Nature Bites Back at GM Corn!*

Nature Bites Back at GM Corn!*

There is one member of God’s creation that does not need to go through the expensive process of a lawsuit to seek justice

The Western corn rootworm might not be a tsunami, an earthquake, or a volcanic eruption, but it gets right to the heart of the matter. It does have to suffer set backs like the U.S. Congress, or the E.U., the rootworm just pursues a course of peaceful protest knowing full well that the U.S. biotechmological company that is threatening the global food supply can’t do anything about it… at least for a while!

The western corn rootworm has been busy chomping away at that toxic stuff referred to as food, Monsanto GM corn, which packed with Cry3Bb1 protein has been unable to kill off those damn pests. Instead the western corn rootworm is eight times more likely to survive than the year before, according to

elevenfold survival rate on the genetically modified corn compared to a control population. That’s eight times more than the year before, when the resistant population was first identified. While man’s imagination has Superman, nature has a new Superbug that has already begun to turn GM farmers on their heads – farmers who have grown lazy by planting GM corn, instead of carrying out the gae old practice of crop rotation, which would have prevented crop infestation!


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