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Harnessing the Power of Radio Frequency to Track Our Children

Harnessing the Power of Radio Frequency to Track Children

By Hwaa Irfan

Dont be illuded by the title, this is more about what one should be aware of in order to become better prepared for whatever new application which befits the policy of whatever can be applied for civilian use will be accepted on a mass control scale/military.

Using the concerns of parents who justifiably want to know where their children are and what they are doing in these difficult times, San Antonio Northside ISD schools are using radio frequency identification technology (RFID) to make schools safer. Though the concept of making schools safer in a country notorious for school violence is great, the application is not! Besides the Smart card only works inside of the schools.

The idea serves the schools becuase it helps to increase much needed revenue, but the idea comes in the form of a Smart ID card!

 As a 1-year pilot scheme with great potential, the Student Locator Project is being applied in Jay High School and Jones Middle School. At the end of the year, the data will be collected and analyzed for future ‘implementation’.

The Smart card is hoped will increase student safety, attendance, monitor class attendance access to library and cafeteria, photo-ID, and for the purchasing of tickets for extracurricular activities.

This comes at a time when RFID technology is being applied in prescriptive pills in the U.K., and approved by the Food and Drugs Administration on the basis of tracking one’s physical health. The data provided can serve to inform the establishment of further use from the current application which will inform ‘them’ of not only one’s state of health, but also status, and location with one’s full cooperation = not bad if one gets lost!

RFID used radio frequencies from the electromagnetic fields to transfer data, which can be done using batteries/local power source or can be powered by the electromagnetic fields themselves. They transmit data in the form of a serial number of an object/person that is unique to them.

The Intelligence Reform Act of 2004 and the Real ID Act of 2005 laid the foundation for future application. All states are to standardize biometric-laden birth certificates, drivers licenses and other ID cards.

In 2005, California’s Bill No. 682 was introduced by California Senator Joe Simitian to limit the use of RFID.  The bill stated quite simply:

RFID is amazing technology that represents tremendous positive potential. RFID may be the best tool we have to keep our prescription drug pipeline safe, to alert us when an Alzheimer’s patient wanders, or to warn us when our car tire is getting low.

It is not the best tool we have for identification.

New technology requires new vigilance. New uses of old technology also requre new vigilance. If we don’t make deliberate decisions about the role of RFID in our lives, someone else will. It is that simple.

In 2006, the European Union created a commission to make recommendations on possible future regulation.

By 2010, healthcare bill HR3200 was passed on the 21st March, and signed into law 23rd March. It is now law that an RFID chip is to be implanted in all Americans by March 2013.

H.R. 3200 section 2521, Pg. 1001, paragraph 1.
The Secretary shall establish a national medical device registry (in this subsection referred to as the ‘registry’) to facilitate analysis of postmarket safety and outcomes data on each device that— ‘‘is or has been used in or on a patient; ‘‘and is— ‘‘a class III device; or ‘‘a class II device that is implantable, life-supporting, or life-sustaining.”

Those chips will contain personal information (including bank account) with tracking capability. This is where science fiction becomes fact if one complies!

Are There No Side Effects!

The cell-phone is one of those popular devices that falls under the dual policy of what becomes acceptable to civilians will be accepted by them for ‘other’ purposes. Cell-phones/mobiles use microwave, and microwave is dangerous to the human energy field as indicated by the reports of the dangers of cell-phone use, but ignored becuase it has become acceptable! In a report by the European Commission Health and Electromagnetic Fields it states:

“Mobile telephones transmit radio-frequency electromagnetic fields (EMFs) to communicate with the telephone network. Although these are lowpower devices, the user’s body absorbs some of the energy in these EMFs, in particular in the region of the head where the telephone is held.”

RFID’s, some that is, are powered by the electromagnetic field and emit radio waves. In 2005, a paper by Bryan Houliston of Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand, Houliston noted that electromagnetic waves emitted by RFIDs may affect pacemakers, and is questioning how prolonged exposure to EMR might affect patients. Then there are the instruments in an operating theater that produce EMR, which in turn could affect the low frequency of an RFID device. There was enough concern in 2008 over open American passports embed with RFIDs which was felt could trigger a bomb!

Are the real intentions to make RFID compulsory for every U.S. citizen to do with health!

The human energy field is a bio-electromagnetic field. It was in 2008 when researchers led by Raoul Kopelman (University of Michigan) found electric fields as strong as 15 million volts per meter, up to five times stronger than the field found in a lightning bolt!

