Remember Iraq -Think of Iran!

Iran Threat Same as Iraq Threat!


But you should have known this anyway! Unfortunately this seems to have surpassed certain Middle Eastern countries that are so easily played, which through Syria, will spread to the Middle East if they continue on the current track!  Iraq should know, remembers, and understand fully what is going on in Syria; and have been excluded from the list of countries that are vehemently against toppling the regime. For if one allows others to compromise the sovereignty of one’s neighbour, they will come for you next! This is what Russia and China defends, for whoever turns a blind eye to the atrocities commited by the rebels, will seal their own fate on one level or another, for there is no more room for  the deceptions of the past! The divide and rule tactics of the West will not get them what they set out to achieve for it will turn around and bite them, right where it hurts, economically, and colonially!

If there is any honor in a Nobel Peace Prize for words, it is in refusal!


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