The Outlaws and the Champion…

Allegory: The Four Outlaws and the Champion

Once upon a time, there was a little world in which four outlaws were born to rule all those who succumbed to fear.

The first, a warrior outlaw named Force was big, strong, and mean. He bullied and intimidated others to get what he wanted. When he didn’t get what he wanted, he hurt or killed those who opposed them. Soon all feared him, but accepted him as a solution to even more appalling uncontrollable fear.

But soon there came another outlaw of a different kind, the evil priest, named “Cunning.” He was not as big and strong as the warrior, but he skillfully invoked the name of a god, a mysterious higher power that he taught most people to believe in and fear. He pronounced himself as god’s functionary and thus seduced the people and caused them to greatly fear his magical powers. By means of his ability to create this terrible intimidation, enough of the people groveled at his feet, such that even the warrior hesitated and often accommodated his bidding. Then the evil priest intimidated and used the warrior as his instrument to hurt or murder those few who did not succumb to his intimidation.

Then came a third outlaw named Greed.” Greed was very clever. He seduced the people in a different way, and promised them every sensual delight, and ego gratification, much of which he delivered. In pursuit of ever more of these promises, even noble warriors and priests could occasionally be bought. Reveling in their sensual benefits, most residents of that little world were able to overcome their fears and ignore the dominance of the evil warrior and evil priest.

Then came yet another outlaw, the Entrepreneur,” a child of the lineage of Force, Cunning, and Greed.  He disguised himself in many vestments accepted by the society, and which defined him as the answer to their fears. He was the most clever of all. He created a mythology that seduced even those who feared the other outlaws. He designed fear management goals by offering the citizens a path to absolute power and control. He promised to place them at the top of the power pyramid.  He taught them a mythology such that they could acquire absolute power. He appealed to universal fear and greed.

He promised all that they could have access to all the visible trappings of power his myths had created. By appealing to his supporting mythology he had created, he neutralized the evil priest by saying that it was God’s will that men should prosper by competing in his market place. They could actually court God’s favor which could be verified as evident in the visible trappings of power and success, a power they could accumulate. Then he conspired to use the evil priest to validate his laws, the warrior to enforce his laws, and greed to perpetuate the myth and enlist others to exploit his victims. Thus did he capture and maintain the people of this little world as his slaves.

Now these four evils continued to compete in this world. The warrior still struggled to rise again. The evil priest looked for any weakness to revitalize his claims. The power of greed amplified the various predatory excesses legitimized as competition.

Soon the world became a pit of evil, hurt, fear, and distrust such that for each generations, the cycles of conflict escalated until it seemed that the little world was doomed.

Finally, a champion arose whose name was Love.”  Love had been present throughout, but possessed a nature that would not permit participation in such competition. But Love knew that the solution lie in altering the Consciousness of each of those who chose to serve the illusions that made them a warrior, a priest, purely greedy, or an aggressive entrepreneur. As more and more of the populace recognized and benefited from the power of this Source, they used Love as an inoculation that strengthened them to resist the various forms of evil.

They came to realize that they no longer needed to compete with the outlaws on the evil terms they had set for them to find self validation in the “world.”

By appealing to the inner Truth of the parents and children of every class, the power of Love slowly but steadily reached to more and more of the little world’s population.  Over time this influence of Love diluted or eliminated any desire for them to rise as a warrior, or to exploit the trust given the priest to control and exploit others. They no longer submitted to the threats and appeals of the warriors and priests. They defused and reversed the competitive obsessions of the Entrepreneur.

When the inoculations of Love was finally given very early in each child’s life, and modeled every day by their devoted parents and teachers, the power of Love steadily replaced the influence of the evil outlaws with the joy of cooperation, coordination, accommodation, and learning and serving others. Through the faith and determination of the Love infused Spiritual Healers and Teachers, at the 11th hour and 59th minute of Cosmic time, a sufficient number of humanity of the little world had embraced Love as their sole Path. Thus did they cooperate to save their world.

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