In 1992, Bruce Taino of Taino Technology,  Washington, built the first frequency monitor in the world.

A healthy human body during the daytime is 62 to 68 Hz. A cellular phone can radiate at 835MHz !

When the frequency drops, the immune system is compromised.

  • 58 Hz – cold and flu symptoms appear
  • 55 Hz – fungal diseases like Candida take hold
  • 52 Hz -Epstein Bar
  • 42 Hz – Cancer

Taino’s machine was certified as 100%.

Om P. Gandhi of the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Utah questioned the safety of induced electrical fields as represented by RFIDs. RFIDs that use an alternating magnetic field operate at frequencies from 50/60 Hz – 10–15 MHz. This places RFIDs within the safe range, but can that be increased! On the market there are :

  • Low Frequency RFID systems – 125 kHz with an average read range of 20 inches (508 mm).
  • High Frequency RFID systems – 13.56 MHz with an average read range of up to 3 feet(1 meter).
  • Ultra-High Frequency RFID systems operate at  multiple frequencies, including 868 MHz (in Europe), a band centered at  915 MHz, and 2.45 GHz (microwave). Read range is typically 3 to 10 feet (1 to 3 meters), but systems operating in the 915 MHz band may achieve read      ranges of 20 feet (6 meters) or more!

The above is mainly applied to products, goods, equipment.

The Smart system using embedded RFIDs uses 13.56 MHz, 860 to 930 MHz, and 2.45 GHz frequency ranges.

On May 31, 2011, the World Health Organization’s International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) classified radiofrequency fields as “possibly carcinogenic to humans.” The U.S. Food and Drug Administration interpreted this as “… limited evidence showing carcinogenicity in humans and less than sufficient evidence of carcinogenicity in experimental animals.”

There are too many scenarios whereby an RFID underperforms or causes potential threats, yet a 2013 is in place. Why!  If this in one of those developments in medical science that can be added to the long list of treatments that becomes classified as harmful to human health after thousands of cases are brought to their attention, then, between then and now, it is a matter of choice! With governments anxiously preparing for an expected natural disaster in 2013, when the solar radiation from the Sun is expected to knock out national grids, and  negatively impact on hydroelectric dams and satellites, and cause surges in electricity even when devices are disconnected, one wonders what impact if any it will have on Americans who have met the 2013 deadline to have an RFID embeded within their person! That is not a figment of one’s imagination, it is a figment of theirs!


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What Top Economists Said About Iceland’s Pull Out of the Global Banking System!*

What Top Economists Said About Iceland’s Pull Out of the Global Banking System!*

Nobel prize winning economist Joe Stiglitz:

“What Iceland did was right. It would have been wrong to burden future generations with the mistakes of the financial system.”

Nobel prize winning economist Paul Krugman:

What [Iceland’s recovery] demonstrated was the … case for letting creditors of private banks gone wild eat the losses.

Krugman also said:

A funny thing happened on the way to economic Armageddon: Iceland’s very desperation made conventional behavior impossible, freeing the nation to break the rules. Where everyone else bailed out the bankers and made the public pay the price, Iceland let the banks go bust and actually expanded its social safety net. Where everyone else was fixated on trying to placate international investors, Iceland imposed temporary controls on the movement of capital to give itself room to maneuver.


Iceland holds some key lessons for nations trying to survive bailouts after the island’s approach to its rescue led to a “surprisingly” strong recovery, the International Monetary Fund’s mission chief to the country said.

Iceland’s commitment to its program, a decision to push losses on to bondholders instead of taxpayers and the safeguarding of a welfare system that shielded the unemployed from penury helped propel the nation from collapse toward recovery, according to the Washington-based fund.


Iceland refused to protect creditors in its banks, which failed in 2008 after their debts bloated to 10 times the size of the economy.

The IMF’s point about bondholders is an important one: the failure to force a haircut on the bondholders is dooming the U.S. and Europe to economic doldrums.

The IMF:

[The] decision not to make taxpayers liable for bank losses was right, economists say.

Key to Iceland’s recovery was [a] program [which] sought to ensure that the restructuring of the banks would not require Icelandic taxpayers to shoulder excessive private sector losses.

Bloomberg :

Unlike other nations, including the U.S. and Ireland, which injected billions of dollars of capital into their financial institutions to keep them afloat, Iceland placed its biggest lenders in receivership. It chose not to protect creditors of the country’s banks, whose assets had ballooned to $209 billion, 11 times gross domestic product.


Arni Pall Arnason, 44, Iceland’s minister of economic affairs, says the decision to make debt holders share the pain saved the country’s future.

