Syrian Truths Surfacing!*

Syrian Truths Surfacing!*


As the global elite uses Israel, uses the U.S. to create a momentum against Syria in the region, which they were unable to do underunder Britain’s Harold Macmillan, and the U.S. Dwight Eisenhower in 1957, further reports begin to expose the truth…

Letter from First Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates in the Arab Republic of Syria, Walid Al Moallem, to Kofi Anan, UN Special Envoy. In this letter, the truth about Syria is explained, a truth that is radically different from the nonsense fueling the FUKUS Axis’ (France, UK and US) belligerence.

Mr. Kofi Anan

UN Special Envoy

Dear Sir,

I read your letter, dated 13/07/2012, addressed to the Secretary General of the United Nations, in which you refer to the tragic reports from the village of Al Tremseh, near Hama and the use of guns, tanks and helicopters by part of the Syrian Government. I regret that you should have based your position on a single source of information and one which is inaccurate.

I hoped you would verify reports from the Syrian Government before adopting them, so you could see the truth of the facts, noting that once we attended to the request of the observer mission to visit Al Tremseh the visit was, in fact, held on a date set by them, on 14/07/2012. What happened in the village of Al Tremseh near Hama, is that dozens of members of armed terrorist groups invaded the village and settled there, terrorizing the civilian residents and creating a command headquarters, weapons depots and places of torture of hostages, attacking more than one point of the security forces concentrated on the outskirts of the village, which required a response from the security forces at 5:00 in the morning of Thursday, 12/07/2012.

These attacks remained for some hours, but government forces did not use planes or helicopters or tanks or guns, but entered the town under the protection of military transport cars like BMB and used small arms, as defined by the Initial Understanding signed between Syria and the United Nations. During the clashes, only five houses were damaged in the village who were used as headquarters of the armed terrorist groups, as there were found large quantities of arms, ammunition and explosive devices.

I say to you that government forces committed no massacre, as announced by the press, but armed groups brought with them some of the bodies of their dead and claimed that the Syrian army launched a massacre against civilians, a fact that I strongly deny.

I find it very strange your silence about the daily violations committed by armed terrorist groups, which have already exceeded ten thousand and five hundred violations from 12/04/2012 to date. Honestly, there was no mention about it in your statements or reports to the Security Council. The adoption of non-credible sources of information affects your mission and serves only the interests of those seeking the failure of this mission, the same time that Syria cares for the success of your mission and reaffirms the commitment of the Government of Syria to the Six-Point Plan and the Initial Understanding signed on 19.4.2012, as well as the understanding which occurred between yourself and the President Bashar Al Assad, during your last visit to Damascus and Syria expects further progress in implementing this agreement to stop the violence and start the political process.

Please accept my compliments and I ask that a copy of my letter is sent to the UN Secretary General and the President of the Security Council.

Walid al-Moallem
Minister of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates

Damascus in 07.14.2012.


Armed Gangs Destroy Health Infrastructure in Syria

Opposition armed gangs have destroyed major resources to provide medical care to the people. Syrian Health Minister Wael al-Halaki informed a WHO meeting in Syria. the Syrian minister said that the armed gangs have destroyed 35 hospitals, 143 health centers and 277 ambulances in different regions of the country.

He added that the government has rehabilitated some emergency services in 25 hospitals to attend to the victims of attacks by the mercenary groups.


Turkish general was arrested during the Syrian Army’s clashes with the terrorists in Aleppo.
Turkey along with the US, Saudi Arabia and Qatar have been supporting terrorists and rebel groups in Syria and have practically brought a UN peace initiative into failure to bring President Assad’s government into collapse.’

8 August 2012

Al Arabiya broadcast a video earlier on Wednesday in which the Free Syrian Army claimed to have killed General Vladmir Kojaiv and his Syrian translator, and showed what the FSA claimed was his identity card with a photo.

Major General Vladimir Kuzheev, whom Syrian rebels earlier claimed to have killed, on Wednesday met with journalists at the Russian Defense Ministry and personally dismissed the reports about his death.

“I want to express thanks to the media for their attention to my person…I want to confirm that I am well and alive, live in Moscow…I realize that this information is a provocation not only against me but against my country,” Kuzheev said.

Turkey Transporting Arms in Ambulances!

Mevlut Dudu of the main opposition Republican People’s Party (CHP) said he has made the observation during a recent visit to an area near the border with Syria.

During the visit, villagers informed him how Turkish ambulances are used to carry weapons to insurgents fighting the government of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, and carry out injured armed men on their way back.

