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Allan Joins the Self-cure List of Cancer!

Allan Joins the Self-cure List of Cancer!


Many stories will not hit the media, but for the common folk, and the medical profession, those that do hit the news is a welcome breath of fresh air for what has become a guaranteed profit industry with little hope for those who experience cancer!

This is Allan Taylor with the tools of his return to health from cancer none of which are typical elements of a British diet:

  • Powdered barley grass
  • Curry spices
  • Apricot seeds
  • Selenium tablets

Timing might have something to do with it, as a process has already begun via Google to limit the advertisement of health foods and supplements on the Internet, and new policies unfold. For the 78-year-old grandfather, the Internet was the means by which he sought help when he was told he had cancer.

Allan came across an intense diet, and gave it a shot, becuase he was not just going to give up, and give in as is expected of someone of his age.

For Allan, the challenge all began as recently as February 2011 with a two-inch lump in his abdomen. Allan was diagnosed with colon cancer.September 2011, an operation took place to surgically remove a nine-inch section. Then procedurally, the operation was followed up with chemotherapy which only lasted for three months. As we know, chemotherapy spreads cancer, and by April 2012, the cancer had spread to his small intestines.

“I got a letter on April 30 and I was told there was no point having any more chemotherapy, it wouldn’t cure me and neither would an *operation,” he says.

 “I just went on the internet and tapped in ‘colon cancer cures’,” he says. “I examined all the evidence and took advice from my local health food store.”

 “They said if they cut out the cancer it would just pop up somewhere else. But I was determined to stay positive and decided to find my own cure.”

Allan radically changed his diet. No more red meat, and diary products, and added 10 portions of raw fruit and vegetables daily. According to Allan the crucial ingredient was a teaspoon of powdered barley grass in hot water every morning and night – a highly recommenede cure of all diseases by Prophet Muhammed (SAW).

But guess what… it only took him 4 months, at £30 a week to cure himself of cancer.

 “On August 6 I got a letter from North Tees hospital to say a scan had shown my cancer had gone and ‘the abnormality is no longer visible’. I’m all clear.”

Allan makes it sound simple!


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‘Liberating’ the Moon of Its Natural Resources!

‘Liberating’ the Moon of Its Natural Resources!


By Hwaa Irfan


To ‘liberate’ is a street term with a touch of Robin Hood. It is to relieve those that have too much from what they have by those who do not have – in simple uncontextualized terms, its stealing!

If there is a good reason why God, did not put us on the Moon as well as the Earth, by making it environmentally unsustainable to humans, it is becuase of those who have too much, and want more!

As if there is no symbiotic relationship between our Earth and the Moon, from 1969 – 1972, Apollo astronauts brought just under 842 pounds of rocks and regolith back from the Moon, while we down here have been fascinated by NASA’s space program for decades.

Well old habits die hard, especially when they have bene entrenched into the global elite from one generation to the next!

Without a population on the Moon to claim sovereignty, Apollo astronauts have been free to ‘liberate’. Discovery News  notes “in 1985, engineers at the University of Wisconsin discovered significant amounts of Helium-3 in the lunar soil.”

Making Helium-3 sound innocent, Discovery News informs its use in party balloons and how it can be used it in nuclear fusion to produce clean energy without radioactivity, and toxic nuclear by-products.

Normally Helium-3 is a product of decay of tritium, hydrogen with two neutrons, and deuterium, hydrogen with an extra neutron. Environmentally unstable U.S. only has a reserve of under 65 pounds according to Discovery News, and ‘needs’ “…50,000 pounds — 25 tons — for a year’s worth of power”.  But U.S. nuclear reactors are increasingly unstable, besides it would need slave labor (maybe  reason for the development of robots and transhumans), and a costly trip to the Moon and back to mine the planet for Helium-3!

Spectra’s Material Data Safety gives Helium-3 the following hazard identification:

“Helium-3 is a colorless, odorless, non-toxic, non-radioactive, isotopic gas. The main health hazard associated with releases of this gas is asphyxiation, by displacement of oxygen.”

Spectra continues:

If rescue personnel need to enter an area of release of Helium, they should be equipped with Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA). High concentration of this gas will create an oxygen-deficient atmosphere, creating the risk of asphyxiation. Acute overexposure to this gas may cause the following health effects:

EYE CONTACT: High-pressure gas may result in airborne objects.

