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Syria and the New American Century

Syria and the New American Century


By Hwaa Irfan

As pressure builds within many of our lives for survival, especially those who live in the West, and countries that have subjected themselves to the Washington Consensus, what goes on elsewhere fades into the background. We may even allow ourselves to believe the stream of lies, and deception of governments who are set on the path of power regardless of how many of lives of citizens  are devastated in the process. Caught up in the wild tornadoes that purport a global economic collapse, when billions seem to come to the surface to facilitate the agendas of the global elite.

The Geopolitics that Includes You and I

Yet it the world’s response to Syria matters to us all mo matter what we think, becuase if we close our eyes it will not just go away. It matters for one simple reason, and that reason was recently best expressed by Iraq’s Prime Minister, Nuri al-Maliki.  After all it is inevitable that some level of wisdom should emanate from a country that has been heavily destroyed in the process of occupation by the U.S.

Quite simply:

“We are against the interference of some countries in Syria’s internal affairs, and those countries that are interfering in Syria’s internal affairs will interfere in the internal affairs of any country,” the al-Maliki said.

And that is the bottom line that Arab countries seem to be seriously remiss of.

The more we allow for the imperialist powers to get what they want the more they will want, until that demand comes from you no matter where you live, and how.

That demand has already been made, by withdrawing all resources that facilitate amenities, services, education, and health for as domestic budgets drop, more money seems to be pumped into monopolizing the world’s resources for the benefit of the global elite.

“They should be more concerned about their own political issues and human rights issues and demands of their own population for democratic reforms than to judge others,” Iraqi Deputy Prime Minister Hussein al-Shahristani

But instead ‘Arab Spring’ countries  (and I use that term gingerly) feel that they can maintain there spheres of power and soveriegnty by submitting to the Washington Concensus at the cost of the needs of their population.

What kind of thinking lies behind the Persian Gulf countries who have recently decided to pay a monthly stipend of millions of dollars to support the rebels of Syria? Have they forgotten Libya? Do they believe that this stipend will make them favorable in the eyes of a power that functions only in it’s own interest, an interest that does not include its own people?  As America surpasses its 41 million living in poverty, it makes a U.S$12.2mn for humanitarian aid to Syria, bringing the U.S. total th civil unrest to U.S$25mn. March 2012 statistics from the U.S. Census Bureau states that the rate of poverty is approaching 50% since the global economic crisis with statistics from the National Poverty Center demonstrating that an increasing number of households are living on just only U.S$2 a day before benefits i.e. from 636,000 (1996) to 1.46 million (2011). A country that looks on its people as affordable waste, can easily exploit relations with another country and not in the service of the 1.46 million living in extreme poverty within its own borders.

Like attracts like, and maybe this more than anything else is the how and why an Arab state can support the suppression/intervention of its neighbor as the U.S. outsources its wars as in the case of the Horn of Africa, but as the genuine uprisings in the region have warned these powers, enough is enough. This if any is the only reason why those few Arab countries have voted into power governance by Islamists, a term that reflects less their religion and more the type of politics that supports the Washington Consensus. They were misguidely voted in to protect the soveriegnty, but as voting citizens are beginning to witness, no regime change has really taken place. What these Arab countries are effectively doing is paying for the wars of the imperialists by support rebels not revolutionaries, who do not have mass support in their own countries.

So intent on invading Syria that Hilary Clinton has been pushing the Syrian National Congress, SNC to come up with a plan for the transitionary period, in an attempt to void the mass resistance taking place against the Libyan transitionary government, the rebels. SNC consists of Syrian exiles and Westerners and has no support inside Syria. One of the members of SNC is a member of the Muslim Brotherhood’s Executive Council, and the Muslims Brotherhood across Arab countries is becoming a reliable factor in the implementation of Washington strategy.

The push to take control in the interest of Western imperialism continues despite the fact that President Bashar Al-Assad has suspended Emergency Laws, which are still in place in Egypt, and has brought forward the elections, but these developments do not hit the headlines just as the human rights abuses by Syrian rebels as revealed by Human Rights Watch do not hit the headlines in the New American Century’s battle for the New Middle East in obeyance to Western imperialism along with its natural resources or oil.

They care little for the liberty of the people of the Middle East, and care much that the spirit of the Arab Spring will spread like wildfire with the help of Turkey, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the U.A.E. The more we accept, the worse it will get regardless of where we live in the world or migrate to. As the West steps up policing everything about everybody the slightest piece of misinformation can end us up on the wrong side of the law let alone to question it.

”What is going on in the street has three components the first one people who have needs and they want the state to fulfill them, the second component is represented through the outlaws and the wanted due to different criminal cases and they found that state institutions are a target for them because these institutions stand in the face of their interests and because they were dismissed from them so chaos for them a golden chance that they should seize to remain free and boost their illegal acts,” – Bashar Al-Assad at the Damascus University Speech, 2011.


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