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Finding God in a Particle!

Finding God in a Particle!

By Hwaa Irfan

The perpetual sceptic when it comes to modern science, is bemused by such terms as the ‘God Particle.’ Who coined this term is more intriguing, as well as the discussions that ensued that led to the world’s largest underground laboratory on the Swiss-French border to pursue such a thought.

It is the way of materialistic thinking to want to identify, label, contain, and control that identified to suit it purpose.  How much of that thinking permeates the idea of the ‘God Particle’ and the ensuing claim to this ‘truth’ by scientists from CERN!

The birthplace of the World-Wide Web, CERN (European Laboratory for Particle Physics) or Conseil Européen pour la Recherche Nucléaire /European Organization for Nuclear Research was established in 1954 to operate the world’s largest particle physics laboratory. As the universe builds up to a momentous occasion In August 2012, and by this one does not mean the Rothchild’s London Olympics, scientists from CERN announce the discovery of the ‘God Particle’ –  a new subatomic particle.

Bosons are non-matter particles are believed to be messengers that act between matter particles. Named after British physicist Peter Higgs who in 1964, theorized that a boson exists in an invisible field, the eyebrows of many traditional healers and those of faith around the world must have raised, after suffering rebuke and humiliation at the hands of modern science.

The reason why they say the Higgs boson is so important is becuase it is the missing link in their Standard Model that describes the fundamental make-up of the universe. The boson in theory is the carrier of force between matter.The interaction gives rise to what is known as the Law of Three

  • fundamental forces – the  strong force
  • the weak force
  • the electromagnetic force

Many of us will realize how these forces manifest in our lives as:

  • Negative, positive, neutral
  • Man as body, mind, spirit
  • Birth, life, death
  • Beginning, middle, end
  • Past, present, future
  • Father, mother, child
  • Yin, Yang, Tao

When two parties polarize around an issue, how many times does a third party have to be brought in!

The scientists have theorized that there is a fourth force, gravity, the graviton.

Philosopher and sufi, G. I. Gurdjieff, describes to us the importance of these forces (The Law of Three) in our lives in the early 20st century:

“When active forces pass through any kind of matter it is called Carbon. When passive forces pass through it, it is called Oxygen. When neutralizing force works through it, it is called Nitrogen. And when matter is taken without relation to the force that works through it, it is called Hydrogen”.

To make this ‘discovery’ CERN scientists used an underground facility knowns as the Large Hadron Collider (an 18-mile tunnel buried 100m beneath the ground). Protons are smashed together approaching the speed of light, and yield sub-atomic elements from which signs of the fleeting Higgs boson is looked for. Tens of thousands of physicists and billions of euro have been directed to this goal using Two CERN laboratories – CMS and Atlas – worked independently. Both CMS and Atlas found the new particle in the mass region of around 125-126 Gigaelectronvolts (GeV).

Between the thoughts, maybes, and theories, the question still remains if what they have found, does what their theory says it does

Joe Incandela, spokesman for one of the two experiments is reported to have said.

“This is indeed a new particle. We know it must be a boson and it’s the heaviest boson ever found. The implications are very significant and it is precisely for this reason that we must be extremely diligent in all of our studies and cross-checks.”

The experiment has been given the rating 5-sigma, which means certainty of a discovery, but they are looking for 100% proof!

Believed to be the basis of manifesting matter from the human being to the universe, CERN Director General Rolf Heuer is reported to have said:

“We have reached a milestone in our understanding of nature.”

If that milestone is ever reached it will be as follows:

“The principle of Tawhid also implies necessity of man’s harmony with the world around him. The vast realm of the universe, a scene of innumerable actions and reactions among various laws which deter­mine completely even the most insignificant phenomena in it, is a unit governed by coherent and harmonious laws‑ a coherence and harmony of which the human world is also a part” – Sayyid ‘Ali Khamene’i.

This implies that we are all indeed connected, at levels so subtle that it can reach the stars. The thoughts, feelings, and actions in one of the Creator’s creations, is affected and affects. These Laws of Nature, are not about being submissive(as in enslavement) to the Creator, these Laws are about accepting the delicate balance that maintains a harmony from within, and from without, and from which we can all realize our true potential in a sustainable manner to all.

When we speak about ‘our rights’ someone else’s rights, or the rights of the environment that sustains us is affected for, for every right there is a price ‘paid’ directly or indirectly.

It is time for us to learn this awesome lesson and apply it in our everyday lives instead of acting out of fear. When people cannot act unless told what to do, directly or indirectly, the serious harm (haram) that ensues, ricochets both ways, towards the perpetrator and the perpetrated!

