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Heavenly Signs: The Twilight Annular Eclipse of the Sun

Heavenly Signs: The Twilight Annular Eclipse of the Sun

By Hwaa Irfan

As the new crescent moon welcomes the blessed month of Rajab 1433 around the 21st May 2012, the 2012 eclipse of the Sun expected on May 21st, is an annual event, but this year it is with a difference. That difference surrounds the 11-year solar solar sojourn with heightening solar activity, spitting out flares of earth direct radiation as the Sun’s South becomes North, and North becomes South (Sun’s 11 year cycle) – a magnetic polar reversal as the Earth prepared for her own magentic reversal. Al off this while the rare simultaneous alignment takes place between our Earth, Moon and Sun with our Galactic Center Alcyone (the middle of our Milky Way) central to the Pleiades. All of this underlines a special time in the human evolutionary process that places more attention on facing, processing, and releasing from our miscreations (jihad an nafs) to become more connected,  and more aligned with our true selves, each other, the environment, and therefore the Universe (tawhid).  

As NASA scientists observe an imbalance between the solar North and South poles due to the North moving faster than the South, there are concerns that the increased solar activity could create geomagnetic problems for man’s technological systems of communication.

As the joint forces between the Sun’s increased ultraviolet rays, the planets, and the Earth bring to the surface our miscreations, which if faced and processed can open the way towards greater connection with ourselves, each other, and our environment for the common good, the solar eclipse will take place with the Sun in the constellation of Taurus!

How ironic that the Annular solar eclipse starts in China at sunrise (22:06 UT), and comes to a finale in the U.S. for the 1st time in 18 years. The ring of visible sunlight can be blindingly bright. According to NASA an expected 94% of the Sun will be blocked by the Moon from the Earth creating a twilight affect. Making a global impact so far it is known that the Solar eclipse will be visible from

  • Foshan, China – Guangzhou, China
  • Kagoshima, Japan – Hamamatsu, Japan –      Shizuoka, Japan – Yokosuka, Japan -Yokohama, Japan – Sagamihara, Japan – Kawasaki,      Japan – Tokyo, Japan – Utsunomiya, Japan
  • Redding, California, U.S.A. – Reno, Nevada, U.S.A.

A partial view can be had from:

large part of the Sun is eclipsed in these locations:

  • Canada
  • East Asia
  • USA
  • Pacific

For those of us who have been feeling spaced out, in limbo, and/or confused, it will be a welcome eclipse. With the Sun in Taurus, there will be a greater sense of
feeling grounded. We will be able to see more clearly what really matters, and to prioritize our lives accordingly if we so choose, for the human being above all species has been given the gift of ‘Choice’ although in real terms we do not really use that gift, but allow others to determine our choices for us.

With Jupiter in Taurus, financial issues will come to the fore, allowing for us to reap what we sow if the plan has been thoroughly thought allowing intuition to plays its role as w elearn to listen to ourselves. As long as he work is congruent with what we truly are and not what we have mistakenly become. As long as we are prepared to see the Truth for what it is, and not what we want it to be, then we have laid the ground from which to take root.

If continue to decieve ourselves and to be decieved, then we are setting ourselves up for some surprises (shocks). The Truth does not change and is not relative, it is and always will be regardless of how we perceive ourselves, and our world! This is the burden of the God-given gift of ‘choice’, that as a species we have yet to exercise. While the rest of Creation knows what to do, becuase it has not this ‘gift’ we as humans have yet to learn how to use the God-given gift of ‘choice’, which then like the rest of the Universe we will then know what to do. We have fooled ourselves for far too long that we have exercised the God-given gift of ‘choice’ falling prey to being enformed, entrained and enslaved to a process of mechanization whereby the ‘choice’ has been made for us!

The Sun’s ‘ring of fire’ from Texas, U.S. by Jay on 21 May, 2012

Did we choose to be less than what we are?

“Hidden beneath your feet is a luminous stage where you are meant to rehearse your eternal dance.” – Hafiz

Instead we learnt to dance to the drum of a different tune, a tune that was full of promises but entrained us to become indentured slaves that move to rhythm of mechanization, and as the cog wheels speed up, we speed up believing that over the horizon is the promise, but when we got to the horizon, all we have seen is another  horizon, and in the processing we disconnected our right brain, buried our dreams, and pulled our sleeves up to be unconscious enough to not realize that the process of mechanization that we have replaced with our souls continues by our will.”

The Sun’s ‘ring of fire’ over Japan, May 21 2012

With the New Moon of Al-Rajab we will be less hesitant about taking a step forward, but that also means letting go of the past, for the past does not make room for the new. This is heightened even more so by the New Moon of Al-Rajab being in the constellation of Taurus, sextile to Neptue – Pisces and trining with Mars -Virgo, and Pluto – Virgo laying the agenda until the Full Moon.

If what we do is done with joy, which raises our energy field then the ripple will spread. But if it is done with laziness, i.e. do what we have always done, then we cannot expect any change for the better instead of throwing in the towel and giving up, and into depression the product of not being in control of one’s life in a state of calm clarity!

Allow one’s ,mind to clear, to let go of what was, and to step into the truer you-us-we for there is no more room for self deceit, or being deceived! Children pick up on all of this, and if they have been in a state of merry mayhem in recent times, do not be surprised if they calm down as we find and accept ourselves as an inner clarity unfolds!

As the Earth weakens her defences so that the Sun can assist us with processing our miscreations, acknowledge the different ways in which our Creator comes to our aid when we have failed allowing us to be inspired in preparation for another rare event, the transit of Venus next month!

Whether one believes it or not, the Universe is calling on us to BE THE CHANGE WE WANT TO SEE, or we can always continue getting lost in our self created mazes, struggling to re-erect the unsustainable structures that we have run our lives by realizing too late, that we have missed the train that was going in the right direction along!


“Annular Solar Eclipse of 2012 May 20.”

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