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Heavenly Signs: August 2012

Planetary conjunction

Heavenly Signs: August 2012

By Hwaa Irfan

Many people might have found August to be a very difficult month to get through. Some just packed their traveling bags and escaped maybe, others had to stick it out and face what has been presented to them in their environment, for instance in Egypt, especially Cairo many issues came up at a very difficult time, Ramadhan fasting with many days above 100°F for 16+ hours. As the local anti-Mursi media ignored the people, and consumed itself with back-biting, rumoring mongering without any evidence, some Egyptians felt blindly vindicated, while others were beign thrown into an inner turmoil that erupted into increased national and personal insecurities. Amongst that was the reality that some of the issues like frequent power outages of electricity at a time when consumption is above normal due to the weather, and the sleepless nights of operating 24/7 a trait of Ramadhan fasting in Cairo. If anything, that was a lesson for the liberal middle and upper classes who had become accustomed to having everything they want, when they want it, without realizing their is a price to be paid sooner or later for overconsumption. Commonsense, did not prevail across many parts of Egypt until the Night of Destiny, known as Layla-tul-Qadr, in the form of a speech by recently elected President Mursi, informing the people of a necessary cabinet shake up to improve national and personal security.

On a personal level around the world, issues that were believed to be resolved have come to the surface seemingly from out of nowhere in order to force a necessary paradigm shift so that we can begin to swim out of our stagnant waters. For many still, we chose to remain buried in the illusiosn that we have created for ourselves through distractions like London 2012, full of subliminal messages reinforced with rock music, and free sex.

The crazy atmosphere this August, was marked by a Full red Moon on August 01st/2nd , and culminates with an expected Blue Moon on August 31st.

Traditionally a month that is marked by harvesting the land of its bounties, this August became marked with a growing reality that the world’s largest GM food producers, the U.S. have fallen into a deep drought affecting 64% of the country. An irony to say the least has it sought to impose, and others still impose GM foods on the world not only reducing the fertility of animal life, plant , and  human, but also the very thing that is capable of providing food that is beneficial to the physiology of humankind. It is also ironic how in hot pursuit is the global hunger debate and an upshot in global food prices. What has the drought of one country got to do with global food prices when so many other developing countries have had to cope with this problem for decades!

By connecting the dots, the U.S. dustbowl and the Great Depression of 1932 comes to mind. The country’ relationship to the land was deteriorating then as now. Farming had become automized with the introduction of tractors and combine quadrupling the harvest from 1925 – 1930. Today in the U.S. that is in the form of mass/factory farms controlled by corporations sowing GM crops and squeezing out the small family farm.

Local dust storms were not abnormal, but the severe regional storms appeared then only in the 1930s at a time when there wasd rapid expansion into wheat cultivation. By 1933, severe dust stroms had stripped the topsoil across the Great Plains affecting 400,000 acres of prairie. It took that lesson that the land had to be respected if it was offer up its fruits, and massive conservation efforts were directed towards soil conservation, traditional crop rotation was brought back in.

Meanwhile there was the Holodomor of Ukraine, when the farmers of the Soviet Ukraine were starved to death by means of forced export of grain, other foodstuffs, and livestock to facilitate Stalins  rapid industrialization program. On the 7 August 1932 a law was passed making it a death penalty ‘for violating the sanctity of socialist property.’ How different is that to making it illegal, and thus imprisonable to collect rain water to feed ones garden in the U.S. today. 1932 was also when Austrian born Adolf Hitler was granted Germany citizenship!

British troops in Baghdad before independence

British troops in Baghdad, 19171932 was also when Iraq gained independence from the Bitish Empire, but on the condition that British advisers participated in government affairs, and for British military bases to remain there.

Just as U.S unemployment has soared now, unemployment levels then was 1 in 3 – repeating the unlearnt lesson that all life is connected and therefore respected.

This all followed the Wall Street Crash of 1929, failing banks in 1930, the inability of people to withdraw from their savings. Congress passed the Home Owners Refinancing Act, and the Emergency Banking Act is passed to save the run on small banks causing them to go into bankruptcy.

In 1937 there were 134 dust storms.

If it takes Nature a thousand years to build an inch of topsoil on the Southern Plains, then American soil was still in recovery before this drought.

The first Glass–Steagall Act was passed by the Congress in 1932. It was the first time that virtual money (paper currency) was allowed, and was allocated for the Federal Reserve System (Central Bank).

Then the world was not globalized making it steady progress to a one government world, and what happned in the U.S. then, happened only in the U.S, and then spread to cities around the world. History repeats itself both a personal level and a domestic level when we ignore the lessons to be learned.

In 1932 Franklin Delano Roosevelt was the first president to use the media in the form of the radio for his campaign, which says a lot about popular perception, because Roosevelt also suffered from crippling polio disease. Roosevelt’s campaign void of strategy for the country was based on an all out attack on his contender Hoover who he blamed for the Great Depression!

