Heavenly Signs: Uranus Squares Egypt’s New President

From the mouth of a non-Muslim, non-Arab, and cosmologist

Egyptian Election Announcement

June 23, 2012

By Jamie

The results of the Egyptian election run-off will be declared in Cairo on June 24 2012 at 3:00 pm. If we were looking for a manifestation of the first Uranus Pluto square then we have it all wrapped up in one in this case. Uranus square Pluto, the most significant and most challenging planetary alignment in over a generation, is exact on June 24 2012, less than 3 hours before the announcement. This is a sign of major political, social and economic upheaval. The revolution in Egypt and the subsequent rise of the Muslim Brotherhood clearly shows the effects of Uranus revolution and radical change squaring off against Pluto power and control.

The Egyptian revolution began in January 2011, a sign of things to come with Uranus square Pluto applying at 8 degrees. The dictatorial regime of former Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak was backed by decades by the Pluto superpower, U.S.A. The power behind the dictatorship, the Egyptian military, was directed funded by the U.S.A. After a brief pause, another 1.5 billion dollars is currently propping up the military rulers of Egypt.

The reason for the U.S.A. wanting the military to remain in control is obvious, the popular, or democratic alternative in Egypt is the Muslim Brotherhood, a direct threat to U.S. interests and religious ideology, and a threat to Israel. The Muslim Brotherhood helped create and still backs the Palestininan Hamas Party. Just today, it was Egypt who brokered a truce in the recent spate of deadly violence in the Gaza Strip.

Egypt Election Result Horoscope

In the chart below we see the exact square of Uranus and Pluto which is the backdrop to this election run-off announcement. It has been grinding away since before the revolution. It is still keeping those who want change in Tahrir Square tonight on the eve of the result. They represent Uranus, they are protesting for an end to military rule and all signs of the Mubarak regime, namely the ex prime minister Ahmed Shafik who has already claimed victory, which would be the ideal outcome for the military, the U.S.A. and Israel.

So Pluto in this case was Hosni Mubarak, is the Western backed military, and is Ahmed Shafik, using all Plutonian means possible to keep the Muslim Brotherhood from claiming the democratic power. The tools of Pluto are propaganda, global finance, secret organizations, torture and military oppression.

Also highlighted in the horoscope for the election announcement is a grand cross aspect pattern. Firstly, it involves Moon opposite Neptune. Here comes the religious overtones. Moon is the public, the popular movement, the overall feelings of the population. The Moon opposite Neptune suggests that the public are highly suspicious, with good reason because this aspect also points to conspiracy, deceit, and the public being duped.

The Moon is on the militant fixed star Regulus, “Brave, bloodthirsty, gutsy, ambitious, driven, unstoppable.” The orb is a mere 09′. This does indicate great danger of violence. Even if Muhammed Mursi is announced the winner, the stripping of presidential power by the military will ensure the continuation of the popular uprising and potential for violence. The religious nature of the rebellion is seen with Neptune on the opposing archangel star Fomalhaut, “spiritual, religious, zealous, fanatical, guru, uplifting, euphoric, Utopian.”

While Moon is the public sentiment and Neptune the religion, the square to Jupiter brings in the clergy and the Mosque itself. This tense square aspect is pushing the Imams to rally the followers. This is old school stuff, karmic in nature, been brewing for generations with Jupiter on the South Node. We can also see here the age old conflict between Christians and Muslims, the Holy Crusade continues on the doorstep of Palestine.

Update: Thank you to my Facebook friend Tarek Moustafa from Alexandria for informing that his government is known to use astrology.


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