The Sun Now Classified as a National Security Threat!

The Sun Now Classified as a Nationl Security Threat!


Putting jokes aside, this is  one clear case of erring on the side of caution, accept even by doing so, will have no affect whatsoever on the outcome, perceived or otherwise, but it is at times like these that we really see the stuff that those we voted for are made of….

The Daily Mail reports the Sun (our star) has been placed on U.Ks “official register” as a national security threat. With increased eruptions from the Sun that manifest as solar winds of radiation/Coronal Mass Ejections that can no longer be hidden as having a direct impact on the Earth’s magnetic field, and our highly technological societies, this increased activity from the Sun is feared will knock out the electric grid, ground aeroplanes, disable communication systems, and destroy electrical appliances – as to the affect on humans, that is still kept very much undercover. The Sun, our star has been now classified as National Risk of Civil Emergencies .

The register cites:

“While storm impacts in the early- to mid-20th century appear relatively benign, dependency on technology vulnerable to space weather has pervaded most aspects of modern life, and therefore the disruptive consequences of a severe solar storm could be significant.”

Once gain,nature reminds us that the level of development of one’s country does not make it immune from Greater Realities, and that all the money invested in “things” rather than people is a waste of resources as proven by the global economic system.

The Daily Mail reports that the chair of the parliamentary select committee on defence James Artbuthnot referred to the possibilty of man-made weapons “being” exploded in space setting off an electromagnetic  pulse that could knock out satellites, radar and the national grid. That’s the legacy of Star Wars for you!


Boffey, D “Solar Explosions Now on Official Register as Threat to The Security Of Hi-Tech Britain”

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