“If we’d guaranteed all the banks’ liabilities, we’d be in the same situation as Ireland,” says Arnason, whose Social Democratic Alliance was a junior coalition partner in the Haarde government.


“In the beginning, banks and other financial institutions in Europe were telling us, ‘Never again will we lend to you,’” Einarsdottir says. “Then it was 10 years, then 5. Now they say they might soon be ready to lend again.”

And Iceland’s prosecution of white collar fraud played a big part in its recovery.


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Did You Know How You See Time Affects All You Do!

Did You Know How You See Time Affects All You Do!

From Alexandra

Professor Philip Zimbardo demonstrates how our individual perspectives of time affect our work, health and well-being. Time influences who we are as a person, how we view relationships and how we act in the world.

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Occupy World: The Republican National Convention Under Protest

Occupy World: The Republican National Convention Under Protest

Occupy protesters are descending on the city, planning to charter in bus-loads of people, and it looks like the city is taking every possible precaution. The authorities are clearing hundreds of jail beds, deploying drones to patrol the sky and making sure protesters remain on close watch.

With help from the weather, dark rain clouds gathered over downtown Tampa, where the Republican National Convention is being held. Why did RNC choose downtown? Who did they think they were going to convince, with Romney’s rap sheet getting longer proving to be the first potential president to be corrupt before being elected), and the Republicans sitting on every proposal that Obama presents, as well as being the party of the elite – those who refuse to pay their taxes.

Some protesters traveled the distance, from the drying Mississippi to make their voice heard.

However, the much needed downpour came, while protesters ran for cover. With the threat of Tropical Storm Isaac, which passed west of Tampa) and the issue of state of emergency in Florida by Obama, the numbers were not as expected.

Hundreds of police officers (a 1,000 according to The Hill) and heavily armed members of the Florida National Guard patrolled the streets of downtown. Protesters were required to conduct their rallies and parades in designated areas and along specified routes, none closer than about a half-mile from where Republicans would be gathering.

Romney raising his voice above protestors in Ohio

Well if Romney keeps coming out with stupid statements like: “Unfortunately, a lot of young folks haven’t had the opportunity to really understand how the economy works, and what it takes to put people to work in real jobs, and why we have banks, and what banks do,” to WBTV, what can he expect… honestly!

Southhampton protest against Romney Mitt, July 2012

Unlike previous protests, Tampa Police worked with the organizers of the protes to set up the route – the result was only two arrests – one was arrested for covering his face. The atmosphere was congenial, but the police force ready.Unfortunately, many of the protestors, are still asking for jobs, health, education from the same corrupt system, which is an indication that they are not ready for real change. Yet, there is hope when a protestor wishes to spread awareness that American elections are rigged, and that the system remains the same regardless.

Government documents on the bailout obtained by Rolling Stone show that the legend crafted by Romney is basically a lie. The federal records, obtained under the Freedom of Information Act, reveal that Romney’s initial rescue attempt at Bain & Company was actually a disaster – leaving the firm so financially strapped that it had “no value as a going concern.” Even worse, the federal bailout ultimately engineered by Romney screwed the FDIC – the bank insurance system backed by taxpayers – out of at least $10 million. And in an added insult, Romney rewarded top executives at Bain with hefty bonuses at the very moment that he was demanding his handout from the feds. Read on >>>

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Occupy World: The Dwindling Rights of American Women

Occupy World: The Dwindling Rights of American Women


From A.N.S.W.E.R

Los Angeles 26 August, 2012

On Sunday, August 26, women and supporters took to the streets from coast to coast on Women’s Equality Day as part of a new fight-back movement against the assault on women’s rights. Protests took place in New York City and New Paltz, N.Y.; Los Angeles and San Francisco, Calif.; Chicago, Ill.; Denver, Colo.; Lexington, Ky.; Milwaukee, Wis.; and several other cities.While the RNC and DNC convening and concocting new ways to attack women’s rights, a new generation of feminist organizers are mobilizing in response. WORD stands for full reproductive rights now, defense of women in the workplace, an end to the budget cuts, and full equality and respect now.

Los Angeles

In Los Angeles, several hundred women and their allies took over the streets of Hollywood under a banner that read “Defend women’s rights! We won’t go back! We will fight back!” Activists caravanned from Long Beach, San Diego, the Coachella Valley and all over Southern California to be a part of this important action.

