CETA: Your Life, Their Choice

CETA: Your Life, Their Choice


Nothing worthy comes easy, especially as global governance as put much effort into setting into their structures that places most of the world’s natural resources at their feet, and most of the 99% as their providers (serfs).

A week following the EU vote that threw out ACTA, sections of ACTA under a trade agreement between EU, and Canada called CETA, which could still act as a template for other countries.

CETA has been in negotiation since 2009 and covers labour, health, intellectual property, cultural, farming, public safety or environmental rules and regulations between the EU and Canada+.

The controversial aspects pertain to copyright and intellectual property, that would lead to a ban on technologies that undermine copyright placing liability on the Internet Service Providers

Then there are aspects pertaining to patents, trademarks, designs, and geographical indications.  This would support the mass health crimes carried out legally by large corporations under registered industrial designs placing any derivatives of natural resources under their control. The Council of Canadians and Canadian Union of Public Employees have demonstrated that CETA fails to protect drinking water and wastewater services placing them squarely under corporate control, as demonstrated by making rainwater illegal in the U.S. currently. In fact, CETA places Canadian water under an international trade agreement, setting up water in Canada as a commodity to be sold like any other commodity, but beyond Canadian borders.

Meanwhile back in U.S., the Plant Protection Act us being ‘upgraded’ to protect corporations  from any liability pertaining to genetically engineered foods, as Bill Gates finances the development of GM milk as U.S. as banned raw milk on a set of scurrilous charges. This all sounds like something out of a cartoon strip, but it is real and it is happening to you!

Employing the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), the Endangered Species Act, and review of genetically engineered product will be outlawed unless carried out by USDA.

Act today, live tomorrow…


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“CETA: Water Brief.” http://canadians.org/trade/documents/CETA/CETA-water-brief-Jan12.pdf

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