Dudu said some village houses on the border are being used as military bases against the Syrian government forces. He further expressed surprise at the sight of Turkey’s military support for the anti-Damascus armed gangs in the region.

“If true, it is absolutely unacceptable,” Dudu stated, warning Ankara of the dire consequences of such acts of aggression against Damascus.

The Turkish MP also held Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan accountable for leading the country into a predicament by meddling in Syria’s internal affairs.

On Wednesday [8 August 2012], some Turkey’s media published pictures of 10 Turkish troops fighting alongside insurgents in Syria’s port city of Latakia. US media have also said some 600 anti-Syria Caucasian militia forces have entered the crisis-hit country via Turkey.

On Tuesday, more than 100 Turkish troops armed with thermal rockets and sophisticated weaponry on briefly entered the town of Cerablos in Syria’s Kurdish region of Kobani.

A spokesman for the Kurdish militias in the border towns of Kobani and Efrin has also confirmed the role of Turkish forces in supplying arms and ammunition to anti-Syria insurgents, while media say some 40 Turkish troops are being held in custody inside Syria.

Last week, the Turkish Army staged tank exercises in the Nusaybin district of Mardin province, just two kilometers away from the Syrian border. Read>>>

Qatar Offered Syrian Ambassador $5.8 Million for Defection 08 August 2012

‘Qatar’s ambassador in Mauritania allegedly offered his Syrian counterpart an advance payment of US$1 million and a monthly salary of $20,000 over 20 years, trying to convince the diplomat to defect and voice support for the opposition.

Hamad Seed Albni was also offered a permanent residence in the Qatari capital Doha, but refused the proposition, claims Lebanese-based Al-Manar TV. The diplomat reportedly called the offer a “blatant interference” in Syria’s affairs and warned not to come up with such initiatives anymore.’

‘The recently established Syrian Support Group (SSG), a United States-based pro-Free Syrian Army (FSA) group housed just three blocks away from the White House, is openly showing their support for the terrorist FSA like never before.

The SSG was just established this April as a non-profit and thanks to a special license from the Treasury Department, they can now openly provide the Syrian opposition with funding to purchase heavy weaponry which, according to The New York Times, includes “antiaircraft and antitank missiles.”’

This contradicts the reports quoting Syrian opposition members openly admitting their alliance not only with the U.S., but also with Germany, Britain, and Turkey while wealthy individuals in Qatar and Saudi Arabia are providing funding.  Read >>>

So-called Free Army Massacred People of Daraya!

The mass media are toeing the official warmonger line on Daraya, citing “as yet unconfirmed activist reports” (fake tweets?) blaming “Assad’s forces.” Yet Syrian TV has broadcast eyewitness reports of the massacre perpetrated by the FSA before the Army arrived. Armed gangs roamed the streets, sniping and trying to get into homes. Multiple witnesses testified they did not dare to leave their homes until the Army arrived. One witness tells how civilians were rounded up and shot.
When the Army arrives, the terrorists are driven off, but not before taking a video of their own dead and calling it a ‘civilian massacre.’

The whole operation was evidently coordinated and tailor-made for the MEDIA — the warmongerers of yellow journalism. The time has come to rename the MSM, or Mainstream Media, as the MMM — the Mass Murdering Media. Its purpose, to get NATO members to agree on a strike against Syria.

The USA has official training manuals for creating an insurgency, but they know that the Syrian government is way too popular and most of the Syrian people are way too smart for that. So they shipped foreign jihadists, dupes and mercenaries into Syria to destabilize the country, while the Mass Media continually create the ILLUSION of an uprising, harping on “opposition,” “protesters,” “civil war” and “democracy.” They never mention that on one day last summer, 14 million Syrians out of a population of 22 million demonstrated in SUPPORT of their state against the Evil Empire. But that picture never makes it to the screens of the Orwellian Gulag of War is Peace, Bombing is Humanitarian.

Syrian Rebels Threaten Damascus, Aleppp Airports

The terrorist Free Syrian Army has threatened to attack the airports of the capital, Damascus, and the northwestern city of Aleppo.

The group recently said in a statement that the airports “will be considered legitimate military targets as of September 10.”

The news comes as France is considering arming the insurgents in Syria with anti-aircraft guns, arguing that the military assistance will help end the turmoil in Syria.

