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Obama Declares New Sanctions (Act Of War) Against Iran By Executive Order

Obama Declares New Sanctions (Act Of War) Against Iran By Executive Order


Published 31 July 2012

July 31, 2012
Vote Yes – The Iran Threat Reduction and Syria Human Rights Act (H.R.1905)
Dear Representative,
We write in strong support of H.R. 1905, The Iran Threat Reduction and Syria Human Rights Act of 2012. The legislation, authored by Representatives Ileana Ros-Lehtinen and Howard Berman, will be considered by the House on Wednesday. We strongly urge you to vote YES.
In an effort to dissuade Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapons capability, the House overwhelmingly passed in December the Iran Threat Reduction Act which tightened sanctions on Iran. The version that has now emerged from House-Senate negotiations includes the strongest set of sanctions ever enacted to isolate any country with which we were not in armed hostilities. H.R. 1905 incorporates legislative initiatives of many members from both the House and Senate and will:
  • place virtually all of Iran’s energy, financial, and transportation sectors under U.S. sanction. Companies conducting business with Iran in these sectors face losing access to U.S. markets;
  • impose sanctions designed to prevent Iran from repatriating any proceeds from its oil sales, thus depriving Iran of 80 percent of its hard currency earnings and half of the funds to support its national budget;
  • impose tough new sanctions on the National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC), the National Iranian Tanker Company (NITC) and Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC);
  • target Iran’s use of barter transactions to bypass sanctions, the provision of insurance to Iran’s energy sector, and the provision of specialized financial messaging services to the Central Bank of Iran;
  • click here to learn more about the legislation and how it will raise the pressure on Iran.
In the past six months, the United States and our international partners have substantially increased the economic pressure on Iran and engaged in several rounds of talks with Tehran. Unfortunately, Iran has rebuffed the opportunity for serious negotiations while stepping up the pace of its nuclear program.
America and our allies must unite in a tough response to Iran’s belligerent approach. We must continue to send a strong message to Tehran that it will face unremitting pressure until it complies with its international obligations and end its nuclear weapons quest.
We strongly support The Iran Threat Reduction and Syria Human Rights Act (H.R. 1905) and urge you to vote YES on Wednesday.
Howard Kohr Executive Director
Marvin Feuer Director, Policy & Government Affairs
Brad Gordon Director, Policy & Government Affairs

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University Staff Fired for Participating in Peaceful Demonstration

Thumbs up to soldiers who let us walk in peace. Cairo, Egypt. 26/01/2011

University Staff Fired for Participating in Peaceful Demonstration


From Arabic Network for Human Rights Information

Cairo, 18 July 2012 – ANHRI denounces the continued presence of former members of Mubarak’s regime in positions of power, such as universities. Ahmed Zaki Badr, former minister of education and now the president of Akhbar El-Youm Academy, arbitrarily fired six employees due to their participation in a demonstration calling for his dismissal.

Mohamed Atwa, Nagla Ismail, Hossam Hosni, Yahia Zakaria and Mohamed Abdulaziz, were among those dismissed.

Although demonstrations calling for the president’s dismissal were held at the beginning of the academic year, Zaki Badr fired the employees at the end of the year. Some academic staff participated in the demonstrations and were administratively investigated at least three times as a result.

“Zaki Badr, a minor dictator and one of the remnants of Mubarak’s regime, feared the reaction of the students and therefore decided to take action at the end of the academic year. During this time, the university is empty as employees are also on holiday,” stated ANHRI.

News reports quoted Mohammed Atwa stating that “Zaki Badr filed a lawsuit against them [the dismissed employees] and said to them: ‘I will not just fire you, but I will send all of you to jail too’.”

Four of the dismissed employees said they filed an appeal of their dismissal, which is effective at the beginning of September.

They said that the administration also deducted up to 9000 Egyptian pounds (approx. US$1485) from their salaries. They tried to arrange a meeting with the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Akhbar El-Youm Foundation Mohamed Hawary on multiple occasions but their requests were rejected.

Ahmed Zaki Badr has a dark record with regards to suppression of freedoms. He is the son of former Minister of Interior Zaki Badr, whose time in power is considered a period of brutal human rights violations, including the spread of the practice of torture in the country’s prisons. Ahmed Zaki Badr was president of the University of Ain Shams before becoming the president of Akhbar El-Youm Academy. During his term at Ain-​​Shams, thugs – backed by elements of the security forces – entered the campus on several occasions and assaulted protesting students. In at least one instance, he oversaw the abuse of the students, and referred them for investigation after dismissing them.