INHALATION: High concentrations of this gas can cause an oxygen-deficient environment. Individuals breathing such an atmosphere may experience symptoms which include headaches, ringing in ears, dizziness, drowsiness, unconsciousness, nausea, vomiting, and depression of all the senses. The skin of a victim may have a blue color. Under some circumstances of over-exposure, death may occur due to displacement of oxygen.”

Solstice lunar eclipse 21-12-10 from U.K. by Luke-Broom

On Thursday, April 1, 2004 at 1:00 p.m., a Subcommittee on Space and Aeronautics was held to explore the idea of the Moon for scientific and commercial activities. This was initiated by former President Bush’s ‘Space Exploration Initiative’ on January 14, 2004.

The extended human presence on the Moon will enable astronauts to develop new technologies and harness the Moon’s abundant resources to allow manned exploration of the challenging environments. Experience and knowledge gained on the Moon will serve as a foundation for human missions beyond the Moon, beginning with Mars.”

The U.S-based Moon Express Inc.. is one of the companies listed in the Google Lunar X Prize competition, which aims to exploit the resources of the moon.

Company aims at exploiting the so-called rare earth minerals containing chemicals in small quantities in the earth’s crust, but with more and more applications in current technologies. Approximately 80% of rare earths on Earth are found in China, whose policy now is to not export them. As a result, many countries are in a position to not be able to buy such material.

Just as corporations on Earth are used to expand the borders of U.S. ‘interests’, so too is the same applied to the Moon, with Moon Express Inc.. as one of the companies listed in the Google Lunar X Prize competition, which aims to exploit the resources of the Moon at an estimated cost of U.S$70mn with the first operation taking place in 2013! The logic of it all seems to be rather misplaced!

Competing with China’s control of 80% of the Earth’s rare minerals, the U.S. has forgotten as usual the international Moon Agreement which was approved by the defunct United Nations General on December 14, 1979. The Agreement came into force on July 11, 1984, with ratification from only 5 states. True to the lower intentions of our benefactors the 1967 Principles Treaty allowed for outer space, and other celestial bodies to become subject to national sovereignties, but in legalese may not!

Over the years, arguments ensued over the common heritage of man in the most diplomatic of fashion, with the representative of colonial France placating the issue in 1971 by urging the lack of need to define the “legal status of extraterritorial materials serving “industrial purposes”” balancing with a  “the sub-soil of the heavenly bodies like their ground surfaces could not be the subject of any national appropriation or private law, ” and a “publicity should be given “to the operations carried out and knowledge acquired.””

And that has been adhered to!

As a review of the Moon Agreement was entering the 1980s, the U.S. typically would be involved in

“the development of new legal regimes or principles.”

There is a catch clause in Article 11 of the Moon Treaty which although places limitations on the acquisition of property rights, those limitations are non-existant when the Moon’s natural resources are removed from its “in place” location.

By 1996, the body in-charge of space, Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space, COPUOS stated in its report to the General Assembly that contracts relating to “intellectual property rights” should be “fair and reasonable.

Just as gold and silver are gifts to the Earth through meteorites, Helium-3 comes to Earth through solar winds with a difficult passage through the Earth’s magnetic field, which is just as well. One of the arguments that our benefactors use to make mining of the Moon acceptable is the imbalance created by continued mining of the Earth. So what is the difference!

The Moon might be a quarter of a million miles away, but that distance is growing as the energy lost by the Earth is picked up by the Moon, increasing the distance by an approximate 3.8 centimeters annually.

The Moon has a distinct relationship with our Earth as all heavenly bodies do. The Moon affects the tidal waves, and affects the rotation of the Earth, this at least is publicly acknowledged by NASA.

The Moon also affects Earth weather, and helps to make life possible on Earth. The Moon also has a direct relationship to human emotions and expression the affects thereof recorded at times of New, Full and the eclipsing Moon. With it, we are able to measure, and act in favor of the greatest struggle of man, the jihad an nafs, the struggle of the soul. Can mining the Moon upset this balance? Once again we might discover that reality when it is too late!


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