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When we are afraid of the Light, our liberty is doomed…

A Lightning War for Liberty

This story from Bloomberg is one of the most gold bullish items I have read in the last 12 months.  While many pundits like to get on their soapboxes and spout about how gold is in a “bubble” merely due to the fact that it has soared so much and they are bitter they didn’t see it coming, this article demonstrates quite clearly that gold is in the opposite of a bubble.  Let’s take a few quotes from the article:

Paulo Oliveira and his wife sold their wedding rings to pay the rent after he lost his job as a builder last month. They were the couple’s last pieces of jewelry.

“We have no more gold to save us from being kicked out this month,” the 46-year-old said as he stood in the area of downtown Lisbon popular with cash-for-gold stores. “Everyone I know is struggling, even the gold stores…

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