The foreign-sponsored insurgents claim the government is using airports to transfer weapons and troops by Syrian and Russian airliners. Read on >>>

France Funds Syrian Insurgents

France has embarked on providing direct financial and arms aid to insurgent-held areas of Syria and is even supplying anti-aircraft weapons to terrorists fighting Syrian Army forces.

A diplomatic source, speaking on condition of anonymity, said on Wednesday that France has increased its contacts with Syrian armed groups over the past few weeks as it intensifies efforts to weaken President Bashar al-Assad’s government, Russia Today news network reported.

He further noted that France is working to develop links between Syria’s political opposition, defectors and insurgents.

The source added that Paris assistance to Syrian insurgents has already started, and five insurgent commanders in three Syrian provinces — Deir al-Zor, Aleppo and Idlib — have received money and arms from the French government.

The report comes as French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius promised last week that such aid was in the pipeline. France has vowed an extra 5 million euros ($6.25 million) to help Syrian armed groups. Read on>>>

Christians Fighting the U.S-Backed FSA

The Christian community has tried to avoid taking sides in the civil war. In Aleppo, it recruited vigilantes from the Boy Scout movement to protect churches, but as the war moved into the city the Christian community has begun to accept weapons from the Syrian army and joined forces with Armenian groups to repel opposition guerrillas.

“Everybody is fighting everybody,” said George, an Armenian Christian from the city. “The Armenians are fighting because they believe the FSA are sent by their Turkish oppressors to attack them, the Christians want to defend their neighbourhoods, Shabiha regime militia are there to kill and rape, the army is fighting the FSA, and the [Kurdish militant group] PKK have their own militia too.”

For the past six weeks up to 150 Christian and Armenian fighters have been fighting to prevent Free Syrian Army rebels from entering Christian heartland areas of Aleppo. Read on>>> 

Turkish Airline Flying Al-Qaeda from Pakistan to Syrian Borders

Turkey’s national air carrier, Turkish Air, has been transiting Al-Qaeda and Taliban militants from North Waziristan in Pakistan to the Turkish borders with Syria, sources revealed on Saturday, mentioning that the last group were flown to Hatay on a Turkish Air Airbus flight No. 709 on September 10, 2012.

“The Turkish intelligence agency sent 93 Al-Qaeda and Taliban terrorists from Waziristan to Hatay province near the border with Syria on a Turkish Air Airbus flight No. 709 on September 10, 2012 and via the Karachi-Istanbul flight route,” the source told FNA on Saturday, adding that the flight had a short stop in Istanbul.

The 93 terrorists transited to the Turkish border with Syria included Al-Qaeda militants from Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Yemen, Pakistan, Afghanistan and a group of Arabs residing in Waziristan, he added.

The source, who asked to remain anonymous due to the sensitivity of his information, further revealed that the Turkish intelligence agency is coordinating its measures with the CIA and the Saudi and Qatari secret services. Read on >>>

Turkey deploys military units along Syria border

Turkey has deployed military units along its border with Syria whose Army is engaged in intense fighting with insurgents as tensions in the region escalate.
On Saturday, the Turkish army deployed artillery and anti-aircraft missiles near a Syrian border post in the province of al-Raqa, which is being disputed between security forces and insurgents in fierce clashes.

The deployment is reportedly in an area where the Turkish media say artillery fire from Syria landed last week, causing panic among local residents.
Turkey has conducted a number of troop deployments in recent months along its 911-km border with Syria, where rebels are fighting to topple President Bashar al-Assad.
Ankara is accused of supplying insurgents fighting against the government of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad with military and communication equipment.  Turkey, along with Saudi Arabia and Qatar, has also set up a secret base near its border with Syria to send military supplies to anti-Syria groups. Read on >>>

UN confirms existence of foreign militants in Syria


Crimes performed by these elements such as kidnappings, torture and mistreatment of captured government soldiers also were repudiated by the UN High Commissioner

A team of UN experts confirmed on Monday the existence of aliens within the armed opposition groups in Syria, who commit war crimes.

– There are reasonable grounds to believe that antigovernment forces in that country perpetrate killings, extrajudicial executions and torture – said Paulo Pinheiro, head of an independent international panel investigating the situation in Syria.

In an interactive dialogue with the Commission on Human Rights in Geneva, the expert also denounced the use of children under 18 years of age by armed opposition groups.

