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Imposing Chemotherapy on Children!

Imposing Chemotherapy on Children!

If you have ever wondered why some people will get the flu for example, and others not, there are several factors involved:

  • Level of health
  • Level of medication for previous illnesses
  • Level of vaccinations for previous illnesses
  • Ability to cope with stress
  • Level of positive outlook

On the ability of level of stress, we all have different sensibilities that if affected, will also compromise our immune system, and physiological, emotional, and psychological integrity. In other words, we all react differently!  This also applies to medical treatment, we all react differently, and within that some react sooner or later, and sometimes later can skip a generation!

So why is it that the mainstream (allopathic) medical profession continues to treat everyone the same despite the billions of reports, research, reviews and studies which proves all of the above!

This is what has to be born in mind when we look at the picture of actor Patrick Swayze above, and  a true event conveyed by Elizabeth Renter. The case at hand refers to an 8-year old, Sarah Parisian, from Minnesota, U.S. whom the doctors tried to impose chemotherapy upon her.

Sarah had brain tumor, 90% of which was removed. However, the doctors wanted Sarah to continue with chemotherapy for a whole year in order to kill th rest of the cancer cells.

Sarah’s parents were not convinced having already observed how Sarah was suffering greatly with nausea, weight loss, hair loss, and sore throat. Also Sarah was sleeping 22 hours daily, what kind of life is that!

So naturally, Sarah’s parents wanted to seek an alternative to the dismay of the doctors, who took the case to court on the basis that her parents wish was detrimental to Sarah blind to how detrimental the treatment she had received so far.

In the meantime, time was passing, Sarah was not getting any better, and her parents were subjected to emotional and psychological stress through this court case.

Finally, it was the parents who agreed on a compromise, chemotherapy to be combined with alternative treatment, but this is a contradiction in itself. This is yet another case, whereby the parents are being threatened with a loss of custody.

The goal of any treatment should be about returning one’s state of health to a state of normalcy, but the doctors approach was using a form of treatment to eliminate a serious health problem and replacing it with another serious health problem – one that the medical profession cannot treat! How can we expect  chemotherapy that uses a carcinogenic to cure cancer to work!

Chemotherapy Kills Quicker Than Cancer!

When researchers at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, Seattle were exploring cancer, they were looking to find why cancer cells are so resilient. Instead what they found is that chemotherapy kills the patient slowly.

Chemotherapy does not target the cancer cells, but kills ALL cells, i.e. the healthy ones included. It is like takingan antibacterial mouth wash when a simple salt water solution tha can be made at home will do a more effective job. Antibacterial mouth washes kill the needed and healthy bacteria in the mouth. Chemotherapy has the same effect on human cells.

The findings of the Seattle research is that chemotherapy heavily damages healthy cells, and causes these healthy cells to release a protein (WNT16B) that fuels the growth of tumors, tumors that are resistant to treatment!

The researchers found that there is significant DNA damage when they analyzed tissue that had received chemotherapy from men with prostrate cancer. This research only confirms the findings of previous research which proves that chemotherapy kills patients more quickly than the cancer itself! In addition, the drugs used to treat cancer increase the mass of tumors. As explained by co-authorPeter Nelson of theFred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center:

“WNT16B, when secreted, would interact with nearby tumour cells and cause them to grow, invade, and importantly, resist subsequent therapy.”

If the medical profession were to be truely scientific in their approach, they would add these findings to the advice they give to parents so that parents have informed choice. If parents continued to believe that chemotherapy as the best choice for their children, then the responsibility would be on them, but that reaction, that blind belief is based on years of the medical profession convincing the public that they are god and can cure all!

One of many reasons, in fact the main reason why governments are establishing means to prevent the proliferation of knowledge on forms of alternative medicine, healing, health foods etc, is:

a)      To complete handover of our health to the medical profession

b)      To allow research into the beneficial phyto-chemicals (plant chemicals) of natural organic foods to extract, exploit and package those beneficial phyto-chemicals for the pharmaceutical industry for further profits.

The result is that we are removed from being able to act in the best interest of our own health as in the case of Jane (see the link below)

For example a simple spice like turmeric (Indian cuisine use it to make rice yellow), which one can buy at the moment to add to one’s diet has the capacity to reduce tumors, and combat the spread of cancer! Turmeric is not alone in this task either, there are other foods like garlic, ginger, and papaya.

However, most of us in the process of the development of contemporary medicine are far more used to handing our health over to the ‘experts’. For that lack of faith in ourselves, we should then be encouraged to be less passive, and to seek reputable experts within alternative forms of medicine which exists on every continent, which would be far less demanding on our purse strings, in the long run our health, and we would learn about our own bodies in the process!



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