Jewish Odyssies to Islam

Sean Stone,, son of American Oscar-winning director Oliver Stone, listens to chief operations officer of Reel Knights Productions, Mellissa Carter

Jewish Odyssies to Islam

These are True Stories of Jewish People who followed Judaism and became Muslim, despite the Israeli Arab political conflict, more and more Jews are realizing

that Judaism and Christianity are light houses leading to Islam, whether you were a Messianic Jew, a Jew for Jesus, or an Orthodox Jew, any Jew can be for Allah. Because Everyone is born a Muslim (in Submission to Allah)

Josh Hasan

Samau’al al-Maghribi

Rashid al-Din

Sayed Udeen


Muhammad Daniel

Reform Jew convert to Islam

Former Rabbi convert to Islam from Morocco

Odyssey to Islam by Dr. Moustafa Mould

Rachel Singer

Rabbi of Makhachkala

Hajj Mustafa Ali

Suleyman Ahmad

Maryam Jameelah

Kari Ann Owen

Emad ud Deen

Michael Wolfe

Muhammad Asad

What February 14 Meant to Film-Director Sean, Oliver Stone’s Son!