signs: Stronger Ultraviolet Rays from our Sun

By Hwaa Irfan

On March 06th from Sunspot 1429, NASA’s Spaceweather reported eruptions of 4 CME’s M-class (average), which first appeared on March 02nd (reported 07th), and a X5,4-class (major) along with eruptions that interfere with radio communications on our Earth. The eruptions from Sunpsot 1429 follow a X1.3 eruption at 01:14 UTC.

It hit Earth’s magnetic field at 11.00UT on March 08th 2012, however, Spaceweather reported:

“Active sunspot AR1429 continues to grow. It is now more than seven times wider than Earth” making it visible from the Earth without a telescope!

It was enough to cause a blackout on R3 Level Radio from the resulting radiation storm or auroras that are being seen around the world far from their traditional displaying ground.

That solar activity has been a part of the beginning of Solar Cycle 24, solar cycles happen over a 11 year period. 11 being the master number of the inspirational teacher and idealism, but when we don’t rise to the occasion the vibration represents transgression. The Sun also has a 22 year cycle where there is a magnetic pole reversal.

Solar Cycle 24 is predicted by NASA, and NOAA to culminate late 2011 and 2012. Solar Cycle 24 so far has been the strongest (by 50%) on record, but Sunspot 1429 that has just impacted on Earth has been the 2nd most powerful of all the eruptions of Solar Cycle 24 pumping out ultraviolet light.

Homing pigeons lose their sense of direction, bees, bacteria, and snails, orientate to the geomagnetic flow of the earth.

Thursday 08th March, the CME made contact with Earth;s atmosphere, but the magnetic field is opposite to what would create a major  geomagnetic storm according to NOAA. Nonetheless, NOAA issued a G1 warning (minor impact on satellites).


The increased outburst of radiation from the sun as we cling tighter onto anti-life, unsustainable lifestyles that the energy of the Earth with its weakened geomagnetic field os no longer willing to support.  As the Spring Equinox approaches, a thorough spring cleaning of our addictive ways of living is what is called for.

On a metaphysical level the Earth is being showered in a sea of ultraviolet rays from our Sun. Ultraviolet wavelengths ae shorter than that of visible light accept when our main source of light is dimmed affecting the colours of flourescent minerals like flourite crystals. What is being activated are the impurities in the minerals, which reacts by giving off colours, and heat in this state of high energy. This state of high energy in the atmosphere has a balancing and a purifying affect on overactive organs and calms the nervous system.

Ultraviolet also resonates with the 2rd energy point of the evolving human form which when vibrating in a healthy manner, helps us to connect with others.  In other words, we are being cleansed from above, and rebalanced so that we may connect with others. A much needed helpf from the Creator at a time when we have become frightened even of our own shadows!

If one looks up into the abnormally bright night sky and the bright red star twinkling away is Mars. 62.6 million light years away, has been making its closest approach to Earth, but it is retrograde. Popularly known as the planet of Mar, it is positive masculine energy representing courage, endurance, energy, desire and originality. We could do with some originality in global economic policy, but we have is the opposite… holding onto stale worn out slef interested anti-life ideas that only supports the influential few. Mars is about proding humanity into action, but instead Mars is retrograde, has the soalr energies demand of us a purge… Let go of the negative miscreations in both our personal, social and public lives – in other words release what has been making us dysfunctional in so many aspects of our lives.

In the process of letting go, we might experience pain, stress, a toxic build up, an oversentivity to certain foods that we shoudl avoid right now in order to allow for the purge to take place for this is a cleansign process that might find us reluctant to letting go of what we have become so accustomed to in a bad way. Think of the withdrawal process of an addict, then one might have a clearer idea.

The more we hold on, the more traumatic the experience will be for Mars retrograde means the energy is to be directed inwards, so we may reflect, and contemplate on those things that are not life giving, nourishing thus purging us of our intentions.

As we move into March 10, we find that Sunspot 1429 is not done with us yet, as more solar eruptions have been taking place. Traveling at the speed of 700 miles per second, the latest Erath directed CME should reach Earth’s magnetosphere by 11th March at 0649 UT according to Goddard Space Weather Lab report as the Sun bathes in a “tsunami” of solar plasma created by the same Sunspot.

14 March 2012

Sunspot 1429 has been really busy with a powerful M8-class, CME (coronal mass ejection – solar eruption) event on March 10. Eucationalists working with children would have noticed an alomost uncontrollable energy erupting quite literally from the children and young people they work with, with schedules, time-tables, and school curriculums on the verge of going out the window. They are just going with the natural energy flow of the universe.

As March 11 marked the anniversary of the Fukushima nuclear disaster that left 16, 00 dead, 3, 000 missing, contaminated soil, food, and oceans, as well as a multitudionous of radiation-related diseases, the March 10 CME impacted with Earth’s magnetospshere on March 12.  as made visible by the spectacular dances of light and colour from auroras. The follow up has been a M7.9 eruption on March 13th expected to make imapct with Earth’s magnetosphere on March 15. And then to add to solar activity, a comet dived into the Sun has observed by the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO) while a slow tango has been taking place between planets Venus and Jupiter (the two bright lights in the night sky). In fact, they have been approaching each other for months unlike some relationships, before making this annunal (in fact 13-month) conjunction  signifying conviction made active only tainted by Mercury going retrograde in Aries urging outward caution, and inner reflection, and to stay centered as our ability to stay focused is challenged.

In fact, Venus has been quite busy since February 14, and now trines with Pluto, as well as conjuncts Jupiter, trines with Mars, Jupiter, amd Pluto all by March 15 2012 with the ties that bind as Venus is present in the constellation of Taurus inviting us to pay more attention to our personal relations. As for global governance, they are head over heels in love with self interest, so they will find themselves taking one step forward, and several backwards until they learn the lessons of these times, which is that we are not here to serve only ourselves. There is much more fun, and sustainability in keeping everythine simple, and to the benefit of the whole!


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