– These forces do not identify its members with real uniforms or insignia to distinguish them from civilians – he added. Crimes performed by these elements such as kidnappings, torture and mistreatment of captured government soldiers also were repudiated by the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Navi Pillay. Read on >>>

U.S- backed FSA moves HQ from Turkey to Syria

22 September 2012

Syria’s main rebel group has moved its command center from the Turkish border into central Syria to prepare for an offensive against President Bashar al-Assad’s troops in Damascus. The Free Syrian Army made the announcement via video message.

It’s the first video message to be recorded by the Free Syrian Army (FSA) from Syria since the group founded its command center in Turkey 19 months ago, Al Jazeera reports.

“To the Syrian people, its freedom fighters and all the armed factions, we are glad to let you know that the leadership of the FSA has moved into Syria following arrangements made with other brigades that included securing liberated areas with the hope of launching the offensive on Damascus,” FSA commander Riyad al-Assad said.

Brig. Gen. Mustafa al-Sheikh, who heads the FSA’s Military Council, said the move was made last week, but declined to give the exact location of the new headquarters, AP reports. He said the move was designed to unite all rebel groups within Syria. Read on >>>

White House Knowingly Gave False Information on Benghazi Terror Attack

Saudi Millions and Special Forces Expertise Turn Syria’s Rebels Into a Fighting Force

Syria’s ragtag rebel army is being turned into a disciplined military force, with the help of tens of millions of dollars of funding from the Middle East and under the watchful gaze of foreign former special forces.

Hidden under olive groves in the rolling countryside of Syria’s northern Idlib province, of which a vast swathe is now in opposition hands, more than a dozen training camps have been set up in which young men prepare for the fight against President Bashar al-Assad’s military.

In one camp seen by The Daily Telegraph this week, recruits were put through their paces on an arduous obstacle course. Timed to the shouts of Commander Abdel Kadr, a military officer who has defected, the men vaulted walls, scrambled under razor wire mesh and swung along ropes in the tree tops.

Two men looked on from the tented sleeping quarters nearby. Tall with shaven heads, fair skin, bulging pectoral muscles, and biceps covered in tattoos, they were incongruous among the scrawny young fighters. They could not speak Arabic and were extremely unhappy in the presence of The Daily Telegraph.

The men, who use the code names Radwan and Mohammed, come from Scandinavia, but have requested that the country not be disclosed.

Though they refused to speak, saying only that they were “here to help”, recruits in the Free Syrian Army told this newspaper that the men were ex-special forces working as military advisers.

“The Free Syrian Army at first didn’t exist, it was just an idea. Now we are trying to turn this into a reality,” said Louay al-Mokdad, a coordinator for the FSA in charge of channelling much of the foreign funding into Syria. Unlike most of Syria’s rebel “brigades”, who, with informal behaviour and mismatched uniforms bear little relation to a conventional army, the men in this training camp wore identical uniforms and conducted themselves with military discipline. Read on >>>

U.S. Escalating War Despite PR

Western Countries Sabotage Peace Plan Again…

Turkey Interception of Syrian Bound Plane Act of War

Turks force Syrian crew to sign ’emergency landing, no F-16s’ statement

Passengers onboard the plane intercepted by Turkish jets said that security forces were making the crew and passengers sign fraudulent papers suggesting that the plane made an emergency landing and no Turkish military were involved in the incident.

­Hours after Turkish authorities announced that the Syrian Airlines passenger plane intercepted by its F-16s was granted a departure clearance, the aircraft remained on the tarmac in darkness.

“Four people onboard have been beaten up, two crew and two passengers, as they tried to force them to sign documents,” Sherin Azis, a hostess on the plane, told RT by phone. “We don’t know what these papers are about. We are scared for the fate of the captain. He was taken away and threatened with arrest if he does not sign an emergency landing paper.”

Fatima al-Saman, a passenger and a mother of three, also told RT that the captain was being forced to sign a release stating that military planes were not involved and the plane just made an emergency landing.

“If we do not agree to these terms, they will take the captain kind of hostage,” al-Saman said. “They are threatening us. The captain has now returned and said that ‘either I sign the document that I made an emergency landing or they are taking me hostage.’”

The plane has been surrounded by people in masks who have detained all the cargo and were looking through what looked like boxes with documents, passengers said. The Turkish authorities were interested in some spare parts, which a businessman bought in Russia and was transporting to Syria, al-Saman said. She said that as far as she could tell, they were clearly not weapons. Read on >>>

Syria militants are the Ones Using Chemical Weapons

Militants fighting against the Syrian government have used chemical weapons against the army in Daraya near the capital, Damascus, military sources say.

