Bolivia, Paraguay and… Retrieving Our Backyard!

Bolivia, Paraguay and… Retrieving Our Backyard!


By Hwaa Irfan

The sudden upcrop of bad news happening in any given region, is like getting a shot in the arm to prevent the spread of an assumed disease. The ‘agenda’ becomes apparent, if you skipped taking the vaccine somewhere along the line, and if you didn’t, then your protected from the ‘truth.’

The sudden media coverage over a country that has been slowly and deliberately reclaiming its soveriegnty is usually somewhere along the journey of ‘going too far’ – afterall, ‘sovereignty’ is a word that does not exist in the one world, one government movement, known to us as globalization, liberalization, the central banking system, and more.

While in Egypt, SCAF has been trying to get rid of the parliament by the flick of a whim, in Paraguay, South America, some strange goings on with the parliament has been happening too! On Friday 22nd June, 2012, when a popular revolt was pushing to make a 180° turn across Egypt before the announcement of the presidential run-off, in Paraguay, President Fernando Lugo (Roman Catholic bishop) was impeached, after landless farmers in Canindeyu sought to reoccupy the fertile northeast. Announced Thursday, and carried out on Friday, Lugo was denied to prepare a defense. Lugo was charged with incompetence in handling the death of landless farmers and police.

Once Lugo was impeached, protestors outside parliament were shot by police, and was televised live by Venezuelan news network teleSUR. The police continues their backlash into the following day after vice president Federico Franco told CNN the day previous that:

“… 10% of the people own 80% of the land…”

That same day, Franco’s legal team led by Jose Lopez Chavez negotiated the installation of a U.S. military base in Chaco – the aim to depopulate the region – already the ‘talk’ is that Bolivia is the threat!

Now Franco is running the show until the declared elections take place in 2013, which is enough time to facilitate the ‘agenda’. Meanwhile, the country will be under U.S-backed military rule as street-violence and media-censorship by Franco turns the country into chaos – sounds familiar!

Most of South America have rejected what has taken place withdrawing their embassadors from Paraguay. Venezuela imposed economic sanctions starting with fuel. Mercosur—an EU-style union between Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, and Paraguay—has suspended Paraguay’s membership.

Then there is the violence that has been taking place in Bolivia with the police on mass demonstrations that include using dynamite. When much respected President Evo Morales informed the public that the police protests are managed by the U.S., he was only telling them what they already knew, but that the police were aiming for a coup d’état.

The country has faced a wave of protests this year, with a rock throwing transportation strike in response to reform on the transportation law aimed at increasing access to the elderly, decongesting the streets, and making drivers pay taxes…Taxes! As motorcyclists were attacked for offering a ferrying service to stranded workers and those who live in the city, they were attacked by striking drivers. Not even ambulances were allowed to carry-out their duty, which begs the question what kind of strike it was.

Early June 2012, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton boycotted the Organization of American States (OAS) meeting near Cochabamba, Bolivia which was hit by an earthquake in April. With touchy issues like water rights, drug trafficking, fostering democracy, commerce, and food security on the table, Clinton is one of the priviledged to have known what was in the pipeline. What makes the U.S. think that it will be as easy the first time around, with decades, the people have paid the price, and can now tell the difference between black, white and all the shades in between. The emerging economies of the region, is what compels the global elite, but these emerging economies have risen out of exploitation, suffering, mass deaths and experiments, and the raping of their natural resources by the same entities that were rejected by Rio+20 climate summit. But ‘No’ is a word that entities within the U.S. do not take kindly to when Bolivia made a record U.S$648.8mn profit from taxes from oil in the first four months of 2012.

CNN was on the scene to report Franco’s stance, after Brazil sent 35,000 troops to help protect Bolivian borders against Brazilian illegal loggers and families undermining a 2006 law that prevents foreign ownership of Bolivian land – a stance that reinforced elite supremacy over all resources. But where was CNN the following day when a coup d’etat was taking place, filmed live by an Argentinian news service!

All Paths Must Lead to Rome

‘Serfdom’ is the word that comes to mind, when European peasants during the middle ages worked the ‘lords land’ and paid him his dues in return for use of the land, but the possession of which remains with the lord. This practice was extended through the colonization of South America into modern times, and is being extended around the world through various means that essentially results in the ‘lord’ and not the people benefiting from the natural resources of their region. A serf is at the beck and call of the ‘lord’ who may offer some form of protection. They did all the work, and even paid the ‘lord’ in money or kind. It dates back to the Roman Empire, and seems to re-setting its roots in developed countries.

“In 1989, the United States had 66 billionaires and 31.5 million people living below the official poverty line. A decade later, the United States has 268 billionaires and 34.5 million people living below the poverty line-about $13,000 for a three-person family.” – United for a Fair Economy

Now developed countries have made it clear that they treat everyone the same. That is the erosion of what has been deemed to be freedom, towards the rebuilding of serfdom even in the countries. The right to a decent livelihood, and the right to be rescued from poverty is not in the American Constitution, but they are rights that have been etched in the hearts and minds of Americans and everyone else, but those rights have been laid down in Bolivia’s Rights of Mother Earth, as established under President Evo Morales. Working towards the development of those rights is a mighty task undermined by entities like the U.S., because it sets a very bad precidence, the precidence of the natural rights of life, over the stolen rights of greed!


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