GM Crops Entrench U.S. Drought

 GM Crops Entrench U.S. Drought

The year that witnessed the beginning of the global economic crisis, 2008, is the same year that the U.S., the biggest GM crop producers witnessed the biggest trade globally. Since then, despite all efforts to genetically modify more agricultural produce, and to force acceptance of these crops onto the food market, which has been accepted by some countries, the corporate world has been winning with governments to make these crops acceptable to the consumers despite the growing body of evidence that proves GM crops reduces fertility of land, humans,  animals, and bees, along with the creation of ‘superbugs’ the very pests that GM crops were designed to kill became pests to GM crops.

Now GreenMedinfo published the findings of farmers and pest experts which proves that the effect of drought on U.S. corn crops, would not have had such a devastating effect if it was not so reliant on modern mass farming techniques, and if it had employed traditional farmig techniques of crop rotation.

The main pest, corn pest rootworm has become resistant to GMO Bt corn. corn pest rootworm prevents the crop from absorbing water, and GM crops have a higher demand for water than traditional farming techniques. When crop rotation is employed, the following crop prevents corn pest rootworm eggs from maturing. Thisfarming knowledge is ignored in the main as farmers take up the advice of GMO seed producers like Monsanto and their distributors which tell the farmers that crop rotation is not necessary. Considering that GMO seed producers are about profits, not human and environmental health and it is the farmers with the expertize of how farming works it seems commonsense went out the window. As the corn root worm weakens the corn:

“Strong wind came up and it just tipped the corn plants over like a big old tree,” corn farmer Charlie Sandager told MPR.

The irony is that organic crops is more resistant to drought, which was confirmed by a 2008 UN report, Organic Agriculture and Food Security in Africa, that concluded as much supporting organic farming practices in Africa, which would substantially increase the continents capacity to feed its people according to Greenmedinfo.


Adams, C. “GMO Corn Worsens Drought Damage with Rootworm Outbreak.”

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