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Heavenly Signs: The Merry Month of May!

Heavenly Signs: The Merry Month of May!


By Hwaa Irfan

Climatically speaking, the month of May used to be a month abundant with hope, and renewal at the height of spring. Spirits were high and energy levels positive. A time for children, and people of all ages, when life was also a little less complicated.

With bizarre winter-spring summer weather felt this spring (techically speaking) one should not be surprised to hear a few birds singing in the night. With their navigation thrown off course by the current polar flip, it is if nature is echoing the confused hearts and minds of us humans as we struggle to make sense of what is going on in our earthly domain. But if we continue to struggle making sense, we will only end up with the same nonsense by using minds that are set to perceive reality in a particular way based on a set series of experiences.

As we approach the blessed lunar month of Rajab NASA’s Spaceweather reports a massive sunspot, Sunspot AR1476 M-class erupting wth potential X-class solar flares.  X-class solar flares are the most powerful (X-class flares can go higher than level 9), with the ability to impact negatively on satellites in orbit, power grids and GPS systems like the power failure that took place in 1989 in Quebec. 60,000 miles across.

Sunspot AR1476 dwarfs the Earth. It is directed towards Earth, this is higly possible, but not predictable, just as the course of a Sunspot is not predictable. However, according to NASA, they have received reports from radio operators that the solar flares from Sunspot AR1476, a ‘beta-gamma-delta’ magnetic field is causing shortwave static.

One wonders what impact there is or will be on on the U.S. missile defence shield, or the U.S. increased surveillance of its citizens!

What will be visible are long lasting radiation storms known as auroras as the coronal mass ejections (solar radiation) deposit magnetic energy and radiation into Earth’s atmosphere, distorting Earth’s magnetic field. A coronal mass ejection acts more like a shock wave of energy triggering a geomagnetic storm – auroras.

The impact on humans differ according to the person, with recent findings pointing to a lower energy field posessed by those with negative emotions such as anger, jealousy and fear, all of which there is a lot about today, and unfortunately, these feelings come to the surface in periods of greater solar activity. To demonstrate this fact, the University of College London have developed a technique called the Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) for the treatment of Parkinsons Disease. TMS applies a magnetic coil outside the skull. The coil is moved over different parts of the head, which in turn forms a magnetive field, and that magnetic field triggers tiny electric currents inside the brain. These tiny electric currents change the activity of the neural pathway, and can either stimulate or prevent activity in different parts of the brain.

Described as “the seat of our soul”  by French philosopher René Descartes, the pineal gland in our brain is sensitive to magnetic fields. Our pineal gland regulates our circadian rhythm (body clock) and melatonin production, which is associated with our sleep-wake cycle, sexual maturation and reproduction, ageing, and our immune system. The hormone melatonin is attuned to environmental light. Deemed as the 3rd eye, the pineal gland will be under much stimulation from the increased magnetic, light, and ultraviolet flow from the Sun. A gland that is crucial to our endocrine system can be damaged through calcification, as the pineal gland is vulnerable to increased intake of synthetic flouride, sodium flouride as in our water supply.

The pineal gland is also the bridge between our physical world and our metaphysical world, the means by which we transform the various forms of solar energy into action. It is connected with our 6th energy field, and conscious ascendence. Visualization, relaxation, and meditation are all states of beings that stimulates the pineal gland, so in these difficult times, these are the rudders that will help us find our feet and let the path of balance unfold!

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Half the Size of Europe ‘Grabbed’ from Africa!

Half the Size of Europe ‘Grabbed’ from Africa!


The global financial elite through their coporate network have been really busy “unearthing” all the possible means by which they can sustain their wealth. From fracking to racism, and ingenious means of producing malnourishing food sources, all means have been employed to ensure that the earth gives up all it has regardless of the consequences environmentally and socially.

On earthly terms Judgement Day is everyday, but some of us seem to be deaf, dumb, and blind to our miscreations.

One of those miscreations mounts to half the size of Europe, in one term “land-grab” in a country that really needs to get rid of many of its leaders. Some of the deals are just down right naivitie of the many guises of colonnialism. The end result, regardless of the deal, is that the people who live on the lds concerned and/or maintain a sustainable lifestyle pattern from those lands are cast out to homeless, joblessness and despair. The environmental result is land with lower fertility, damaged from modern mass farming techniques (the legacy of Rothschild’s “Green Revolution”) and/or biomass farming for biofuels, or GM crops all the products of which are exported. All-in-all mass scale farming demands a high volume of water which compromises water security in the target countries. Revealed by the Land Matrix project, the grabbers (investors) include:

  • Argentina
  • Australia
  • Brazil
  • Canada
  • China
  • Egypt
  • India
  • Italy
  • Japan
  • Malaysia
  • Norway
  • Qatar
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Singapore
  • Sweden
  • South Africa
  • South Korea
  • U.A.E.
  • U.K.
  • U.S.

The “investments” is a mixture of private and public, with grabbing countries that provide poor workign conditions for the few they employ on the land grabbed. Then to add insult to injury the nature of the deals can mean next to nothing for the people who will work the land. For example, in the case of Gwit in Sudan, the investing country is Egypt, which has been able to acquire 105,000 hectares of land on a 25 year lease. The compensation will go to the local authority, and it is in the form of a health clinic to be  built. In the case of Makeni in Sierre Leone, the investing country has been able to acquire 10,000 hectares on a 50 year lease. The compensation will go to the farmers involved in paddy cultivation. They will be offered training in health, and how to get themselves into more debt by taking out loans, as well as savings, and smallholding – the term “training” can be quite meaningless depending on the nature of the content, and compensation-wise the farmers will only getUS$ 12 per hectare per year.

The length of a lease is a generation – a generation is a long time in which to acheive nothing, and to have less at the end of the lease.

Areas targeted have been:

  • East Africa (constituting 45% of all land grabs)
  • South-East Asia (19% – 25% of all land grabs)
  • West Africa (constituting 15% of all land grabs)

However, a drop in deals has taken place since 2009/10, mainly due to the unwillingness of targeted countries.

Countries that have been targeted include:

  • Argentina
  • Brazil
  • Congo, Republic
  • DR Congo
  • Ethiopia
  • Ghana
  • Indonesia
  • Laos
  • Liberia
  • Madagascar
  • Marocco
  • Mozambique
  • Nigeria
  • Pakistan
  • Philippines (the most      targeted)
  • Russia
  • Senegal
  • Sudan
  • Tanzania
  • Zambia

There’s Water Under that Soil

So, when the findings of the British Geological Survey and University College London (UCL) which have gone to great lengths to map in detail the grounwater supply across the whole of Africa, it is with some ambivalence that that information is received when we still maintain practices that waste what we do have!


Anseeuw, W. et al. “Transnational Land Deals forAgriculture in the Global South.”

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