Heavenly Signs: A Celestial-Terrestial Drama in the Making

Heavenly Signs: A Celestial-Terrestial Drama in the Making

Some attention turns to the increased volcanic activity in Italy this year, with the famed eruption of Mt, Vesusvius which helped to bring down an empire, hundreds of years ago. It was on December 7th 1631, that the Transit of Venus preceded the eruption of Mt, Vesuvius on December 16th after being inactive for 500 years!

Whilst most attention is placed on the last Venus Transit/Eclipse in our lifetime, of June 5/6 2012, on June 04th the lunar (partial) eclipse took place as the monthly Aayam-ul Baydh (the Bright Days) is in progress. Involving a full moon, the Sun-Earth-Moon alignment peaking at 21:00 UTC. Visible from North and South America, Australia, East Asia, the Pacific Ocean, and on the Atlantic side of the United States, the full moon set in the West. This followed an explosive M3-Class solar flare which unleashed from Sunspot 1496 hurling its outburst of solar radiation into space. Meanwhile, an earth-directed coronal hole has opened up in the Sun, unleashing solar wind from what is an area where the Sun’s magnetic field is open, hence the escape. This solar wind is expected to reach Earth on June 6/7 2012. This not only affects climatic conditions on Earth, as well as natural disasters, but all life forms on Earth. The visible signs of this are increased manifestations of auroras, especially in unexpected locations on Earth.

Sometimes , the information is their available, waiting to inform us of that which we take for granted or that which we so willing cast off as mumbo jumbo, because whatever information is available at our fingertips, the truth is often downgraded in some form or another.

For far too long, we have seen our place in the universe as being removed, untouchable, self contained, and subject to our whims. The speeding up of certain celestial events have made seeds of the truth fall by the wayside, providing us with an opportunity to realize that we are not alone and helpless when it comes to many simultaneous global crises.

We will start with the elite practice of occultism, not because it is correct, but because ‘’, our betters, members of the global financial elite think so much of it, that they have invested time and money,  that has led to certain evidence that the common man is removed from, and is instead left to continue to believe that man alone is his own god, creator, and determinant of his fate – the perception our betters have helped us to believe in. We refer to popular astrology, and even ruin our lives by it, without ever realizing the one truth of it all, that we indeed do live in a hyperdimensional world, not a three dimensional world. This means that we are not only not alone in the universe, but we are connected to, influence, and are influenced by the universe beyond the night and day of it all!

One of the reasons for ongoing interest over the recent centuries by scientists in celestial events is more rooted in strong beliefs of the long established elite, which is not the total focus here. With the celestial event of the Venus Transit eclipse as a case in mind there is a belief that when these auspicious cosmic geometric alignments occur especially during solar eclipses that the solar system as a whole, and biology including ourselves are affected!

It is rather curious to find that with the 2012 Venus Transit across the Sun,  ‘arrangements have been made in:


As London hosts the Olympics in the year of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee in celebration a co-ordinated project to light 2,012 beacons of fire on all the high places of the UK on the 4th June 2012.

Canada- U.S.

The Hudson Bay represents to colonialists one of the foundations of their empire. On June 4 -6 (to be safe), the Enterprise (oldest member of the space-shuttle fleet not Star Trek), will be towed up the Hudson River to remain on show at the Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum, in Manhattan. This mirrors the earthly Venus Transit. Curiously, The Enterprise Mission is a project based in Albuquerque, Mexico, that carried out tests on the May annular eclipse of the Sun. The May 2012, Annular solar eclipse occurred at (~4 minutes, 20 seconds) south of Albuquerque, New Mexico. The aim of the test/mission is exploration into the “Hyperdimensional/Torsion Field Model” better known to some as ‘time travel’ – hold your horses I dont believe in it either but their doing it!

 The pathway of the Venus Transit falls between the head of Orion, our Galactic Center, the Milky Way, through to Gemini. The Milky Way represents the Hudson River, Orion, the Torch bearer represents the Statue of Liberty, and Gemini the Twin Towers, that was. As the brilliance of Venus in the night sky grows dimmer through the month of June, when its brilliance returns after the Transit/eclipse, it will be the Morning Star once again, but to occultists this is referred to as ‘Lucifer’ when the Morning Star appears on the otherside of the Sun. June 4-7 is the Queen Elizabeth of England’s official birthday with Rothschild’s Olympic torch arriving in London in late July, for the tightest security set up witnessed for any Olympics.