Zaki Badr was deposed as minister of education in January, following the revolution. At the end of 2011, he was appointed as president of the Akhbar El-Youm Academy by the previous Chairman of the Board of Directors.

ANHRI said “firing staff in this way, for having simply expressed their views, is a blatant infringement on labor laws and academic freedom.”

ANHRI calls on the chairman of Akhbar El-Youm to interfere immediately to resolve the problem and reverse the arbitrary dismissals and review its previous position of supporting Zaki Badr. Its also urges the Ministry of Higher Education to review the laws on the appointment of the heads of private institutes and universities. It recommends that they be elected, as opposed to appointed, as the new law still allows for appointments under certain circumstances.

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US$ 1.5Trn Siphoned Off Annually By Foreigners

US$ 1.5Trn Siphoned Off Annually By Foreigners


By Hwaa Irfan

It should be of no surpriese given the extent of corruption at the top level in all ‘credible’ global institutions around the world as revealed by the layer of fear removed by the growing reaction to the irrational and corrupt global economic system. This is, and has been after all its true nature. Unfortunately, quite a few of us are falling asleep again in response to the almost daily news of high level corruption by people who run the world in our names.

In this case the US$ 1.5Trn siphoned off annually (since the 1960s) by foreigners is from the continent that everyone else likes to rape, exploit, and impoverish with a dwindling sense of consciousness as the profit margins do little to improve the lot of recipient countries.

Under the leadership of former South African President Thabo Mbeki, the High-Level Panel on Illicit Financial that was formed in 2011 by African finance ministers discovered that by means of

  • wiring funds back to rich states
  • Draining hard currency reserves in Africa

But according to the report, this also takes place by:

  • Trade mis-pricing
  • Bulk cash movements
  • Hawala’ transactions
  • Smuggling

The result is:

  • A drain on hard currency reserves
  • Heighten inflation
  • Reduce tax collection
  • Canceling of investment
  • Undermine trade
  • Worsen poverty
  • Widen income gaps

The money is siphoned out to places, and by means which that lays an invisible trail. The channels Mbeki informs involves:

  • 60 international tax havens
  • Secrecy jurisdictions created
  • Operating disguised corporations
  • Shell companies numbering in the millions
  • Anonymous trust accounts
  • Fake charitable foundations
  • Money laundering techniques
  • Trade mis-pricing

The study carried out by the Global Financial Integrity (GFI) entitled ‘Illicit Financial Flows from Africa: Hidden Resource for Development’ found:

  • Total illicit financial outflows approximately U.S.$854bn from 1970 – 2008
  • Total illicit outflows as high as U.S$1.8trn
  • The top five countries with the highest outflow
    • Nigeria (U.S$89.5bn)
    • Egypt (U.S$70.5bn)
    • Algeria (U.S$25.7bn)
    • Morocco (U.S$25bn)
    • South Africa (U.S$24.9bn)

Illicit financial outflows from the entire region outpaced official development assistance at a ratio of at least 2 to 1

  • Illicit financial outflows from Africa grew at an average rate of 11.9% per year.

Mbeki notes:

“According to UNCTAD (2009) estimates that Af­rica’s cumulated stock of capital flight for the period 1970–2004 was $607 billion, which is almost as much as three times the region’s external debt.”

Some of this illegal outflow pertains to decolonization and lack of security in the region, and therefore seeking a safe haven to stash funds! However, the detailed report found only 3% was a result of corrupt public officials.

Long term a High-Level Panel on Illicit Financial Flows from Africa was established last in 2011 after resolution of the 4th Joint Annual Meetings of the ECA/AU Ministers of Finance, Planning and Economic Development in Africa in March 2011. What long term benefit can be served with more in-depth studies without practical measures put in place to prevent the illegal flow of money can not be ascertained at this point, which involves establishing time frames, and working systems in place that can work at putting in place functional structures, which will mean reviewing current trade, and related agreements.

