Heavenly Signs: Pluto Discloses

Planetary conjunction

Heavenly Signs: Pluto Discloses

By Hwaa Irfan

“Changing times” is an often used phrase, but in reality, the only thing that has changed before now, is our perception of reality. My symbolic reference throughout these “heavenly signs” has been Egypt’s January 25th Revolution, 2011, led by a youth whose fitra has set them, above even their own. Like the prophets of old unrecognized by their own society, their battle has been one guided by a Knowing that sometimes even they cannot explain to a middle and upper class population that in the main do not want change. That sometimes unintended counter-revolutionary position is one that most people around the world is their reality, a reality that is ever so slowly evaporating as it awakens to the greater reality of the underlying global system that has directed us to this impass.

Before one can go backwards, or reflect on one’s life, one has to slow down, and slowing down is what has been taking place for those whose consciousness is awakening to the many myths that we have entrained ourselves with.

Pluto is here to help us in our inner sojourn, a sojourn to reconnecting to our truer, and higher selves. Pluto moves slowly, so that has given us some time to slow down as Pluto slows down before standing still as indicated by its March 2012 journey. Fear of the unknown can manifest itself in many forms, as those who fear real change hold onto to the only thing that they have known all these years, at the cost and freedom of others, and at the cost and liberty of their truer selves.

A sense of paralysis sets in, and even panick becuase our minds are not yet equipped to take on other possibilities, possibilities that are represented by the January 25th revolutionary youth that each and everone one of us can live a better life than this. Despite the unintended and intended counter-revolutionary actions of those who mistakenly believe that there is only one way, the well trodden way, and their stifling of the unseen forces behind those youths (and here the reference is not political or pseudo-political entities), the seeds of hope have been sown by those youth. One of those seeds took the form of the Cairo Administrative Court which recently ruled against the domination of the Constituent Assembly by the Muslim Brotherhood’s Justice and Freedom Party, and the unconstitional acts of the military governance of SCAF as represented by the continuance of the old regime through putting forward the former intelligence head Omar Suleiman. This seed raises its head in Europe through the revelation of activities of corruption by French President Sarkozy, Italian former President Bersculoni, and former IMF chief Dominique Strauss-Khan, and the  594 resignations from the World Bank, and related investment industries around the world.

As elements are conjoining in Egypt to delay the constitution before electing the president, to prevent informed elections from the point of the masses, and the state media to ignore, deny, and undermine the voice of change for the betterment of all, the very call for change that was believed to be dwindling has reignited. Far from the media portrayal of youth who have nothing better to do, Friday 20th April 2012 in Tahrir Square was a peaceful mass gathering of people of all ages, faith, and beliefs, young and old in good spirits, and a strong sense of being, not destitution. They were not the ignorant and illiterate masses that members of the middle and upper classes like to portray, even families with children were present – that is how communal the gathering was. For now, the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces have been given a judicial decree to form a constitutional assembly that consists of people outside of the parliament, from all sectors of society (as attested to in the interim constitution that was put to referendum in 2011, and that this constitution has to also go to referendum.

For whatever reason these movements are taking place, they represent what is no longer sustainable, as in the move by 7 European countries to block the spread of genetically modified crops and foods in Europe.

What is unsustainable in all our lives is what Pluto has come to challenge in all of our lives – as we must throw it out whether it be emotional, psychological, lifestyles etc., for what we do, as long as it is unsustainable to another, it is unsustainable to the whole. Yet we remain under the illusion that the main sovereign global players are the drivers behind global wealth, when in 2012 (to date), Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa  provided 56% of the global GDP growth, while the richest (G7) provided only 9.5%!

This is the lesson of the January 25th revolutionary youth, and the lesson of Pluto.

Easier said than done, and a sense of paralysis will be, and has been felt, but this is Pluto preparing to go retrograde. If we all paddled in the same direction, the change to come will be much easier, more exciting, and full of wonderful opportunities for us all, but of course there will be those who will hold on to what has been their reality, set for a path of destruction as represented by the U.S., global governance, and those who mistakenly belive that there is no other way. I also believe that this applies to Japan as a geographical entity, and others… time will tell. Pluto in the sign of worldly power, Capricorn offers no choices with Saturn as its ruler, all false relationships will be severely tested!

This levelling began at the time of the beginning of the global economic crisis, in January 2008, and will go on until around March 2023, which shows how much work has to be done becuase slow-moving Pluto remains in Capricorn until then! There is a lot of waking up to do both on a personal level, social, and global, but only the people can help make that transition, because it is by our permission that myths reign or fail!

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