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Heavenly Signs: The Centennial Transit of Venus

Heavenly Signs: The Centennial Transit of Venus

By Hwaa Irfan

Astronomers, astrologists, comoslogists, and New Agers have been gearing up to the expected moment of June 05/6th 2012. NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope will observe using the moon as a mirror. Eighteenth century astronomers (June 6, 1761) would travel far to view the transit, becuase they believed Venus provided the clue to the size of the solar system. At that time, the Seven Years’ War was tearing Europe apart. looks back on history and informs:

Captain James Cook (1728-1779), called by some “The Great Ocean’s greatest explorer,” observed the 1769 transit from the black sand beach now called Venus Point, northeast of Papeete, on the island of Tahiti. Cook was specifically chosen because he was among the very few who knew how to work out longitude. During the voyage, he opened his secondary secret orders, which revealed he was to search for “Terra Australis Incognita,” the unknown southern land (known to us as Australia) and claim it for Britain.

And William Harkness (1837-1903), then director of the U.S. Naval Observatory, wrote these prophetic words on the eve of the 1882 transit:

“There will be no other transits of Venus till the twenty-first century of our era has dawned upon the earth. When the last transit occurred the intellectual world was awakening from the slumber of ages, and that wondrous scientific activity, which has led to our present advanced knowledge, was just beginning. What will be the state of science when the next transit season arrives God only knows. Not even our children’s children will live to take part in that astronomy of that day.”

That day has arrived, God Willing!

As the Sun pumps out solar radiation at the height of its 11 year cycle, and its polaric flip, and as the Earth moves through its polaric flip in 2012, the second phase of Venus’s Transit will take place. The bright night skies we have grown accustomed to in recent months, will appear dull for a while.

The global tensions as a result of the universal push for change is expected to take another leap into unconditional love in the conditional world that has been driving us all to the edge at times. When the last transit took place in 2004, 226,408 people died as a result of the ensuing Tsunami. For what is in fact an eclipse, the transit takes place in pairs like clockwork, 8 years apart!

This is when the planet of Venus passes directly in front of the Sun from our earthy perspective, looking like a slowly moving small black dot. This rare moment not expected to be seen again until 2117 will be visible all around the Earth at some point in Venus’ transition, but to observe it requires protection of the eyes as most of the Sun will by visible. The transit is expected to take a period of 7 hours.

With much attention paid to Mayan prophecy, and 2012-06-02, the Mayans (there are still some alive today) associated the ennsuing conjunction of Venus and the Pleiades with the ending of the Mayan calendar, which unlike what scaremongerers woudl have us believe, is not the end of live on our Earth.

For those that are ready and open, the collective human consciousness will take a leap towards that higher goal. It is at times like these we are reminded that everything in the Universe is connected, and therefore influences each other, including us humans. We have been experiencing as much with the increased solar activity, hence auroras, and therefore the impact on the Earth’s electromagnetic field, and the human energy field. However, nothing good comes easy, otherwise what would we learn. It has been a difficult birthing process for humanity, as humanity has been oblidged to face its miscreations on a personal, and a societal level. This means that all those supporting structures of our old ways, naturally has to fall as we have been witnessing the serial global crises taking place around the world since 2004 with the most apparent sign being the collapse of the global economic system which began visibly in 2008.

The planet of Light, beauty, unconditional love, will be transiting our consciousness as represented by our Sun. It is no wonder the some of the ancients used to mistakenly worship the Sun for without the Sun, as witnessed with those who experience Seasonal Disorder, we become depressed. The Sun as a tool of the Creator animates life on Earth from the food we eat to our souls, and it is our soul that seeks the purge that the Sun responds to.

As Venus unusually transits right across the Sun instead of up high, an electromagnetic force is created as when any two animate objects come in close proximity to another. Venus seeks fulfillment, but Venus is in retrograde which means the fulfillment must first take place on the soul level and the level of the subconscious. This will in turn affect human relations which will become more fulfilling. That is becuase Venus is in the constellation of Gemini – Venus transits always occurs in Gemini or Saggitarius. In Gemini, the revolution is a spiritual one that seeks knowlege, and understanding.  This is born out by the Venus Transits of:

1631 to 1639 – The Catholic Church was challenged by Galileo’s ascertion that the Sun, and not the Earth is the center of our world

1761 to 1769 – The Anglican Church was ousted as the American Revolution brewed

1874 to 1882 – Theosophical Society and the Christian Science was established at a time when the inventor Tesla brought electricity into our world with the pure intention of benefiting all mankind

Even the global elite are following up on Venus Transit through a series of rituals that is more likely an aim to continue their domination on Earth as they believe deeply in occultism.