All of this while the Sun is between the horns of Taurus indicating the end of old foundations! Jupiter is inTaurus until November, emphasizing money/material issues. It is about planning, planting, and nurturing before one can reap.

Why the invested interest, and what does it mean to ‘them’.

For scientists of the time, only 6 planets were known: Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Saturn and Jupiter, but the size of the solar system was unknown.  This mystery was to be assisted by the Venus Transit, which helped to ascertain in the limited minds of man the astronomical unity, from which to deduce the dimensions of the solar system as Venus is the second planet from the Sun.

Occuring like clockwork every 120 years in pairs with 8 years between the pair, such invested interest occured with the Venus Transit of 1769. Then it was apparent who was that interested,  King George III. Then a junior naval officer, the now famed explorer James Cook was a lieutenant commissioned by King George III along with the whole voyage with the purpose of the 1769 Venus Transit in mind.

With skills in cartography and mathematics, Cook set out from Plymouth, U.K., in August 1768. Despite how long it took to travel across the Atlantic, they were planning ahead for what was expected, which again indicates the level of interest. In fact, the 1769 expedition was in response to a failed attempt to observe and document the first of the pair in 1761, and represented the pride and prestige of England.

Not only that, observers were dispatched to North Cape (Norway), Hudson Bay (Canada) and the then newly-discovered Tahiti in the Pacific. Lieutenant James Cook was only in charge of the Tahiti expedition. Cooks expedition was equipped with scientific instruments supplied by the Royal Society, and the Royal Observatory, Greenwich.

Freemasonry’s relationship with the Royal Society goes back to the 17th century. The Royal Society was the Wests first assembly of scientists, engineers and Freemasons.

The 1761 expedition took place during the 7 Year War with Britain and Prussia on one side and Austria, France, Russia, Saxony and Sweden on the other! A curious time to make the first international scientific expedition!

It can be acquainted with NASA astronauts onboard the ISS in 2004 (the first pair of the 2012 transit), who did not see the transit, because they had no solar filters onboard.

A Transit of Venus Commitee was set up in 1767 by the Royal Society. The ship, the Endeavour, carried 100 men from the Royal Navy, and non navel scientific personnel.

In the Library of King’s College London, is the Manuscript of Dr. Demainbray’s notebook of the Transit of Venus 1769, which notes an obelisk on the meridian line in the King’s Observatory Kew, completed in 1769 ostensibly for the observation of the transit of Venus that occurred on June 3rd 1769. Present for that observation was Dr. Stephen C.T. Demainbray himself,  George III, Queen Charlotte, Stephen Rigaud, Justin Vulliamy, Ben Vulliamy. The obelisk also marks South, and Magnetic South.

Composer of the Transit of Venus, John Philip Sousa (1854 –1932) was an American composer and conductor, and a freemason. 1882 was the next Venus Transit, a year after which Sousa was commissioned to compose a processional for the unveiling of a bronze statue of American physicist Joseph Henry, who had died in 1878. Henry’s invention consisted msotly of copper, and in Freemasonry, Venus is associated with copper.

Organized by the the Royal Society of New Zealand, and the Freemasons New Zealand, offered three secondary school teams an all expense trip to the U.K., to see the Venus Transit of 2004, which was sponsored by  the Freemasons, the British High Commission of New Zealand, British Airways, and the British Council of New Zealand. Expatriate New Zealanders were also invited to a party on the eve of the Transit, to celebrate with local townspeople.

In esoteric circles, it is considered the more people involved in the elevating an experience, the more potent the experience – the Rothschild’s 2012 Olympics! On the surface, much of freemasonry is rooted in ancient myths:

As Venus goes into transit/eclipse Venus is Feminine, fertility, old age, death and the Netherworld.

As Venus is reborn after exiting the transit, Venus is the Morning star – masculine, light, fire, power, war, animals and their guardianship, lightening, spiritual guidance and mediation, civilized leadership and day.