Inagurated in South Africa, in February 2012, the panel consists of:

  • Chaired by H.E. Mr. Thabo Mbeki, former president of South Africa
  • Vice Chair: Mr. Abdoulie Janneh, Under-Secretary General and Executive Secretary of ECA;
  • Ambassador. Olusegun Apata- Chairman, Coca Cola Bottling Company, Nigeria;
  • Mr. Raymond Baker- Director, Global Financial Integrity, Washington DC;
  • Dr. Zeinab Bashir el Bakri-former Vice President of the African Development Bank, Tunisia;
  • Mr. Abdoulaye Bio-Tchane-former Minister of Finance and Economy of Benin
  • H.E. Mrs. Ingrid Fiskaa- State Secretary for Environment and International Development, Norway
  • Professor. El Hadi Makboul- Director, National Centre for the Study and Analysis of Population and Development (CENEAP), Algeria
  • Barrister Akere Muna- President, Pan-African Lawyers Union, President, ECOSOC, Member, Eminent Persons Panel of the APRM, and Vice President, Transparency International
  • Ms. Irene Ovonji-Odida- Human rights lawyer and activist for over 21 years and elected member of the East African Regional Parliament for five years

However, when it comes to establishing mechanisms that are to the benefit of one’s region, and not to the ‘benefit’ of others then whose interest does one serve… a stupid question maybe,

GFI, the creator of the report, states:

“Both global financial and economic crises, intertwined and inseparable, have brought in a new era of international financial cooperation with new and existing international agencies, being reorganized and equipped with new powers, to orchestrate increased global regulation, oversight and enforcement across national financial centers and jurisdictions. The World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, the OECD and the Financial Stability Board, to name but the most recognized bodies, are about to impact profoundly the global financial sector and its national financial centers and jurisdictions.”

However, how much does “increased global regulation” have to do with

  • Libya’s Central Bank, which during Al-Qathafi was the  one of three central banks left in the world that was state owned, and joined the rest as a private entity within 2 weeks of Al-Qathafi’s death!
  • The World Bank assisted land grab in the re-scramble for Africa where multinational companies that exploit, and impoverish local communities at massive profits
  • The commissioning entity for the High-Level Panel on Illicit Financial Flows from Africa is the UN (United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA)).

In other words global regulation in the favor of what for whom, especially when the global leading G20 is only interested in garnering most if not all of the world’s natural resources towards the benefit of not of the member countries, but the global financial elite.


Mbeki, T. “Tackling Illicit Capital Flows for Economic Transformation.”

“The Challenges Facing the Global Financial Sector, National Financial Centers and Jurisdictions”

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Syria: U.S and NATO Responsible for Death Toll… again!

Syria: U.S and NATO Responsible for Death Toll… again!

It should not take a political analyst to state the obvious, but for the unthinking that is what it takes  sometimes for far too many will still not admit to NATO’s 30,000 Libyan death spree


A political analyst says the United States President Barack Obama’s administration and NATO should be held responsible for the killing of thousands of civilians in Syria, Press TV reports.

“There is ample documentation to the effect that the Free Syrian Army which is supported by NATO and the United States has committed unspoken atrocities against the civilian population; and this is documented – it’s even documented by the Vatican,” said Professor Michael Chossudovsky, director of Center for Research on Globalization, in a Sunday interview with Press TV.

US Defense Secretary Leon Panetta said on Sunday that the government of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has lost all legitimacy by attacking the armed groups in the city.

Panetta claimed the Syrian government has been “attacking its own people in Aleppo” and that “Assad’s regime is coming to an end and has lost all legitimacy”.

“These are very strong statements because they accuse, they imply an accusation directed against President Bashar al-Assad to the effect that the Syrian government ordered these killings when, in fact, the Free Syrian Army – I’m talking about the killing of civilians – the Free Syrian Army is involved, and we know it, in terrorist activities right from day one for more than 16 months,” Chossudovsky explained.

He further added that the Obama administration and Leon Panetta should be held responsible for the killing of the Syrian civilians adding that they are “threats directed against a sovereign country”.

The Canadian analyst also argued that any foreign intervention in Syria is “the breakdown of international law”.

“Unfortunately, the broader public is mislead because the truth is being withheld as to the nature of this military intervention where the so-called Free Syrian Army are essentially the foot soldiers of the Western military alliance. The Western military alliance is in the process of recruiting terrorists with the support of Qatar and Saudi Arabia,” he concluded.


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