As London hosts the Olympics in the year of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee in celebration a co-ordinated project to light 2,012 beacons of fire on all the high places of the UK on the 4th June 2012.

Canada- U.S.

The Hudson Bay represents to colonialists one of the foundations of their empire. On June 4 -6 (to be safe), the Enterprise (oldest member of the space-shuttle fleet not Star Trek), will be towed up the Hudson River to remain on show at the Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum, in Manhattan. This mirrors the earthly Venus Transit.

The pathway of the Venus Transit falls between the head of Orion, our Galactic Center, the Milky Way, through to Gemini. The Milky Way represents the Hudson River, Orion, the Torch bearer represents the Statue of Liberty, and Gemini the Twin Towers, that was. As the brilliance of Venus in the night sky grows dimmer through the month of June, when its brilliance returns after the Transit/eclipse, it will be the Morning Star once again, but to occultists this is referred to as ‘Lucifer’ when the Morning Star appears on the otherside of the Sun. June 4-7 is the Queen Elizabeth of England’s official birthday with Rothschild’s Olympic torch arriving in London in late July, for the tightest security set up witnessed for any Olympics.

All of this while the Sun is between the horns of Taurus indicating the end of old foundations! Jupiter is inTaurus until November, emphasizing money/material issues. It is about planning, planting, and nurturing before one can reap.

Regardless of what they have up their sleeves, the Venus Transit takes place in Gemini, which also means the reconciling of opposites:

  • male vs female
  • Material vs, spirituality
  • The youth vs. the old
  • The haves’ and have nots
  • The past vs. the present
  • Conscious vs. the subconscious etc.

In other words there is no more room for polarization, separation, exploitation and oppression. For those who remain so inclined, they will remain stuck in that cycle, but those who dont will move on. With Venus in retrograde until June 27, 2012, their will be a tendeny to evaluate what is really important, of value, the ability to discern worth in order to discard what is meaningless or no longer serves a beneficial purpose in one’s life. Unresolved issues will come to the surface, and if one of those issues is the 1% then one will realize that they no longer serve a meaningful purpose in the lives of the 99%, especially if one has not been appreciated! This amkes relating to one’s sef easier, and open relations with others more likely, and more fulfilling for Venus is about connecting, and retrograde in Gemini, which represents the Mind, we are being called to open our hearts and Minds, to begin anew on a more wholesome, compassionate basis, to do away with old patterns of perception so that we can avail ourselves to more of what life has to offer – and we cant do that if we are continually putting things and people into little boxes, slapping labels on them, and relegating them accordingly, including ourselves. How much of ourselves do we store away in the bottom drawer of our subconscious, and how much struggling ensues to maintain it that way as it threatens to jump out and turn us upside down!

Instead open the door of self discovery and ask:

  • Do I enjoy in myself
  • Do I enjoy my life
  • What makes me unhappy
  • What is it that really frightens m
  • What do I find beautiful in myself?
  • What do I value?
  • What relaxes me?
  • Do I enjoy what I do?
  • Look at the things that you surround yourself with, including the things that you wear, and ask what does it add to my life
  • What do I neglect about myself?
  • Am I being sincere with myself, and with others

The Venus Transit represents the second large step up the ladder of humanity in 2012, after the Solar Ring of Fire eclipse in May 2012. We can take it all as hog wash, or listen for what holds true, and if not, wait and find out while we keep on doing what we have been doing, and getting what we get!


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Mubarak: Life for 30

Mubarak: Life for 30

By Hwaa Irfan

After a suppressed silence erupted in protests across Lower Egypt, at the shock and awe of candidates Mohammed Mursi (Muslim Brotherhood), and Ahmed Shafiq, the anger and frustration of the people at what many feel is a rigged presidential election would seem to have been presented with a sacrificial bull.

All of a sudden out from nowhere, in the midst of an anti-Muslim propaganda campaign by SCAF and Co., (the co., being the members of a middle class who want a rush towards normalcy, normalcy being pre-January 25 2011, so that they can blindly go where the Euro and the dollar no longer reigns),  all of a sudden former President Hosni Mubarak is back in the limelight. After Shafiq’s headquarters was destroyed by protestors, and the sentiment of the ordinary man, woman and child (even children are playing the Egyptian form of cowboys and Indians, i.e Mursi, vs. Shafiq), SCAF presented yet another scenario to ponder on, especially if they can purge the reputation of the regime that remains so that Shafiq can go on to win the run-offs in June 2012.