Modern day civil rights took its roots in 1932, When Ghandi was protesting through a hunger strike whilst in prison against separate elections for the Untouchables, and the woman who triggered the black civil rights movements, Rosa Parks was collecting money in support of the Scotsboro Boys, a group of young black men who were being falsely accused of raping two white women.

In 1932, Werner Heisenberg won the then less politicized Nobel Prize in Physics for the creation of quantum mechanics, the message of which has still not been learnt today, that all things are connected, accept in the reverse, that is the illusion that man can control everything including his own destiny.

In 1932,  the 10th Olympic Games took place in Los Angeles, which 6 months prior, it appeared that no one was going to attend with not a single country responding. With tickets largely unsold, Holloywood stars were invited like Douglas Fairbanks, Charlie Chaplin, Marlene Dietrich, and Mary Pickford to attract the crowds. In London 2012, the militarization of the Olympics that remains after the games have ended, put off the number of attendees expected causing a 45% drop in trade in some respects, and rock stars dead and alive were used to bring in the crowds. The 10th Olympic Games  was the first to construct an Olympic village during the time of the Great Depression! Two thousand pigeons were released, unlike London 2012 which celebrated not British culture as most perceived, but the remaking of the powerbase of what now constitutes global governance, and through rock music,, and free sex, and reestablishing in the minds of the millions viewing the illusions of that form of liberty – 1932 was also when Aldous Huxley published Brave New World about a drugged, dull and mass-produced society of the future, how much of that has come true!

In Britain, the Archbishop of Canterbury forbade remarriages for divorced people, which is equivalent to the effects of survival today which makes an increasing number of marriages difficult to maintain when manyof us have been entrained to become dependent on employment being offered and creating our own means of sustainable employment.

It is worth noting that the, Loch Ness Monster was sighted for the first time in the 20th century, which runs parallel to the upshot of ‘alien’ sightings in the 21st century, but this time probably aided and abetted by  extremes of modern technology!

Again then drive in movie theaters were introduced, but now there is an upshot of horror films to play on the minds of the people making the horrors of everyday life pale acceptable!

Of course more dots could be connected as the growing context of now provides many lessons that can be learned if desired, but obviously the Earth is trying to tell us something!

On August 01st 2012 the Full Moon occurred with the Sun nearing the midpoint of the constellation of Leo with the Full Moon in Aquarius at 3.27a, UT. With the New Moon in Leo, all the opposites are up for a review: black-white, light-dark, male-female, young-old, immaterial-material,  harmony-dishamrony. All of this was apparent in the Egypt with the old regime playing games with the people in an attempt to destablize the new president. There were more eateries open in the day time than usual, indicating that a significant numbe rof people were having difficulties with Ramadhan fasting in 100°F for 16 hours. But if one gives way to the immaterial the New Moon and Leo was offering unity, that is the acceptance of opposites in the form of a rainbow, hence unity. It takes unity/tawhid to provide lasting social foundations as indicated by the Sun that was sextile to Saturn with joy (‘Eid ul Fitr, summer vacations) wit the influence of Leo.

What was happening for you around August 01st?

However that joy was to create a purpose, as Leo moved into Virgo, which indicates service, the humbling practice that makes better people of us all. If we are on track to discovering and manifesting our true selves, we would take the lessons learnt within to benefit society in some small way, but if we have not the reverse becomes true, which is it takes external forces to help trigger the lesson we must learn.

As everything is connected, the lessons we must learn also revolves a round personal relationships with the Moon sextile to Venus by the 18th.

Again, what was happening for you around the 18th?

August 24 is prickly, expanding otuwards and inwards in  the same breath as the Sagittarius Moon begins when the Sun opposes Neptune. Working on the immaterial level, influences in motion are working to collide like the splitting of an atom ready to give birth to something new. From then on it is about giving room to one’s creative development, but is one’s potential growth in place: relationships, health, and finances.

As we move towards the 31st, there are endings and beginnings with the potential for balance present as represented by the Aquarian Moon on August 30 trining Saturn (the Lord of karma and structure), but a delicate balance if one is out of touch with one’s inner compass. The Blue Moon of the 31st as it trines with Mars in the presence of Scorpio and other influences, which can guide us or warn us depending on where we are at in a month when time has flown by – something sustainable for the future – there will be a power struggle over that if the need to control remains! Also bling justice looms, as in the case of the plight of the South African miners, but can also easily raise its head within one’s own family.

Increasingly there is no room for arrogance, gossip or drama or even convincing even if one is right,  so be inspirational, and be creative all under the umbrella of an ourpouring of solar radiation form the Sun, seeking to help bring everything to the surface so that we can move up the ladder of evolution with 2012 has seen some of the highest levels of solar activity ever recorded.

“1932: Roosevelt Defeats Hoover.”

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