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U.K. Released Documents Prove Governmental Concern About Measles Vaccine

U.K. Released Documents Prove Governmental Concern About Measles Vaccine

By Hwaa Irfan

After 30 years of being under lock and key, U.K. documents now released reveal concerns about the single measles vaccine ability to cause Subacute Sclerosing Panencephalitis, or SSPE Christina England reports. Those documents are:

    1. Letter Referenced Surveillance  on SSPE Retrieved from file FD7/3111 Kew Gardens Archives
    2. ‘Proposed Membership of Expert Group on Surveillance of SSPE’ Retrieved from file FD7/3111 Kew Gardens Archives
    3. Copy Of Notice To Be Circulated  To ABE – Measles Vaccine And Subacute Sclerosing Panencephalitis’  Retrieved from file FD7/3111 Kew Gardens Archives
    4. ARVI (Adverse Reaction to Vaccination and Immunization) meeting 6th July 1987 Retrieved from Profitable Harm website
    5. Dr Carley 10th edition Harrison paper
    6. Committee On The Development Of Vaccines And Immunisation Procedures Sub Committee Of Measles Vaccines’  Retrieved from Kew Archives File FD23/5120
    7. The JCVI Minutes Friday 7th  November 1997

JCVI is a government selected body that sets the U.K. standards of vaccines and immunization.

Listed in 2000 by the U.S. Center of Disease Control and Prevention, CDC, as an emerging disease, SSPE is also sometimes referred to as Dawson Disease. Once considered a rare disease, SSPE/Dawson is projected as a result of persistent infection measles virus resulting in mutation – the word persistent in itself raises a question. It is also protrayed as a disease that is a problem for developing countries, but nothing could be further from what is ahppening on the ground in developed countries!

One wonders how much the 1994 drive to make 93% of British pre-school children take the triple vaccine , MMR (measles-mumps-rubella) is connected with the knowledge of vaccine induced SSPE. All media was applied to scare parents into making their children take MMR, while in the U.S. suggestions of withholding welfare payments were applied if parents refused. From what I recall of measles, it was not exactly a life-threatening experience. American Medical Association statistice for the likelihood of contracting SSPE in 1972 was 1 in a million! The official statistics by the Department of Health in 1989 was 1 in 5,000 children could contract SSPE, which results in the hardening of the brain, but that shot up to 1 in 500 by 1994! What’s the connection… If measles was so life threatening why were the U.S. fatalities in 1990 only 89 out of 27,000! The common denominator amongst those deaths were poor nutrition, and failure to treat complications. Even the common denominator also applied of low income does not count, as African children who get the measles continue with their lives and are less likely to have asthma, eczema and hay fever! Maybe this is nature’s way of increasing our resistance, while human reactions make us more vulnerable.

SSPE/Dawson’s Disease/Measles encephalitis

What we are told by institutions like the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke is:

“Subacute sclerosing panencephalitis (SSPE) is a progressive neurological disorder of children and young adults that affects the central nervous system (CNS). It is a slow, but persistent, viral infection caused by defective measles virus. SSPE has been reported from all parts of the world, but it is considered a rare disease in developed countries, with fewer than 10 cases per year reported in the United States. The incidence of SSPE declined by at least 90 percent in countries that have practiced widespread immunization with measles vaccine. The incidence of SSPE is still high in developing countries such as India and Eastern Europe.”

The National Organization for Rare Disorders, a U.S.-based umbrella of voluntary NGOs is a little more honest:

“The disease may develop due to reactivation of the measles virus or an inappropriate immune response to the measles virus. SSPE usually develops 2 to 10 years after the original viral attack.”

SSPE has the same symptoms as HIV encephalitis. The symptoms include:

•Intellectual deterioration

•Memory loss


•Involuntary movements



•Brain inflammation

•Behavioral changes

•Myoclonic jerks

•Progressive dementia

•Neurological deterioration


•Cortical blindness

•Optic atrophy


•Homeostasis disturbances


•Abnormal EEG

•Increased measles antibodies in blood

•Increased measles antibodies in cerebrospinal fluid

•Increased gammaglobulin levels in cerebrospinal fluid

Actual cases experienced by the Canadian research team led by Craig Campbell documented in their 2005 findings included the following case:

Clinical report 2

“A 14-year-old boy born in Canada presented in late 1997, at seven years of age, with staring spells, diagnosed as absence epilepsy but over the next year developed atonic seizures consisting of head drops, myoclonic seizures, and then generalized tonic clonic seizures lasting approximately two minutes. Approximately one year after the onset of his seizures he was losing skills such as tying his shoelaces, and dressing himself and needed to be transferred out of a regular classroom.

