Jane Cures Herself from Cancer!

Jane Cures Herself from Cancer!


Sometimes we can take what we know for granted, and assume that everybody else knows or are just stupid. However, when the general conveyor of information is mainstream media, we can bet bet most of us are still entrenced of the myths of yesterday. One such myth caught my attention afew days ago, and that is ‘cancer cannot be cured’! Then I received an update from Natural News, to find that the link on how someone had cured themselves from breast cancer when clicked came up with The page cannot be found

“The page you are looking for might have been removed, had its name changed, or is temporarily unavailable.”

So surpassing that I came across Jane…


With no previous family history, Jane discovered a lump in her breast in 1987. A mum at 42, like anyone else, struggled with the idea of having cancer until she was diagnosed. With three adolescent children, one of which was a 13 year old girl had ther problems with coping with it as well.

After a mastectomy, 12 sessions of chemotherapy and 35 treatments of radiotherapy, the lump remained sticking out of her neck.

The cancer had now spread to her lymphatic system, which todays evidence that chemotherapy actually spreads cancer is not surprising.

Jane began to think for herself as pieces of the puzzel was slowly coming together, like when her husband (mineralogist and gemologist) on a return trip from China mused over why the chances of breast cancer amongst Chinese women was as low as one in 100,000. It then ocurred to Jane that the Chinese do not have any diary products in their diet.

So, given nothing medical had worked, Jane followed a gut instinct, an inspiration as she was learning more about her own body than any doctor.

Jane decided to removed from her diet all dairy produce including organic yoghurt, and other other products that use milk e.g. biscuits, soups etc. Within days of doing so, the lump began to itch. Then the lump began to soften. Then the lump began to shrink. Six weeks later the lump that had been with her since 1987 disappeared!

Being a scientist herself there was no big announcement. Instead Jane researched the subject. With the support of friends, Jane began to form her own views about diet and cancer. As a scientist Jane still supports what is deemed as conventional medicine, but in fact is infantile when compared to more developed traditional forms like Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Jane in her research had discovered that milk contains certain growth factors receptors for which are in the breats and the prostrate – the result cell division and reproduction, and that includes the division and reproduction of damged cells.

Jane recommends:

  • Eating lots of vegetables, and fruit with more emphasis on vegetables.
  • Reduce saturated fats, and increase monosaturates (e.g. onlie oil, oily fish, nuts etc.)
  • Vegetable proteins (e.g. lentils)
  • Minimize intake of salt and sugar
  • Increase spices and seasonings that have anti-cancer properties (tumeric, cumin).
  • Eat wholegrain cereals
  • Drink alot of filtered boiled water not tap/bottled

Jane has maintained this regime, and remains free from cancer 10 years on. Her specialist at Charing Cross Hospital., U.K., initially sceptical, his lectures now include maps showing cancer mortality in China, and recommends a non-dairy diet.

Jane still goes to hospital for check-ups, and doctors remain in disbelief, while her discovery gave her 10 more happy years with her family!

Want to know more read Jane Plant’s Your Life in Your Hands(Virgin Books, £9.99), andThe Plant Programme(Virgin Books, £10.99).

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