Occupy World: Monsantos GM Crops Loses Another Battle in Global Food Supply

Occupy World: Monsantos GM Crops Loses Another Battle in Global Food Supply


By Hwaa Irfan


Just when they thought they had taken control of global food supply to convert into a dangerous unhealthy legacy that would inflict a serious of irreversible health hazards on the global population, Truth rises to the surface again.

Joining China, France, and Peru, Poland bans MON810, (tradename Yieldguard), geneticaly modified maize/corn.  Following protests in Warsaw on March 15 by bee-keepers and supporters, Agriculture Minister Marek Sawicki announced the decision. The protests prove once again that no matter how much The Establishment tries to patent the world resources, its successes rely on the very masses that it seeks to exploit.

Sawicki press statement on MON810 supports recent findings that GM strains are contributing to the dwindling global bee population along with pesticides, which are necessary for food security.

This ban follows on the back of the U.S Congress itself which prevented the nations Food and Drug Administration (headed by a Monsanto exec) from allowing approval of GM salmon, as well as the 7 European countries that blocked the Danish EU presidency on March 09 2012, from approving the planting of GM crops throughout Europe,  and Hungary even burnt thousands of acres of GM crops.

France’s investigation led to a ruling by the Lyon court found that the Lasso weedkiller causes neurological damage,  hence memory loss.

The impact on the American environment, the very country that promotes GM crops has also been devastating where GM crops are extensively grown. The increasing insecticide  use to protect GM crops has been leaching into U.S. waterways that provide drainage for the U.S. corn belt. These insecticides are used as GM crops increasing fail to be safe against the very pests with the insertion of the bacterium Bacillus thuriengensis/Bt.

MON810 was deemed safe by the Europea Commission as far back as 1998 without conditions restrictions, and was approved for use in:

  • Argentina, 1998
  • Australia, 2000
  • Brazil, 2007
  • Canada , 1997
  • China, 2004
  • Colombia, 2003
  • Japan, 1997
  • Korea, 2004, 2007
  • Philippines, 2007
  • South Africa, 1997
  • Switzerland, 2000
  • Taiwan, 2002
  • Uruguay, 2003

The Lie of Solving Global Hunger

“The giant coporations were brought as chemicals for industrial chemical agriculture and they were talking about three instruments to consolidate the food chain. The first was genetic engineering as a way of control. The second was patenting seed and patenting life as a way of control declaring seed to be private property, treating the saving of seed by farmers as a crime, as a theft of intellectul property; and the third was so-called free trade treaties that would drop ordinary people, farmers, growers of their freedom to save seed. The design of Terminator technology to create sterile seed in order to impose, even more dependence of humanity on a handful of corporations is the ultimate step in this.” – Vandana Shiva

The lie that GM crops can solve global hunger was and is perpetuated from the same source as that of the Green Revolution that was just a means to establish factory farming (mass single petro-chemical based crop farming) which has undermined global food security, by reducing soil fertility. Both methods have also resulted in the reduction of small farmer holders and the increase of the global food supply in the hands of the corporate few. That source arose out of the Rockefeller empire, which is alive and kicking today in many forms and conjoins in the land grab of Africa, including unsuspecting countries like Egypt (post January 25 2011) and Saudi Arabia.

Behind the lies we find Bill Gates actively involved in a seed project on the  barren island of Spitsbergen away from public view in the Barents Sea near the Arctic Ocean, some 1,100 kilometers from the North Pole. Gates as investes some U.S$30mn in this seed bank. The partnership includes the

  • Rockefeller Foundation – Initiated the Green Revolution and the Gene Revolution through CGIAR on the notion of genetic purity
  • Monsanto Corporation – U.S agribusiness giant with a strong foothold in South Africa’s seed industry
  • Syngenta Foundation –  Swiss agrichemical giant and member of CGIAR
  • Norwegian government –  owner of the island, but ceded power as far back as 1925
  • DuPont/Pioneer Hi-Bred – U.S agribusiness giant that happens to be the world’s largest owner of GM patents and agrichemcals

The project is called the Svalbard Global Seed Vault,  but is also known as the Doomsday Vault.  Outside of any international treaty,not that national treaties hold any value to the global financial elite, the seed bank is built inside a mountain!  This project aims to collect up to 3 million different varieties of seeds from the entire world. Without full time staff, the Doomsday Vault is run by the Global Crop Diversity Trust, founded by the U.N.s Food and Agricultural Organization, and Biodiversity International.

Why are the investors and benefactors of GM crops and innovations collecting the worlds seeds while pushing the unhealthy , toxic variety, GM seeds, and preventing farmers from having their own seeds through intellectual property rights!

The only statement on the matter is from the Norwegian government itself in a press release:

“…so that crop diversity can be conserved for the future” according to Global Researcher F. William Engdahl.

Why conserve natural seeds for the future, and whose future, if the masses are sick or dying from the side effects of GM crops, and the soil is contaminated with GM bacteria that contaminates other crops. For more developments?  With the U.S. biotech company, Epicyte  2001 announcement that they had  genetically engineered corn which contained a spermicide which made the semen of men who ate it sterile one begins to wonder. Epicyte had partnered with two of the sponors of the Doomsday Vault, DuPont and Syngenta. And then there is the World Health Organization (a Rockefeller Foundation project) which carried out a Tetanus campaign in the 1990s on child bearing women of Nicaragua, Mexico and the Philippines. The vaccine used contained human Chorionic Gonadotrophin or hCG, a natural hormone and a tetanus toxoid carrier stimulated antibodies, the result of which is the woman’s inability to sustain pregnancy.  Norway  had contributed U.S.$41mn towards the abortive Tetanus vaccine.

Of course none of the women were told!

It  might be worth noting that the overpopulation debate arises from the global elite who are concerned about the dwindling global natural resources aas expoused in Agenda 21, which in turn would undermine their wealth and powerbase. i.e. control in the hands of the few.

There are people in the world who value their own wealth and power more than anything else, and they will do anything to maintain it.

“Who controls the food supply controls the people.

“Who controls the energy can control whole continents

“Who controls the money can control the world.” – former U.S. president Henry Kissinger, 1973


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