His past medical history was significant for being born at 26 weeks gestation, and having mild respiratory distress syndrome and then bronchopulmonary dysplasia. No intracranial pathology was detected clinically or by head ultrasound at that time. Since infancy there had been no significant illnesses. There was no history of measles disease or contact in the first year of life. His immunization record confirmed that all immunizations had been appropriately given including MMR in June 1992 at the age of 21 months and measles booster at 6 years of age.

Clinical examination revealed a head circumference of 53.7 cm (80th percentile). Cranial nerves were intact including a normal fundoscopic exam. There was mild hypotonia and normal power. Deep tendon reflexes were generally brisk. Plantars were upgoing bilaterally…

“…The diagnosis of subacute sclerosing panencephalitis was made in April 1999. Given the lack of infant measles infection, the history of prematurity and the atypical EEG the diagnosis of SSPE was only arrived at after extensive investigation into all neurodegenerative disease.”

Note the lack of “infant measles infection”. The question in mind then is whether SSPE was a result of the vaccine (none indicated in the documentation), or a natural occurance!

Clinical report 4

A 16 year old boy born and raised in Iraq until 6 years of age, presented with a diffuse red rash on his upper extremities and trunk in September 1998, followed by a rapid change in behavior over the next three months. He was described as having memory problems, social isolation and poor concentration. He then developed myoclonic jerks of the extremities and was admitted for investigation four months after his rash.

At one year of age the child had suffered a measles-like illness. Family claimed he had received immunizations upon entering Canada but this was not confirmed.

On examination the child manifested significant mental status changes. He was disoriented in all spheres and unable to read, write or speak. Formal motor and sensory exams were not able to be performed given his mental status. There were almost continuous myoclonic seizures.

EEG demonstrated quasi-periodic bursts of high voltage slow wave activity at intervals of 4–9 seconds which correlated with myoclonic jerks seen in the patient. The EEG background was otherwise normal. MRI showed focal signal abnormalities in the left occipital lobe without enhancement. Serum and CSF showed elevated levels of measles IgG (exact values not available) in January 1999. A brain biopsy did not clearly delineate findings of SSPE.

The child was treated with isoprinosine 1 gram tid from diagnosis until death. He also received, via an Ommaya reservoir, intra-venticular IFN-α 1 million units twice a week for two weeks, then three times a week for three weeks and then once a week for a month and then it was discontinued. Seizures were treated with valproic acid 750 mg tid.

He was transferred to a pediatric rehabilitation centre after his diagnosis and in October 1999 he was brought back to hospital with generalized body rigidity, fever and agitation. He developed adult respiratory distress syndrome and renal failure due to rhabdomyolysis. Creatine kinase levels were 47,000. The specific cause for his sudden deterioration was not clear with infection, malignant hyperthermia or dystonic spasm directly related to SSPE considered. He died within two weeks of re-admission and no autopsy was performed.”

The Iraqi boy’s parents stated that he had received a vaccine for measles upon entering Canada, but as the researchers did not pursue this as a possible cause what we are left with is the basic cause of his death SSPE!

Health Politics

By isolating SSPE from autism prevents awareness of a long standing problem, and by portraying the disease as one that is a problem in developing countries reduces the likelihood of lawsuits in developed countries, and increases the likelihood of eroneous vaccine campaigns in those countries where sections of those populations (who react differently) are used as field experiments!

In 1972 the American Medical Association statistics for the likelihood of contracting SSPE was 1 in a million, yet in 1972 SSPE became a serious concern in the U.S. when it was found that the measles vaccine demonstrated the potential to cause vaccine-induced SSPE.

An ‘Expert Group on the Surveillance of SSPE’ was formed, and the findings were shared with the U.K. as Medical Officer F.C. Stallybrass made a written request to UK’s leading experts to attend a meeting on Monday March 13, 1972 in room D1001 of the Alexander Fleming House.

MMR might have been the corresponding solution, but vaccine-induced SSPE remains to be a problem.

