Upstairs Downstairs: The Madhatter Psychiatrist

Upstairs Downstairs: The Madhatter Psychiatrist

By Hwaa Irfan

“Madhatter” is one adjective that has been prescribed to the recent revelation of a wealthy British psychiatrist namely Dr. George Hibbert, but what he has been allowed to get away with is but a symptom of a greater problem,a problem that we measure ourselves by when we give up on our own sanity

“It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society”
– J Krishnamurti

We have found ourselves over a period of time, in belief that those who study and construct theories of what creates a well-balanced human being know better. The context of that belief is the construct of a society since the Industrial Revolution that has demarcated what is socially acceptable, and what is not. That measure of “social acceptance” is in fact about making a society tick in the direction as desired by those who wish to make the ordinary civilian a tool of the state. Certain codes of social conduct becomes the means by which to strip the individual of their human spirit, so that instead of realizing their potential, possessing the creative ability to face the challenges of life, and recognizing their weaknesses and strengths as tool to work with towards greater self understanding, we have individuals who have not individuated as is the natural process of personal development, individuals who with time have a growing sadness, though most times hidden, a great sense of unfulfillment as they are forced to hide away, suppress, and ignore aspects of themselves that is considered socially unacceptable. For instance, one might like to think about what one does,  but thinking requires being quiet, sometimes reserved, and yet one is compelled to behave opposite to one’s nature unless one is a proven genius who is aloud to be so “extravagant”. The process of learning to censor one’s self splits the individual – the seatbed of many imbalanced souls, but a product of the very society that says do as we do, behave as we behave, desire what we desire; and in turn a labeling of some notion that if allowed to be processed in one’s personal development, would not become an issue.

Modern psychiatry in general thrives because of the way society censors and labels what is growing problem, the problem of mental health without recognizing that many of the constructs of society are not life giving, but life taking whether, emotionally, psycholigically, or physiologically.

The case of British psychiatrist, Dr. George Hibbert is a tragedy, a tragedy that would not happen in a well balanced society, that had more respect for what it knows to be true, and less respect for what it knows not to be true.

The British Social Service system, is and has been a shambles, despite the honorable men and women who work within the system doing the best for families in need of help. This is said unequivocally, having worked with many distraught cases that are a product of assumptions about the abilities of the parent/parents and children who have been unfortunate to find themselves in need of a service that the public in general believes is there to help. This misguided notion, provided the support structure for Dr George Hibbert to achieve what he did, and that is the intentional misdiagnosis of hundreds of parents as having ‘personality disorders’ a term which in itself is subjective.

Dr. George Hibbert

Sir Reginald Hibbert, former British embassador to France, and buried in St. Paul’s Cathedral speaks much of position amongst the British elite. It is probably this legacy that helped set Dr George Hibbert apart. As a millionaire psychiatrist Dr George Hibbert (earned £2mn from breaking up families) misdiagnosed to fit the policies and practices of the British Social Services, although there may be more to this than that. His word was final, even though he had never met many of the lives that he had ruined before or after his diagnosis in a country where 90,000 children are in care.

Now under investigation by the General Medical Council, GMC, Hibbert began his career specializing in drink and drug addiction. Not long after he was running an addiction unit including those addicted to cannabis, yet Hibbert became a main shareholder in GW Pharmaceuticals, a company with a Home Office contract to grow and develop medicines from cannabis!

Hibbert left the National Health Service in 2000, and set up a consultancy, “Asessment in Care.” As director and psychiatrist he was free to offer services to local authorities. The picture becomes clearer and his goal set, when one learns of his business partne, Jill Canvin, a lawyer who specialized in children in care proceedings!

Hibberts services included Tadpole Cottage in Wiltshire for which they paid £390,000 in 2001, to house up to 4 families under assessment at the hands of local authorities.

