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Heavenly Signs: Largest Full Moon 2012

Heavenly Signs: Largest Full Moon 2012

By Hwaa Irfan

Dark nights returned after the bright night skies punctuated with the influential presence of Venus, Jupiter, and Mars in recent months. It was almost as if waiting in anticipation. The energies of rising five year olds who are self connected has been exuberant to the point of uncontrollable effervescence, and can be overwhelming to be in the midst off. This very well may have been the result of the Moon in Leo/Virgo – jump before thinking!

However, with the long sojourn of Jupiter in Taurus bringing about disclosures, the Moon in opposition to Neptune on May Day affirmed as much to not take anything at face value, and to double check any information that comes our way, but the Moon in Virgo trining with Pluto lends a sense of self empowerment as reflected in the annual May Day protests, that in 2012, hold greater significance.

Towards the largest full moon of 2012 (11.35pm), emotions run to the surface, but with a positive overtone and greater intuitive insight as the Earth enters a stream of debris from Halley’s Comet, source of the annual eta Aquarid meteor shower.

This year’s largest full moon appears larger than normal because it coincides with the moon’s perigee or its closest approach to Earth – an optical illusion. Affecting the ocean tides, and our emotions, they both will be higher, and lower than normal. From a human point of view, how much we are affected will be determined by how much we are living in a state of balance/consciousness.

This full moon falls on the weekend of May 05th 2012, which is fortunate, mainly becuase for many, the weekend allows us to slow down a little, and reflect. The 5th day, of the 5th month to a year that reduces down to 5 emphasizes the overall message from the Laws of Nature “change”. Not just change for the sake of it, but change for transformation, transformation from that we have become, to that we really are – full of greater potential as human beings, the kind of potential that is life giving, nurturing, and unifying as in tawhid (unity in God from which all life emanates). If we feel suppressed, oppressed trapped, unable to breathe, and even lost, the Universe has been conspiring asking for us to give birth to our truer selves, the self that is more liberating than the choices we have made to date. It all refers back to the God-given gift of “choice” for the choice has always been ours. When we feel that we have no “choice” it is all a matter of perception for what is real is a matter of perception for our world only seems small, because our consciousness is small. When we expand our consciousness, we expand our world of what is real! This can be equated with the upcoming presidential elections in Egypt – the president before the people’s Constitution is like one man’s vision preceding a collective decision, but a people’s Constitution before presidential elections, sets the foundation upon which the people’s vision will go forth!

If we can take time out, no matter how small just to sit with this idea, this weekend might help sow the seeds of a better tomorrow for all as the huge Sunspot AR1471 splits into three!

The bright skies that we have grown fond of will return as the proactive trio: Mars, Saturn and Venus will be evident in the May night sky. Mars in Virgo is about facilitating practical plans that are achieveble, productive, which means maintaining one’s health at an optimum level. To achieve this, our bodies which are more in tune with the movements of the cosmos, will require less, but more simple, and unprocessed foods as nature intended. It also means going with the flow a little, and beign less judgemental of one’s self.

Saturn is in Libra until October 5th 2012, placing emphasis using polarities to find the balance in our lives instead of pushing each polarity to an extreme: negative vs. positive, male vs. female, cooperation vs. competition, materialism vs. spiritual – all of these will be tested to help us find that central point within and without – the Mizan.

Venus is in Gemini until August, which does not leave much time as the energies of 2012 grow in momentum. The focus is on wheat we cherish, allowing for dynamic relations with those we hold dear.

It is time to drop the old superficialities, to speak, act and live from the the heart rippling outwards, to heal the communities, and societies in which we live!


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