The protest began with a spirited rally where a variety of speakers addressed the obstacles that face women and their families in California. Students, child care workers, immigrant rights activists, hotel workers and others spoke out about the need to build a movement for equality for all women. The rally included representatives from Destination LA – a campaign for a living wage for tourist-industry workers who are majority women, AF3IRM, ANSWER LA, The Topanga Peace Alliance, KmB Pro-People Youth, Occupy Los Angeles Men’s Circle in Support of Smashing Patriarchy, and more.

The rally was followed by a spirited march up the bustling Hollywood Boulevard. Many along the sidewalks cheered as the marchers passed, chanting “Anti-choice men have got to go – when you get pregnant, let us know!”

The march ended at Grauman’s Chinese Theater, a busy tourist area, where many were able to see the march and the hundreds who came out to stand up for women’s rights that day. During the closing speak-out, WORD LA organizer Sarah Lee Samonte addressed the crowd, saying: “I am here to make change for my daughter and for the future. I’m here to make sure that she stays strong with every step she takes and fights back against the war on women! If I can change things for her today, she will have a better tomorrow!” Many speakers agreed with Samonte and signed up with WORD to continue the struggle in the days to come.

San Francisco

“I have cousins, my mother, a baby sister and … I want them to get what they want,” were the words of fifth-grade student Nur, interrupted as he started crying during the middle of his sentence explaining why he was out in the streets with his family to defend women’s rights.

Approximately 250 people gathered at the 24th and Mission in San Francisco’s Mission District to fight back against the ongoing right-wing attacks on the rights of women. As the crowd marched down 24th to Potrero Del Sol Park, the energetic crowd filled the air with chants calling: “No means no and nothing less. How we dress does not mean ‘yes’!” and “Se ve se siente! Mujeres estan presentes!” People all along the street were coming out to check out the march, joining in with chanting, and eagerly asking for flyers.

Many speakers addressed the attacks against women and why they were marching. Issues as seemingly diverse as cuts to education, unemployment, health care access, unequal pay, war, and racist immigration laws were all woven together into a big-picture understanding of the many issues that affect women and need to combated. As one speaker said: “We are here today to have our voices heard. We are here building a movement. A movement of women, and men, ready to fight back and say: ‘Enough is enough! We won’t go back!'”

Supporters, speakers and endorsers included: WORD San Francisco and Sacramento, Oceana High School Progressive Student Union, ANSWER SF, Slutwalk SF, World Can’t Wait, AF3IRM San Francisco, CODE PINK, Radical Women, Sisters’ United Front for Survival and OccupySF.

New York City

NYC’s day of action in midtown, which drew over 150 women and allies, began with a rally at the News Corporation building to denounce their media coverage that continuously stigmatizes women through news sources such as The New York Post and Fox News. Speakers there included the American-Iranian Friendship Committee.

As protesters marched through the busy crowds of Times Square, many bystanders showed solidarity by signing the WORD petition demanding that Sen. Todd Akin resign and joining in the chants. The next stop was Free Abortion Alternatives.

Chanting down the street, protesters stopped next to an army recruitment center and a police precinct. A speaker for the ANSWER Coalition condemned the sexual harassment and abuse women in the military experience, as well as the sexual exploitation of women in U.S.-occupied lands abroad. At the NYPD Precinct, a Party for Socialism and Liberation representative spoke about how the police terrorize and abuse the most oppressed sectors of the working class, which elicited positive responses from spectators.

Outside Planned Parenthood, a Revolutionary Fitness representative verbalized the importance of women having affordable access to healthcare and how we should stand in support of this organization, which is getting attacked. Our last stop, the Post Office, resulted in a culminating finale to the march where representatives of DAMAYAN Migrant Workers Association and African Ancestral Lesbians United for Social Change (AALUSC) shared solidarity statements that united the women’s struggle with that of migrant workers and the LGBT community.


On Sunday, Aug. 26, women and their allies came from all over the Chicago area as well as from northern Indiana to march for women’s rights. Despite a soaking rain that lasted all day, the conditions did not stop us from marching and chanting through the streets of downtown Chicago. Onlookers gave us thumbs up and cheered as we loudly chanted, “What do we want? Women’s rights! When do we want them? Now!”

Several groups took part in the demonstration, including WORD, Third Wave Feminism and Occupy Chicago.

The march ended with a lively rally next to the notoriously anti-union Congress Hotel. Ymelda Viramontes, an organizer with WORD spoke, saying: “If history has taught us anything it is that we need to struggle for our rights independently of the politicians. Let’s stand together and build a new fightback movement that can liberate women and all oppressed people once and for all!”

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