Germany Proving there is a Sustainable Energy Alternative

Germany Proving there is a Sustainable Energy Alternative


By Hwaa Irfan

This is in fact nothing new, it has been proven so many times, the most memorable of all being Tesla, the guy J. Pierpont Morgan withdrew financial backing from, because Tesla’s discovery would mean less profits, and less power for American corporations – members of the global financial elite.

But, here, in the 21st century, in the modern industrialized developed country of Germany, at a time when the U.S. is running around the world trying to buy up every last drop of petroleum, an environmentally friendly, sustainable standard is being facilitated through the use of solar energy.

The equivalent of 20 nuclear power stations with no nuclear waste or consequences, Germany’s solar power plants are producing 22 gigawatts of electricity per hour. Learning the lessons from Fukushima nuclear disaster 2011, Germany set a new agenda, to rid the country of all nuclear plants

This is not helped or encouraged by Chancellor Angela Merkel calling subsidies to solar energy a ‘money pit’ after all each new idea needs support of all kinds until it can prove itself, and in the case of Germany’s alternative energy program, solar energy has proven its worth.

Does the sun shine in the daytime everywhere, or only in the Sahara, the reference used to downplay the virtue of developing solar energy – day time = soalr energy and night time = using solar energy that has been stored in the daytime and healthier sleeping patterns.

But what can you expect from disgruntled capitalists who want more of what the Earth is growing increasingly tired of submitting to.

The 22 gigawatts of electricity per hour record Germany has been able to achieve is supplied at greatest consumer demand i.e. mid-day Fridays and Saturdays. The 22 gigawatts of photovoltaic electricity was fed into the main grid meeting 50% of the demand ona  weekend, and a third on a weekday.

To those who say renewable energy is not reliabel enough, one asks about the increasing power cuts experienced in developed countries, and the fact that petroleum in all its forms will not last for ever, for when it runs out, it runs out!

There will be arguments for and arguments against, but until those arguments are honest about what it takes (on all levels) to run electricity as we have known it, and electricity from solar energy, and what the consequences are, the way forward will always remain unclear.

As it is, consumers are paying for something that they do not really have to pay for, if the basis for supply of energy is maintaining the wealth and power of corporations – the global financial elite with its dispensable workforce. The concept and inventions that went with free renewable energy was sileneced by the likes of J. P. Morgan and Rockefeller in order to ensure the future of Thomson-Houston and Edison General Electric which became the General Electric Company.

Maybe J. P Morgan the corporation is looking to redeem itself via its automobile venture Tesla Motors, but that is not enough!

  • 1895, the Westinghouse Company and Nicola Tesla built the first hydroelectric alternating current system at Niagara Falls
  • 1899 Tesla demonstrated the feasibility of transmitting electricity through the earth without the use of wires in Pike’s Peak, Colorado,
  • He also discovered that  tremendously destructive forces could be unleashed in the earth by means  of uncontrolled electrical resonance.

In an 1899 interview with Chauncy Montgomery M’Govern, Tesla revealed his invention on how to mobilize solar energy:

” none of these amount to anything–they are of no value to the great world of science. But come over here and I will show you something that will make a big revolution in every business and home as soon as I am able to get the thing into working form,” and then he leads the way through a forest of queer-looking discs and mysterious coils of copper and steel, until the party reaches a raised wall of masonry, on which reposes a long cylinder of glass filled with water, and surrounded by a circle of large mirrors. The roof over this apparatus is of glass, and as the sun pours its rays through this, the rays strike the mirrors and are reflected again towards the glass cylinder, magnifying glasses intensifying the heat of the rays before they strike the cylinder.

“This is the experimental model of the apparatus with which I hope some day to so harness the rays of the sun that heavenly body will operate every machine in our factories, propel every train and carriage in our streets, and do all the cooking in our homes, as well as furnish all the light that man may need by night as well as by day. It will, in short, replace all wood and coal as a producer of motive power and heat and electric lighting

The plan of Nikola Tesla to harness the rays of the sun to do man’s bidding is probably the boldest engineering feat that he or anyone else has ever attempted. Though the idea is so great, its principle is so simple that a schoolboy can readily comprehend it. It consists of concentrating the heat of the sun on one spot (the glass cylinder) by the series of complicated mirrors and magnifying glasses until the resulting heat is something terrific.

J. P Morgan underwent a process of entrapment to bring down Tesla. If J. P Morgan is really going under and it is not just a ruse, we pray for future and current inventors who struggle to pave the way for a world that is better than this for all including the environment in which we live!


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