According to a commander of the Syrian Presidential Guard, at least seven Syrian soldiers were killed on Saturday after they were attacked by a chemical weapon which produced a toxic yellow gas.

The soldiers were reportedly killed within an hour after inhaling the gas.

Foreign-backed militants have repeatedly threatened to use chemical weapons against the army and pro-government civilians in recent days.
They have also threatened to contaminate Syria’s drinking water supply in a bid to kill all Alawite Shias and the supporters of President Bashar al-Assad.

The threat was made in a video posted on YouTube in which militants tested water contaminated with a lethal mixture on lab rabbits. The rabbits stopped breathing and their chests swelled shortly after drinking the poisoned water.

The militants had earlier released a footage in which lab rabbits were killed by inhaling poisonous gas.  Read on >>>


Canadian Special Forces to Assist “Opposition”

France and Britain have begun to circle Syria like vultures (my apologies to vultures, who politely wait for their prey to die). They plan to save Syria from chemical bombs – a surreal replay of Suez 1956, where France and Britain cooked up a pretext to invade Egypt with the US posing as the more restrained gang member, not to mention Iraq 2003, when they reversed their roles.

Meanwhile, Canada sings on demand for its US-Israeli sponsors. The Canadian government solemnly announced this week it is ready — if asked by NATO — to deploy the Canadian Joint Incident Response Unit, which handles chemical, biological and radioactive attacks. Canada will also send a Disaster Assistance Response Team to provide clean water to Syrians, as well as engineers and staff who can help set up a field hospital. A friendly navy frigate is already offshore.

Once again Prime Minister Stephen Harper plays his supporting role in the NATO-scripted drama unfolding in the Middle East. He takes “the threat of chemical weapons in Syria very seriously”, but demurs on whether Canada will send CF-18 fighter jets over Syria, as it did in Libya to enforce a no-fly zone, or put combat troops on the ground. He has not yet given the current opposition coalition, the Syrian National Coalition (SNC), his blessing, although US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton formally recognized the opposition at a Friends of Syria summit in Morocco on Wednesday, joining the Euro crowd.

The Canadian government has no foreign policy anymore, doing exactly as it is told by its Israeli advisers, so the reason for Harper’s coyness must be found there. Israel itself is in a quandary about Syria.

Israeli policy during the past three decades has following the divide-and-conquer Yinon Doctrine, playing various forces among its Arab neighbors against each other — Maronite and Orthodox Christian, Sunni and Shia Muslim, Druze, etc — in order to keep the Middle East weak and unstable.

In Syria, that even meant quietly supporting the Muslim Brotherhood during its ill-fated uprising in 1981, not because Israel wanted an Islamist Syria, but to keep the Syrian government off-balance. The secular and nationalist Baathist regime, together with Egypt, fought a war with Israel in 1967. These secular governments were the big threat, and it was only natural to try and cripple the regimes of Egypt and Syria, even if that meant working with Islamists.

Today, the West is eagerly arming the SNC, where Islamists predominate, even as Israel and Canada dawdle. How can this be? Read on >>>


US backed “Free Syrian Army” has “Crossed the Line”: Threatens to Kill Russians and Ukrainians in Syria

This report confirms that the US and its allies have given the “green light” to their proxy Free Syria Army  (FSA) foot-soldiers to threaten and target Russian and Ukrainian nationals.

The decision did not emanate from the “opposition” rebel forces,  but directly from Washington. 

It is a deliberate act of provocation directed against the Russian government which is providing military support to Syria, in relation to its air defense system. 

The Free Syrian Army has committed an affront to all humanity by kidnapping and threatening to execute a female Ukrainian journalist and announcing that they will kill all Russians and Ukrainians they find in Syria. This could be taken to be akin to a declaration of war, obviously the armed insurgents in Syria have been emboldened to a point that they have stepped into an area where they are beyond the law.

With the terrorists also threatening Russian and Ukrainian Diplomatic Missions this could set off a chain of events that may pull the Russian Federation directly into the conflict. If the lives of Russians are at risk Russia has the right to protect its citizens and to assist unaligned Ukraine if there is such a request.

The world knows the Free Syrian Army is supported by the US and the West and if the Russian Federation was forced to consider entering Syria militarily this would make such a decision extremely dangerous. The security, in this case for the diplomatic missions, lies with Syria as does the freeing of the hostage, but if the Syrian Government hypothetically requests Russian assistance, how will this affect the position of the US and the West who have battle groups poised to invade the country at a moment’s notice? Read on >>>

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