How ironic that our betters have taught us for so long to remove God from our world, yet the very same tools that us to do so, keeps proving otherwise. What is consistent whether from the world of science, or the handling of the global economic crisis, is the fact that consciousness, and free will is removed from the equation. All of creation is conscious, and acts according to its place within the Divine Matrix (Laws of Nature).  But we are slow to learn the urgency of the moment as by relinquishing our free will, we make it possible for members of the global elite to perceive the rest of us as pawns to be manouvered. With each newly formed science, that dares to explore what we have yet tounderstand, the findings are rejected as inconclusive when it comes to man’s to man’s consciousness, and free will as demonstrated by neuroscience, and quantum physics.

What makes them think that they know enough to play at being God! Science fictions gift to modern science is exampled in HAARP, a global defence system, and GM babies. Dont be surprised if there are androids in the making  to help the elite run their world!

Does this sound like paranoia? So what is it when the 2012 budget for crashing atoms:

Member state Contribution Mil. CHF Mil. EUR
Germany 20.30 % 225.8 174.0
France 15.63 % 173.8 134.0
United   Kingdom 14.64 % 162.8 125.0
Italy 11.64 % 129.4 99.5
Spain 8.89 % 98.9 76.1
Netherlands 4.55 % 50.6 38.9
Belgium 2.82 % 31.3 24.1
Norway 2.76 % 30.7 23.6
Poland 2.66 % 29.6 22.8
Switzerland 2.41 % 26.9 20.7
Sweden 2.40 % 26.7 20.5
Austria 2.25 % 25.0 19.2
Greece 1.93 % 21.5 16.5
Denmark 1.76 % 19.6 15.1
Finland 1.49 % 16.5 12.7
Portugal 1.18 % 13.1 10.1
Czech   Republic 1.08 % 12.1 9.3
Hungary 0.69 % 7.6 5.8
Slovakia 0.60 % 6.7 5.2
Bulgaria 0.32 % 3.6 2.7
Total 100 % 1112.2 855.5

Investment at that level, during a global economic meltdown, implies a serious reason and desire to takeover control of the world from God. That may not be the thinking, but by referring to the subatomic particle that is believed to be responsible for matter, as the God’s Particle, why would so many countries invest money that the average person believes they dont have to pursue a 46-year old theory, and to declare that work in a year of transformation, at the same time as another experiment (FERMI, U.S.) have also found ‘evidence’, after declaring the invention of GM babies, and only God knows what else.

Coincidence perhaps!


What makes them think that they know  that they have discovered the ‘God Particle’ has come into question by Cornell University a week later. The way in which this saga has unfolded adds a degree of suspicion too. Have they, or haven’t they might all be lost in the excitement of it all, or lost to further public discussion like the Tesla inventions passed by the U.S. to the representative of global governance, the  U.N.!


“CERN Scientists Discover New Subatomic Particle That Could Be Higgs Boson.”

“Is the ‘God particle’ an impostor? Scientists claim signal found in Large Hadron Collider may not be Higgs after all.”

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Your Money, Their Interest – Banking Scandals Continue…

Your Money, Their Interest – Banking Scandals Continue…


If you thought the Barclays banking scandal, does not affect the ordinary customer on the street, then one should think again as more banking scandals come to the surface. As the keys financial institutions that are propping up the faltering rigged economic system, for the benefit of a few, to the misery of the majority.  As the “I’m alright Jack” syndrome continues, the Serious Fraud Office investigation into Barclays interest rate fixing will more than likely not go far enough.

Barclays is a member of the British Bankers’ Association which sets LIBOR rates every day. The BBA only represents the interests of big banks, and has no governmental involvement. Marcus Agius resigned this week as chairman of Barclays and the British Bankers’ Association. The resignation of Mr. Agius as chairof the BBA will make no difference one way in which banksters carryout business, i.e. using virtual money!

The rate is set by taking an average from the highest to the lowest rate that day on unsecured money from the data compiled and calculated by Thompson Reuters on the various rates of borrowing (10 – 16 countries). This decides the charge for credit to businesses and individuals, and the rate of interest on deposits at their institutions.

Barclays which owns: 372565 shares worth $8.68M in one of the top global banks, Credit Suisse, and 1.31M shares worth $21.87M in one of the top global banks, Banco Bradesco, Brazil, as well as holds Venezuelan gold in its vaults, is only a small part of Barclay’s operations, which were founded on the backs of the great Atlantic slave trade.  Since 2005 Barclays along with Citigroup, HSBC, J.P. Morgan Chase, Lloyds, Bank of America, UBS, Royal Bank of Scotland have been busy fixing the London interest rate or LIBOR (London Interbank Offered Rate).