The upper echelons of freemasonry lives in two worlds, science, myth and ancient knowledge.

The science of it all becomes apparent with French physicist who became a Nobel Laureate in Economics in 1988. Maurice Allais’s laboratory was in his vibration-free windowless basement, where he designed a unique pendulum (paraconical) in the 1950s. These pendulums allowed him to explore gravity. His experiments required staff as the pendulums requires 24/7 observation.

On June 30, 1954, a parrtial solar eclipse occurred, which resulted in the anti-clockwise motion of the pendulum – pendulums rotate clockwise – the G-force. This happened again in 1959

If that experiment was valid, it demonstrates how much the rest of universe has an impact on human existence.

Affected by the solar eclipse, the pendulum swings anti-clockwise, accelerates, peaks, then moves clockwise, to the swings anti-clockwise again,  – the moon enters to eclipse – reaches mid-way – then departs. Allais wrote in September, 1959 issue of “Aero/Space Engineering

 “… the current theory of gravitation (being the result of the application, within the current theory of relative motions, of the principles of inertia and universal gravitation to any one of the Galilean spaces) complemented or not by the corrections suggested by the theory of relativity, leads to orders of magnitude [many factors of ten] for lunar and solar action (which are strictly not to be perceived experimentally) of some 100 million times less than the effects noted [during the eclipse] ….”

By 1999, Allais summated:

 “…anisotropy”(in other words, a changing “aether!”) – and, that during a geometric alignment of planetary bodies (the Sun and Moon, during an eclipse …) that underlying, constantly “changing spatial structure” is briefly, physically ALIGNED with the Sun, Moon and Earth”

A drop of toxin in a pool of water, dissolves, becomes invisible, but the effect is their imprinted on every water molecule, and so are we in the universe – not free to do as we like without affect on the rest of the universe – hence the importance of tawhid, or working with the laws that govern all life – nature.

Of course Allais was attacked like so many truthseekers before by the scientific community.

In March 1970, citizens of the earth were awe struck by one of the most spectacular solar eclipses. A telescope carry jet was flying outside of Boston. The pilot Erwin Saxl also had a basement just like Allais which contained a “torsion pendulum” (a non-vertical mounted paraconical pendulum. The height of the eclipse, the pendulum did not make its normal ‘to and fro’ swing,  but swung left to right on a “Ni-span C” before the eclipse even began. After looking at the data collected, Saxl and Allen noted:

“… It is further to be noted that the greatest change [in the torsion pendulum oscillation period] occurs between the [local] onset of the eclipse and its midpoint [below – right]. This agrees qualitatively with Allais with a paraconical pendulum, where the change of azimuth increased substantially in the first half of the eclipse of 30 June 1954 [below – left]. Both these effects would seem to have a gravitational basis [sic] which cannot be explained by accepted classical theory ….”

They wrote:

“… the irregularities occurring before the start of the eclipse might be considered accidental, except that data taken two weeks later at the same hour of the day (dashed green curve – above) show corresponding humps — an indication, by the way, that the observations are reproducible. These maxima and minima may indicate a kind of gravitational [sic] fine structure which is reproducible even when the positions of the sun and moon relative to the earth are quite different. This apparent wavelike structure has been observed over the course of many years at our Harvard laboratory. It cannot be predicted on the basis of classical gravitational theory nor has it been observed in the quasistationary experiments underlying this theory (e.g., spring-operated gravimeters, seismographs, and interferometer devices)  ….”

The reason why there was lack of ability to replicate the experiment came to light through the work of  MIT physicist Bruce DePalma

Building on his work from the mid- 1970s, DePalma deliberately rotated the bobs on the end of his pendulum. Straying away from the non-rotating models it was soon to be learnt that some basic rotation had to be in momentum, before the ecliptic effect could be observed.