MMR, SSPE and Autism

A 6 July meeting , 1987, is documented that focused on adverse reactions to vaccines, and immunization. The minutes document the opening of the meeting where the Chair “reminds members that the proceedings, papers, and information before them were confidential and should not be disclosed.”

It was noted that in 1985, findings demonstrated a link between rubella immunization and an arthritic neurological disease (arthritis neurological sequelae), and chronic rubella arthritis. It was also noted that an SSPE related disease can be caused by infection from the rubell virus (i.e. German measles). That SSPE disease was a non-fatal form of autism, as believed by Dr. Rebecca Carley. Carley even went as far as to inform the listeners of her radio show she participated in that autism is a form of non-fatal SSPE, the cause of which is the removal of myelin, the nerve membrane after vaccine-induced encephalitis. Dr. Carley also believes that SSPE was changed to autism to hide what was glaringly obvious.

Carley’s findings are supported by a paper entitled titled Permanent Brain Damage After The Measles Vaccine – Cases Reported To Apudc [10] from September 8, 1982. This paper is in the Kew Archives Website.

So why do they keep imposing vaccines to the point of criminalizing those who refuse! And why is the founder of Microsoft, the philanthropic Bill Gates, listed as a member of the Committee of 300, threatening anyone who says anything against vaccines. This threat comes in the form of an internet-based anti-vaccine surveillance and alert system established by Seth Kalichman, that will find, analyze, and counter any communication perceived as misinformation on vaccines. Why, because Gates believes in his 2012 Letter:

 “Vaccines are the only high-technology product that needs to be delivered to every single child. To miss zero children, it takes an incredible amount of ingenuity, and that’s why we created the award [the Gates Vaccine Innovation Award].”

Gates’ smear campaign follows the U.Ks Advertising Standards Authority’s threat to, a website that focuses on vaccine advice for parents. Babyjabs, stated that 1 in 3 jab may be causing “up to 10%” of autism in children in the UK. Babyjabs was asked to remove the information and any reference to MMR.

The release of the above mentioned documents may have come at an opportune time, as a global war is being waged to enforce vaccinations at all levels. It is time for every man, woman, and child to not only think about their own health, but to take their health as much as possible into their own hands, by first getting acquainted with their own bodies, and their rights. Modern allopathic medicine is but an infant in the sphere of health compared to many traditional systems, some of which the knowledge is fading due to the politics of the modern health system. For there is more than meets the eye to just profits why unelected global institutions are converging to ensure that we are all vaccinated via the elected institutions!


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The year that witnessed the beginning of the global economic crisis, 2008, is the same year that the U.S., the biggest GM crop producers witnessed the biggest trade globally. Since then, despite all efforts to genetically modify more agricultural produce, and to force acceptance of these crops onto the food market, which has been accepted by some countries, the corporate world has been winning with governments to make these crops acceptable to the consumers despite the growing body of evidence that proves GM crops reduces fertility of land, humans,  animals, and bees, along with the creation of ‘superbugs’ the very pests that GM crops were designed to kill became pests to GM crops.

Now GreenMedinfo published the findings of farmers and pest experts which proves that the effect of drought on U.S. corn crops, would not have had such a devastating effect if it was not so reliant on modern mass farming techniques, and if it had employed traditional farmig techniques of crop rotation.

The main pest, corn pest rootworm has become resistant to GMO Bt corn. corn pest rootworm prevents the crop from absorbing water, and GM crops have a higher demand for water than traditional farming techniques. When crop rotation is employed, the following crop prevents corn pest rootworm eggs from maturing. Thisfarming knowledge is ignored in the main as farmers take up the advice of GMO seed producers like Monsanto and their distributors which tell the farmers that crop rotation is not necessary. Considering that GMO seed producers are about profits, not human and environmental health and it is the farmers with the expertize of how farming works it seems commonsense went out the window. As the corn root worm weakens the corn:

“Strong wind came up and it just tipped the corn plants over like a big old tree,” corn farmer Charlie Sandager told MPR.

The irony is that organic crops is more resistant to drought, which was confirmed by a 2008 UN report, Organic Agriculture and Food Security in Africa, that concluded as much supporting organic farming practices in Africa, which would substantially increase the continents capacity to feed its people according to Greenmedinfo.


Adams, C. “GMO Corn Worsens Drought Damage with Rootworm Outbreak.”

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