A Conspiracy Theory That Was True: The Church Commitee*

A Conspiracy Theory That Was True

By Jonathan Elinoff


The Church Commitee

The Church Committee is the common term referring to the United States Senate Select Committee to study governmental operations with respect to intelligence activities,  a U.S. senate committee chaired by Senator Frank Church in 1975.

A precursor to the U.S. Senate Select Committee on intelligence, the committee investigated intelligence gathering for illegalities by the CIA and FBI after certain activities had been revealed by the Watergate affair. The committee uncovered, among many other things, that the CIA had violated its charter to perform only gathering of intelligence.

For example:

  • The Assassination Of Allende In Chile
  • Mossadegh In Iran
  • Assassinations against Central And South American leaders and revolutionaries
  • Assassinations Middle Eastern leaders and revolutionaries
  • Assassinations against East Asian leaders and revolutionaries

They Even declassified A “Heart Attack Gun” The Agency had made for the use of killing someone without it being detected: Cancer, car accidents, skiing accidents, suicide, boating accidents, heart attacks, and just plain being shot were common assassination methods.

The hearings, although recorded in full in congressional record, the mainstream media and official policies, is still largely not taught in American schools on recent history. The American public still has no idea this was ever actually confirmed or even took place. It is common for people to still refer to any of these assassinations as a joke or made up conspiracy.



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