A Micro-chip Pill to Monitor Your Health

A Micro-chip to Monitor Your Health



Are you ready to be reminded by a microchip “ingestible event marker” (IEM) when to take your next medication!? Perfect for the person who is still blinded by the myths of modern medicine as it becomes more advanced in techno-medicine, and less willing to regulate and investigate the many side –effects of the pharnceutical industry. As modern medicine is still in its infancy when it comes to familiarity with the human body, there are many who would question the integrity of a micro-chip pill given its potential for abuse.

As the British become acquainted with a new pharmaceutical program, one wonders how much of this is yet another large scale field experiment in  mass medication when in real terms it is unknown:

  • What the affect will be on the human economy
  • How the human economy will react – they still have not got it into there heads from the experience of vacines that everyone reacts differently – we are not clones
  • Once the term of medication has been completed, does the device remain in the body
  • How does the body excrete the device
  • The cost and to whom!

The IEM known as ‘Helius’ is supposed to be activated by the digestive juices, and embedded in one’s regular medication (pills). IEM is as small as a grain fo sand, is made of copper, magnesium and silicon. It can also be a part of a ‘placebo’ to ‘deliver’ the pill to the stomach. Powered by a thin film of ‘non-toxic’ battery, what happens in the process of digestion before reaching the stomach! Once activated a ‘frequency’ is emitted throughout the body which is listened to by a patch on the skin which picks up the body’s reactions, measures the heart beat, internal body temperature, rate of respiration, posture and sleeping pattern.

Pharmacy chain Lloydspharmacy has partnered with American technology firm Proteus Biomedical to bring to the British public a product called Helius; a tiny microchip. In turn this information is relayed to a Smartphone application on a website. The website then translates that into statistics in a graph format. Patients can check the graph (presuming they have internet access) to see if they have taken all of their pills or not! Doctors can check the information.

All of this is becuase according to the World Health Organization half the people in the world do not take their medication  correctly putting themselves at risk, but they are not questioning the medication itself which does put many at risk or the frequent case of wrong diagnosis/therapy! The IEM is supposed to allow the doctor to make any modifcations in treatment!

This step in medicating the British masses comes courtesy of pharmaceutical chain Lloydspharmacy in partnership with U.S. technology firm Proteus Biomedical at a time when the controversial U.S. Food and Drugs Administration approves a request by Proteus Digital Health for Helius. The basis given is to ‘help’ health care workers to ‘monitor’ their intake of patients.


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