45,000 Protest Japan’s Nuclear Restart*

45,000 Protest Japan’s Nuclear Restart*


June 22, 2012 report from Tokyo Brown Tabby

Just now, TV Asahi’s program “Hodo Station” […] devoted a decent amount of time reporting the protest, it did mention 45,000 protesters – the number as announced by the organizers, it also said the protesters were just totally ordinary people. They even interviewed several organizers. A female newscaster of the program went there as a reporter and interviewed them. The program further mentioned that the protest is carried out every Friday, and that it started out with only a few hundred people but the number has grown rapidly.

What was amazing was that the reporter went inside the PM Official Residence during the protest and picked up the sound from the protest. It was deafening.

The reporter even asked Edano and Hosono, “So what do you think of the demonstration outside?” [TBT didn’t say what their answer was.]

The main newscaster of the program Furudate was positive on the demonstration, saying that the demonstration was “the voice of ordinary citizens” and that the politics in Japan had become so dissociated with the ordinary citizens. A commentator on the program tried to change the subject and started to say the Japanese citizens should also turn their attention to the contradiction that Japan is showing the sign of moving away from nuclear power generation but at the same time selling nuclear power plants to foreign countries. Mr. Furudate cut him off, and said “We should first tackle the contradiction of restarting nuclear power plants while the Fukushima I Nuke Plant accident is far from over.”


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