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Veterans and GIs Organize Against War and Maltreatment

Veterans and GIs Organize Against War and Maltreatment

Ron Kovic and Michael Prysner lead anti-war march in Los Angeles. U.S

From Mike Prysner (Iraq war veteran)

The bloody war on Afghanistan is opposed by the majority of people in the United States. Most U.S. service members believe the war is not worth fighting.   Yet, despite living in a “great democracy,” the politicians and Pentagon brass continue to lie about the motives and “necessity” of the war. They admit that they cannot defeat the widespread, popular rebellion against the foreign occupation, yet they continue ordering wave after wave of our friends and family members to go to war just to be killed and maimed.   The war is a humanitarian crisis for the people of Afghanistan, who have committed no crime. It has been a complete horror for them—one decade-long atrocity. The dead alone are in the tens of thousands.   The war is also an ongoing disaster for U.S. troops. When not being used as cannon fodder in a bogus war, enlisted service members face the reality of just how much the politicians and officers “support the troops.” U.S. troops are actually in more danger of dying from the criminal negligence of their own officers than they are of dying in combat in Afghanistan.

The rate of completely preventable suicide is alarming, and will go down in history as a time when the U.S. government allowed a wholesale suicide epidemic to sweep through its ranks with absolutely no meaningful response.

We know the powers that be will not magically wake up and alter this whole situation. They have proven unwilling and incapable of treating the lives of service members and innocent people abroad as if they have any meaning.   The war in Afghanistan must end immediately. The suicide epidemic must be addressed immediately. Those responsible for all this pain and suffering must be held accountable and brought to justice. The victims must be adequately compensated.   We can make that happen. Pressure from the people is the only way real change happens—and nothing is more powerful against the Pentagon than pressure from its own soldiers.   March Forward! has worked to bring together veterans and active-duty service members dedicated to making this a reality. We know that only through our own collective organizing as veterans and active-duty troops can we help force the U.S. government to make the drastic change that is needed.   Today, the criminality of the war—and the criminal behavior of the politicians and generals—are exposed. The crimes are on full display, making their existence vulnerable. We need to turn that vulnerability into victory.   We are a dynamic, growing organization fighting in the heart of the beast. We have successfully begun organizing active-duty troops, veterans and their families to fight for what we really need. We have won some victories, put the military brass in the hot seat, helped soldiers refuse deployment, and spread the message that service members have the right to refuse to fight in Afghanistan. With your help, we can take this work much further. Click here now to make an urgently needed donation to help March Forward! continue and expand our work.   We need your help today. By donating, you can make a major impact on the movement to organize U.S. troops against the wars and for service members’ rights. Every donation allows us to reach more serving inside the U.S. military and among this new generation of veterans.   The collective action of soldiers, veterans, and their families are an extremely powerful force against those in Washington, Wall Street and the Pentagon who treat all of our lives with such disregard. We are committed to building that movement day and night.

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