DePalma applied the “Accutron” wrist watch in his 40+ years of experiment, and in the experiment of the 1st part of the 2004-2012 Venus Transit (i.e. 2004), an Accutron detector was placed inside a limestone monument, Coral Castle,  Miami, to replicate the desired but not obtainable location of the Great Pyramid of Giza. At the time Venus touched the Sun as seen from the Earth, the Accutron tuning fork went crazy risinf dramatically in frequency as Venus’ limb makes third contact with the solar limb proving that there is a physical field of interaction between Earth, Venus and the Sun, and that we live in a hyperdimensional world not the limited three dimensional world. It also means that we are not in control of our fate as much as we would like to believe, and that there is a greater power at play especially when we step too far outside of  the Laws of Nature.

Providing us with an opportunity to realign with our true selves, our true purpose…

What this means to us, is that there is a direct influence on the Earth, during an eclipse, and in this case the Venus Transit. Occultists have taken this negatively to use the forces at play to increase their power, and wealth on Earth, for whatever great sacrifice they will have to make, when what is truely at play is the Creator providing members of the human race to rise face, process, and rise above their miscreations to fulfill our greater purpose in life.

As the Sun moves towards its 11-year cycle in 2012, during which time it is going through a polar reversal as the Earth goes through a polar reversal, the Sun is pumping out a high volume of ultra-violet rays – solar UV-B radiation causes physiological changes, and can change the composition of species and biodiversity of bacteria and fungi growth on plants. The biodiversity may be either increased or decreased. Popular science has taught us to fear this, but fear only generates a sense of separation, and our minds being more powerful than our bodies, means that our bodies only manifest what our minds tell us!

Governments are worried about massive output from the Sun becuase it will imapct on their telecommunications systems, and relevant security, and database issues. It takes 8 minutes for a magnetically driven solar flare from the time of erupting on the Sun for electromagnetic radiation (X-rays, and gamma rays) to find its way into Earth’s atmosphere, heating up the upper atmosphere.

The Sun is also sending out a lot of Coronal Mass Ejections, CME, which is plasma loaded solar gas with a magnetic field. When Earth directed, it has the capactity to impact on telecommunications, celestial (satellites) and terrestial, offset compass alignments, cause malfunctioning of pipelines, electrical incidents, hearts attacks, strokes, and accidents.

Solar storms can do all of the above, including cleansing the atmosphere, and more including the formation of auroras!

Cosmologically,  the impact on human nature, is negative according to our state of mind; as noted by scientists at the Kettering Magnetic Laboratory who found that geomagnetic disturbances can produce a temporary deficiency of calcium or lithium ions inside brain cells, which is a characteristic of progressed manic-depressives.

As humans we tend to prefer the devil we know, and react badly to changes in perception of reality/security, becuase we are frightened of change, and all the celestial-terrestial events are undeniably about change, the kind of change that the global financial elite fears, and by all means is trying to manipulate at every level! A symbol of how the mighty can fall, is the life sentence (which can change) given to a president, in this case, Hosni Mubarak!

As NASA invests time and effort to see what else they can discover about the universe through the final Venus Transit of this century, they will also be exploring the phenomenon of the Venus Arc which appeared with the first transit of 2004. Myths and rituals abound on the 6th day of the 6th month during the 60 Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II, including the worhsipping of the created, Isis instead of the Creator, Amun (God) by freemasons. Naturally freemasonry elite would worship Isis who brought back the pieces of her husband to life in the Egpytian Book of the Dead, becuase Isis as human weilds the kind of power on earth they seek, as the Venus Transit of 2012 ushers the return of the Divine feminine, not the feminine that the elite had taught us to worship as a commodity, to be used, abused, and exploited, but the feminine, that is to be honored in all females. But this wony come easy, as this Venus Transit is squared by Mars! We have challenges to address, which cannot just be facilitated by a ritual of securing Queen Elizabeth as head of global power.

Whether Venus represents Isis, the feminine archetype, higher frequencies of love, light and consciousness. Isis, Ishtar, or the creative principle missing in many of our lives today, a celestial alignment is an open window of opportunity to become more aligned with our true selves by the Grace of God.

The galvanized attention towards this celestial event in itself is an indication of mass participation. We have the God given gift of ‘choice’ for all or for self to learn how to live, and the purpose of our lives, and to learn to take responsibility for it instead of handing it over to the Bilderbergers of our respecive lives!


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