The Man Who Stomped His Shadow

Parable the Man Who Stomped His Shadow


Author Unknown

Once upon of time there lived in the Realms of Light a man who took for granted its ethereal beauty. It fell everywhere in beams of radiant splendor. It was more resplendent than the reflections of gold and silver, more sparkling than the flash of emerald, sapphires, diamond, more ubiquitous than the entire spectrum of the earthly metals and crystal. In the dazzling play of this infinite radiance, there was an accompaniment the Music of the Spheres, perfect harmonies beyond the furthest reach of the human ear, an ultimate perfection of sound. And so in this consummate perfection of SPIRITUAL TRUTH, the man existed.

Attending to his duties was as effortless and perfect as the realm he inhabited. His work provided a profound fulfillment of ultimate joy and satisfaction. But then a strange and terrible thing happened. To his dismay, as he beheld the work of which he was about, he found it had became covered by a shadow, a darkness. He did not recognize the source of this darkness.  The darkness obscured the purpose of his work upon which he had been so joyfully fixed.

The man attempted to move away from the darkness, but it followed him. The more he moved, the more he became fixated on it. He altered his work to make in thrive in the darkness. But the darkness changed to cover it more deeply. He changed his goals but the darkness confused his path. He ran but the darkness raced ahead of him. Though he cursed the darkness, it persisted. At last it, became an impenetrable barrier separating him from his work. He could not find a Soul to explain it to him. Others who were moving within it did not seem aware of it or did not care. They appeared confused by his questions and then ignored him. Now the darkness grew such that it consumed his entire consciousness with frustration, fear, and anger. His work had now become meaningless, but he pursed it more aggressively to recover that lost sense of accomplishment.

Finally the impasse became intolerable, and he was confronted with a choice.  He could accept the darkness and the new rules it enforced, and transfigure his consciousness to understand its significance to his goals. Or he could destroy himself with his hopeless struggle to avoid or overcome it.  At length, the helpless frustration, bitterness and the injustice of it all overcame him. He had tried everything he could think of to eliminate the darkness which had ruined his beautiful realms of Light and the joy of his work he accomplished there. Then the man became totally full of rage. At the peak of his rage, he tried to stomp that shadow that had become his darkness.

But the darkness remained impervious and unresponsive. His mind gone, he kicked and stomped . In the process of his self destruction, while the shadow persisted unchanged, his magnificent work which was the subsistence of his life was smashed beneath his beating fists and crashing feet. At last the man’s heart gave out, and his physical strength failed. His anger was overcome with helpless grief, exhaustion, and bitterness, and he fell into a coma. As he fell, his body turned and he saw again the LIGHT, and in a flash there came to him THE KNOWING. He realized that the darkness was his own shadow, his literal self (ego) which had obscured the light of his Spiritual Truth. Because he had been born to earth, he had deluded and entrapped himself in believing that the darkness, an artifact of his senses and ego judgment, was real.   He had altered his goals (work) to accommodate it.

He was stunned at last to KNOW as his earthly consciousness faded, how fully he had accepted the illusion of the shadow and not the TRUTH of the light. His persistence in obsessing on the illusion had brought him torment and cost him the earthly success of his Spiritual work. The diversions he pursued were exactly that. They had finally seduced him to totally substitute material goals at the cost of the joy of Spiritual accomplishment.  As he discovered too late, all he needed to have done at any time  was to accept the shadow as the mere illusion it was, and turn to the LIGHT that was still accessible within him.  The Spiritual work that was his assignment, even though diminished by worldly limits, would have been a blessing to humanity.  Maintaining contact with the light would have preserved his Spiritual perception of his work!  Then he could have Known in TRUTH his actual relationship to the shadow.

Alas! Too late for his enlightenment in this cycle of life. He passed away into the emptiness, and was returned again into the Realms of Light. There, he was cleansed of his illusion, and restored to his sacred work.  Since he had not sufficiently advanced Spiritually during the challenges of his earthly birth, he was returned to the same level of Spiritual unfoldment from which he had been born.  Now restored to the realms of Spirit, he returned to his former Spiritual tasks while he waited to receive yet another precious trial in the material part of the cycle of Spiritual unfoldment.

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