The U.S., Department of Justice’s Antitrust Division began investigationof 16 major banks in 2011 from 2006 -2008 to see if those banks have been manipulating LIBOR. But the Antitrust Division had evidence as far back as 1996 of intent to artificially manipulate pricing conventions, and to threaten those who would break that cartel. According to Forbes those banks were:

  • Alex. Brown & Sons Inc.
  • Bear, Stearns & Co. Inc.
  • CS First Boston Corp.
  • Dean Witter Reynolds Inc.
  • Donaldson, Lufkin & Jenrette Securities Corp.
  • Furman Selz LLC
  • Goldman, Sachs & Co.
  • Hambrecht & Quist LLC
  • Herzog, Heine, Geduld Inc.
  • J.P. Morgan Securities Inc.
  • Lehman Brothers Inc.
  • Mayer & Schweitzer Inc.
  • Merrill, Lynch, Pierce, Fenner & Smith Inc.
  • Morgan Stanley & Co. Inc.
  • Nash, Weiss & Co.
  • OLDE Discount Corp.
  • PaineWebber Inc.
  • Piper Jaffray Inc.
  • Prudential Securities Inc.
  • Saloman Brothers Inc.
  • Sherwood Securities Corp.
  • Smith Barney Inc.
  • Spear, Leeds & Kellogg LP (Troster Singer)
  • UBS Securities LLC

It means, that since 1996, at least, that what has hit the fan, has been known for a while, so why the disclosure now?

The U.S.$290mn fine that confronts Barclays is just a small fine (related to 2005 – 2009), relatively speaking given the implications for the world economy since 2005. According to the Wall Street Journal that mounts to U.S$800trn in securities and loans. Barclays aggreed to pay U.S$453mn last week, in response to U.S. and British authorities’ allegations, but are they the only one’s entitled? U.K.s’ Chancellor George Osborne confirmed in parliament that the money raised from fines including the £59.5mn will go direct to the public purse – as if they could do otherwise!

The Gentlemen’s Club

LIBORwas pioneered by the Greek, Minos Zombanakis, now 85 retired in Greece! His career includes working with/for organizations that are pillars of global economic elite, i.e. global governance.

  • MA in Economics and his MPA in Public Administration, Harvard University
  • 1985 – present,  Chair of Group for International Study and Evaluation (GISE AG) an independent group of international consultants advising Government agencies and large institutions on questions relating to the world financial system
  • Chair of the Chase Manhattan Bank
  • Adviser to JP Morgan.
  • President (For Life), Harvard Foundation of Greece
  • Member, Oxford University Energy Forum, (President of the Greek Chapter)
  • Member, Bretton Woods Commission

‘Involved’  with Middle East Strategy Group, Council of Foreign Relations


  • Class Marshall, KSG, Harvard University (1956)
  • Archon Exarch of the Orthodox Community: Granted by the Ecumenical Patriarch (1995); Commander of the Order of Honour: Granted by the President of Greece (1996)
  • Tadj: Granted by the Shah of Iran
  • Commendatore: Granted by the President of Italy
  • Grande Ufficiale al Merito della Republica: Granted by the President of Italy

In 2001, he was granted honorary citizenship by both his town and district in Greece.

LIBOR is referred to as a gentleman’s club, but from the ‘gentlemen clubs’ of Europe, embassies were established in strategic areas of the world, and the Ottoman Empire was felled – the puppeteers remain in place. Zombanakis recalls to New York Times, the first LIBOR loan was U.S$80mn to the U.S-backed Shah of Iran!

What goes around comes around…

15 August 2012

Seven Banks Subpoenaed

The attorneys general of New York and Connecticut have issued subpoenas to seven banks over the possible manipulation of a global interest rate, a person with knowledge of the matter told The Associated Press on Wednesday.

Subpoenas were issued, mostly last month and this month, to Barclays, Citigroup, Deutsche Bank, JPMorgan Chase, HSBC, Royal Bank of Scotland and UBS… Read on >>>


Enrich., D and Muñoz, S.S. “Rate Scandal Set to Spread.”

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Happy 4th July!

Happy 4th July!

From Alexandra

“The American people are angry,” says Senator  Bernie Sanders of Vermont.

“They are angry that the middle class is collapsing because of the Wall Street-caused recession, they are angry that unemployment is sky high, that 50 million people lack health insurance, and that working families can’t afford college for their kids.

“The top 1% of America owns 40% of the wealth in America. The bottom 60% owns less than 2% of the wealth in America – and the bottom 40% owns less than 3-tenths of 1% of the wealth in America!

Between 2009 and 2010, 93% of all new income went to the top 1%, while the bottom 99% earned the remaining 7%.

46.84 percent of the US land area is in various stages of drought, up from 42.8 percent a week ago.

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