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Egypt: Activism Denied

Egypt: Activism Denied

Courtesy of FPA

Two years sentence and a fine for 8 activists A painful blow to the right of peaceful protest

ANHRI denounces the Misdemeanors Court of Rod El Farag’s judge sentencing two years and a fine against 8 activists participated in a peaceful demonstration in solidarity with the Copts of Egypt after the bombing of Saints Church in Alexandria during the celebration of Christmas early January of the past year.

On January 4, 2011, Mustafa Mohiy Eddin, Mohammed Atef, Mohammed Naji, Mostafa Shawki, Tamer Adel Abdulaziz, Ahmed Refaat, Dia Eddin Ahmed Rabi and Amr Ahmed Hassan participated in a peaceful demonstration in Shubra in front of the Virgin Church to denounce the terrorist attack that was subjected to the Church of Saints area of Alexandria. Security services arrested and detained them in a Rod El Farag police station accusing them of attacking security forces and destruction of properties and rioting.

They were later referred to the Public Prosecution for investigation on charges of gathering and destruction of public and private property and the use of force against officers and soldiers of the police and broadcasting exciting propaganda. The conclusion of the investigations made prosecution decide their referral to the Misdemeanors Court of Rod El Farag for a trial based on article 3/2 of Act No. 10 of 1914 Law on crowd modified by Law No. 87 of 1968, and articles 102#, 137, 162, 3, 242, 243, 2 and 361 of the Egyptian Penal Code. At last the court at its session held on Thursday decided the cruel imprisonment for two years and a fine of 100 pounds against each activist!!!!

ANHRI commented: “This ruling is a blow for freedom of expression and a sharp decline of the right to peaceful demonstration after the success of the Egyptian revolution in this field, despite the detection of the behavior of the police and Egyptian officers in the fabrication of charges and the use of excessive force against peaceful demonstrations, which resulted in the deaths of revolutionary martyrs and wounding of thousands of demonstrators.”

“The court should’ve stand for freedoms and favor for the gains of the revolution instead of issuing such an unjust sentence against activists have used their natural right to express their opinions peacefully, but we hope this provision to be repealed before the Court of Appeal to prevent all Egyptians from being jailed in a cases of opinions after the revolution called for freedom ” ANHRI added

FPA-Foreign Press Association, Egypt

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Heavenly Signs: Venus and the Pleiades

Heavenly Signs: Venus and the Pleiades

By Hwaa Irfan

The planet of Venus has been quite busy sending us messages to raise the energy level at which we have been vibrating at, providing a window of opportunity to clear the emotional waters that cloud our egos.  February 25th skies was graced by the cosmic triangle of Venus, Jupiter and the crescent Moon of Rabi-ul Thani and reformed again on March 25 (Jumada Al-Awwal) in the western sky.

For April, dazzling Venus becomes more adventurous bypassing through the illusive Seven Sisters or the Pleiades with Jupiter present below both Venus and the Pleiades.

Like the brightest star in the night sky, Venus makes her lumnious presence known to us as it moves within Earth’s orbit helping our night sky to seem even brighter passing through the Pleiades as it does every 8 years or so, but each time, getting closer and closer to the center of the Pleiades, the star Alcyone,  Al Wasat, the Central One.

These cluster of stars, a part of the constellation of Taurus,  has been celebrated in every traditional culture with its irregular phases more congruent with the lunar calendar. The Pleiades is associated with the earth-bound anomaly of time as indicated by sacred places such as the:

  • Pyramid and temple complex of Teotihuacan, and the Chichén Itzá of Mexico
  • The Great Pyramid of Giza, Egypt
  • The stone circles of Polynesia
  • Cave of the Seven Sisters, Australia
  • Heliacal rising of the Pleiades marks the New Year of the Maoris, New Zealand

Sometimes the truths to our many questions only unfold themselves as we choose to live those questions rather than chase after them with our limited minds as indicated by Venus being in retrograde.  As we open eyes through the process of our life lessons we also become more open to the solar reflected light of Venus, spiritual luminescence, intelligence and transcendence

Associated with the Long Mayan calendar count, the 2012 conjunction of Venus and the Pleiades is a sign of the end of a great cycle as it is central to the galactic center, the Milky Way in preparation for the rare June 5-6 Venus Transit when Venus will pass directly in front of the sun from our perspective down here on Earth.

It is all about a very fundamental and change that is needed as far too many of us kicking up against the walls of our limited minds. As the waves of energy wash over us and through us, whether via our celestial partners, changing earthbound paradigms, and/or natural disasters, the gift of Choice remains ours to help us if we go with flow, or to remain fixated in our patterns of miscreations.


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