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Zionist Media Dominates West and Middle East

Zionist Media Dominates West and Middle East

Western [and Middle Eastern] media outlets are racing to blame Damascus for most of the killing, while turning a blind eye to rebel atrocities. And this bias has infuriated some Syrians, as Oksana Boyko reports.

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U.S. and Wasted Talent!

U.S. and Wasted Talent!

From Good News

It’s a classic story. A taxi driver from Kenya recounts his former life as a surgeon, but now, since immigrating to the United States, he has been forced to take on work that doesn’t make use of his actual expertise.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, approximately 30 percent of foreign-born workers in the United States are equipped with a bachelor’s degree or higher, and yet one out of five of those well educated individuals is either unemployed or working a low-skill job, like dishwashing or taxi driving. Immigrants may not be alone in experiencing the Great Recession, but why are they still struggling harder than their native-born counterparts to secure work that suits their credentials?















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Islam and Politics

Islam and Politics

By Imran N Hosein

We are about to witness what we long anticipated, to wit: a Turkish-led NATO attack on Syria to remove the present Syrian regime and replace it, Libyan-style, with another so-called Islamic regime. How else will Israel be able to claim that a ‘rising Islam’ now menaces that country, and that Israel is being surrounded by that menacing Islam and must wage pre-emptive war in order to survive? How else will Israel be able to replace USA as the next ruling State in the world unless she wages great wars – particularly against her Arab neighbors who surround the Zionist State?

Turkey’s pro-NATO and hence pro-Zionist Government seems about to commit the ultimate act of foolishness in claiming the shooting-down of a Turkish warplane by Syria as causus bellum that justifies a Turkish military invasion of Syria. Such a Turkish military invasion of Syria would of course, have nothing to do with avenging the loss of an airplane and two pilots. Rather, it would have nothing less than Syrian regime-change as its primary objective.

That military adventure would be an act of supreme foolishness for the following reasons:

  1. Syria has been on a high alert for some time now expecting external intervention (Libyan-style) in support of a Zionist-engineered armed insurrection that has so far failed to take-over the country. A Turkish warplane that enters  into Syrian airspace cannot expect, in such circumstances, to be treated as an innocent intruder.
  2. If Russia and China respond to a Turkish military invasion of Syria by coming to the support of that country, that will eventually provoke the Malhama  (great war) prophesied by Prophet Muhammad (sallalahu ‘alaihi wa sallam). That Malhama will be so great that it will make the first and  second world-wars look like a fight over peanuts.
  3. The      Turkish government should remember that the Prophet (sallalahu ‘alaihi wa sallam) also prophesied that the Malhama or great war will lead to  the conquest of Constantinople. It should not take Turkish Muslims long to realize that the 1453 conquest of Constantinople by Sultan Muhammad Fatih had nothing to do with the prophecy. Turkish Muslims will then wake up to the monstrous betrayal of their pro-Zionist government and prepare for the  civil war that will fulfill the prophecy.
  4. Thus a Turkish military invasion of Syria will eventually lead to Turkish civil  war and to the liberation of the city of Constantinople from NATO’s  venomous control.
  5. Since Russia will inevitably enter in the war in defense of Syria, the Turkish military invasion of that country will lead to yet another prophecy of   Prophet Muhammad (sallalahu ‘alaihi wa sallam) being fulfilled, to wit:  “that you (Muslims) will make an alliance with Rum (pronounced as  ‘room’).” Rum in the Qur’an referred to the Eastern Christian Byzantine Empire. But after Constantinople was conquered in 1453, the capital city of Rum eventually became Moscow.

This statement is issued to so guide Muslims that they may not be brainwashed by Protestant Islam’s Zionist Jihad, and by the inevitable CNN/Al-Jazeerah-led propaganda barrage that will now inundate mankind.

Imran N Hosein

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