His elite upbringing probably provided the sense of being better, and superior, as reflected by his method at Tadpole Cottage. Staff monitored everything that the parents did with their children whilst at the Cottage for up to 3 months. The families were set bizarre challenges like:

  • Making a mother vaccum the stairs while holding a baby
  • Making parents go on a journey by car, with the baby strapped into the back seat, to simulate a breakdown to see how the parents would respond.
  • 3-month old baby did not appear to respond to its mother telling her she is a good girl. Ignoring the baby’s ability to understand what was said, the mother was accused of not being “in tune” with her baby.

For thise ‘service’ cash strapped local authorities paid £6,000 a week for each family in care, and £210 an hour to read a social services report.

This lucrative business was doing well until 2007, when a mother with her wits about her complained of misdiagnosis with bipolar depression. This was when the GMC began to investigate

More complaints were to follow being placed between “too caring” or “too distant” in response to their children – they couldn’t keep their children no matter what they did as exampled bya  Carbon Future report:

A woman who was at the centre with her eight-week-old son told us that she became alarmed when she arrived because she believed that no one left the establishment with their babies. ‘It was like something from Victorian times. I started to panic,’ she recalls. ‘It seemed like no one got out without having their baby taken away. You would see them screaming and crying, begging not to have their babies taken away.’

From 2007 until now, Hibbert has been under investigation, which questions their intent, and how many more children have been taken away from their families in that time. Early 2012, Hibbert offered to surrender his doctor’s license pending accusations of misdiagnosis, but the GMC refused to accept the offer. With fellow workers claiming his subjective focus on negative aspects, and providing evidence, isn’t 5 years enough to make an objective decision, and then that decision is only about his fitness to practice. It does not include the mother who lost her child, was diagnosed as misdiagnosed for bipolar disorder, and cannot claim her child back who has now been adopted! Where is the justice here!

Liberal Democrat MP, John Hemming called for a full parliamentary inquiry, as to how government agencies paid hundreds and thousands for reports under investigation. Hemmings is quoted to have said:

“[Dr. Hibbert] is someone about whom a number of people have complained. I am told that at least one person has refused to work for him because of what she saw as his unethical provision of reports to suit the demands of local authorities”.

Meanwhile, NGOs, ELC, and FLINT are seeking experts in public and private law proceedings on professionals they have concerns about including Dr. George Hibbert in play therapy, personality disorders, diagnosis, drugging children with Ritalin and the like, and Prozac.

It might take all those parents who have been misdiagnosed (in some cases they might not be aware that they have) to take legal action for not only justice to be done, but for a complete shake up of a system that only seems capable of destroying families not supporting them! Some parents have already begun to approach Paul Grant, of Bernard Chill & Axtell Solicitors, but efforts should be made to ensure that all cases are reviewed.


A child aged nine so thin and frail; living in fear one day at school reports an abuse by the parents to the social services, who interviewed the child at school and then left the child to be driven to the social services offices by the parents. The child, already in a trauma, is now petrified on being questioned in the car by the parents about what the child had told to the social services. On arriving at the offices the child was held in a room until 9 pm that evening with no dinner. The child was then allowed to be taken home by the grandparent, who the child trusted and loved, and for many months that child became the happiest little child on the planet. But on a terrible day the child was ripped and torn away from the love and security of the grandparent’s home. The child was torn away on the lies of the social services, and from that day on, the child lost all of its human rights along with no rights for the grandparent and other family members who had loved and cared for the child, who the child had trusted. The child was never allowed to call friends, write letters use a telephone. All contact along with the child’s human rights stopped the day the child was taken by social services.

The Fostercare Business Scandal

Demand Justice for families torn apart

A caring and competent Michigan mother refuses to let child services take her very normal child and forcibly drug her with psychiatric medications. The reaction from the state was to bring in the swat teams and a tank for a day long stand off. Who needs a swat team and a tank to take on a mother and her daughter?


“As It’s Revealed 10,000 Children Are Taken Into Care A Year, How One Doctor Made A Fortune Setting Parents Bizarre Tasks To Test If They Were Fit To Keep Their Children.”

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