T.V: The Subconscious War

T.V: The Subconscious War


To those living in Egypt, straight after President Muhammed Mursi took office, Egyptian state T.V. suddenly began to show American films again after 16 months. Mainly horror films, and films depicting  explicit male-female liaisons. During those 16 months there was a massive drop in consumer interest in foreign (mainly American films) at the cinema and the video shops…

This video documentary juxtaposes pop culture images of consumption and bubble-gum images of sex and materialism, with the brutality of war from, which the powers that be wishes to distract the populace.

A TV interview of Aldous Huxley offers insight into the inevitable role television would play in our lives. It is possibly one of the most importantly prophetic interviews in history, and integration of contemporary news clips only emphasizes his point further.

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