June 02nd, 2012, a few days later after protests erupt across Lower Egypt, a verdict has been made has scheduled from February. while family, friends, and self interested parties protest again the sentence in the disabling heat of May 2012 in Mubarak’s Cairo home of Heliopolis.

So, Mubarak has been given life sentence, but those who are supposed to have carried out the ‘crimes’ have been set free. Many of the documents/evidence went missing during the time of Ahmed Shafiq as the last former Prime Minister under Mubarak! This means most of the perpetrators under the Mubarak regime remain free, active, and a threat to any real change. This is why thousands have flocked into Tahrir, for it remains for real justice to be done!

Putting aside that Mubarak is Shafiq’s mentor, and that his presidential campaign has been financed and administered by the regime, the 30 years of NDP vs. Muslim Brotherhood still remains a conundrum for the people to solve if the questionable run-off goes ahead this June.

During those 30 years, the foundations for the accruing of wealth by the global financial elite – the global 1% began turning millions around the world into wage slaves that increases their wealth and pwoer base, and bleeds the nations dry. Egypt has been but a part of that process as Canadians face the same issue, after weeks of student protests have taken the lid of what really troubles Canadians.

Egyptians believe that they are alone in this story, but they are not. Far too many Egyptians believe that getting back into the global economy is the way forward without realizing that that economy is crumbling. Far too many middle and upper class Egyptians believe that te solutions to their problems can be found in the West, and far too many of those Egyptians are asleep to the fact that the intelligence, and the polity, and the way forward is amongst them, both those that can read and cannot read.  It is this lack of faith that has led to their dilemma of not realizing they can creat their own way forward if real discussion on a national level takes place. This means honoring the interim Constitution that went to referendum giving space to the farmers, and the working classes to speak.

When Shafiq blamed Muslim Brotherhood for hijacking the Revolution many know that it has been SCAF that has carried out the mission, on and behalf of a regime that supports and perpetuates the Washington Consensus  which is not in the interest of the people.

For SCAF to truel save face, it needs to with true intent unite the factions that it has actively disunited.  It also needs to recognize that in real terms, what will unite the factions for now is a government that is structured for proportional representation, and the only body that has the ability to listen to all sides is Al-Azhar since it gained its independence from the government from it is from Al Azhar that the voice of wisdom has risen for each and every event (good or bad) since January 25, 2011.

In the time since the official declaration of the presidential candidates Muhammed Mursi, and Ahmed Shafiq, ordinary Egyptians re-lived again what it means to be insulted and treated as less than second class citizens via incidents that took place up and around the country whereby pro-Shafiq’s felt disposed to do so – one can point to a case of a micro-bus driver doing his job. With a vehicle full of passengers, a white Daimler with a Shafiq poster in the rear window intentionally drove into the micro-bus, jumped out in rage and insulted and accused the innocent driver, and threatened to have him lose his job. This is the extent to which healing needs to take place, and take place now, popping these types out of the illusion the time of power and wealth over justice is dying, and that it is tim to look within, and then look to each other for a sustainable way forward for all!

The level of debate that goes on at the street level is far more enlightening than that through state media, it is time to disgard all the defences and to open to a better Egypt, and a better world for all, but they need to get to the bottom of who is really running the country regardless of who becomes the president.

Mubarak has been given life for failing to protect protestors, but within that is the missing millions, corruption, and the wasting of natural resources, but from here on, each person is responsible, at  least the head of the police No tone wants the elections to not go ahead, though constitutionally it is a mess. But the reality looms that SCAF in its governing capacity will be around for a while yet, is ever present as protestors call for Hamdeen Sabbahi, the 3rd runner up to be included in the run-offs. Sabbahi was not given votes from the Ministry of Interior as was the case according to a polic officer account with Ahmed Shafiq, also Sabbahi did not have the financial backing as Mursi and Shafiq did, what he did have were ballot papers in his favor carelessly disgarded on the streets!

Until all institutions are clean of the past and present regime, of those who see power and not the people as the owners, any change, any progress stands to be compromised while the real culprits get away with it!

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