The Shock and Awe of the Syrian Rebels*

The Shock and Awe of the Syrian Rebels*


By  Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey


Below are graphic images, in the form of films, of atrocities carried out by the western-backed Syrian terrorists. For all those who have aided, financed or supported this filth against the Syrian government, I would urge you to watch these movies from beginning to end and then reconsider very carefully what you have started.

For all those western politicians, particularly those from the FUKUS-Axis (France, UK, US and Israel) who have been supporting or financing or arming the Syrian “opposition” “activists”, for all those media professionals who have been misguiding their readers or viewers by showing only one side of the story, selling the notion that the Syrian government is brutal and is carrying out a unilateral war against repressed civilians, then here is something very unpleasant for you to see: the atrocities carried out by the terrorists you have supported, aided or armed.

I would issue a word of warning first: these videos are absolutely horrific to watch, they are highly disturbing and extremely distasteful and should not be viewed by those who have any physical or mental disability. They have been smuggled out of Syria and made available to this column. They are the atrocities perpetrated against innocent civilians or members of the Syrian security forces by terrorists backed by the west.

Deir ez-Sor. A city in Eastern Syria on the Euphrates. Watch these terrorist pigs desecrating the body of a security officer. Have to sign in….

In Hama, “innicent civilians” throwing bodies of security officers in the Orontes. Have to sign in….

Here, a young Syrian civilian man was captured by the Syrian terrorists and beheaded. This happens every day across Syria, atrocities perpetrated by the terrorists who the west is backing, as they did in Syria.

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