The Power of Joy!

The Power of Joy!

By Hwaa Irfan

We have been passing through the long season of diversity, when all foundations of what we believed to be an infallible fact, is falling apart. As powers make a desperate grab to maintain and build that power, all peoples around the world are being affected. That grab for power is rife with negative energy that we feed by negating our own inner capabilities and feeding those negative energies with our attention. We must be aware of what is really going on, becuase we are an intrinsic part of that puzzle, but we must also be aware that slavery to that way of existance since the Industrial Revolution glorified in London 2012, is what feeds it, and in the same breath depletes us.

All said and done, we as humans underestimate the power of our minds, and our thoughts, to provide us with what we need individually, societally and globally. Whenever we are feeling negative, we compromise our personal well-being. Masaru Emoto gives a good example as follows:

  Main   organs that resonate with emotions of disease Energy   of disease Cancelling   emotions
Stress Intestines Indigestion Relaxation
Worry Cervical nerves Stiff shoulders Easygoingness
Irritability Parasympathetic nerves Insomnia Calmness
Perplexity Autonomic erves Low-back pain Good grace
Excess fear Kidneys Renal diseases Peace of mind
Anxiety Stomach Dyspepsia Relief
Anger Liver Hepatitis Compassion
Apathy Spine Weakened vitality Passion
Impatience Pancreas Diabetes Tolerance
Loneliness Brain’s hyppocampus Senile dementia Pleasure
Sadness Blood Leukemia Joy
Grudge Skin Skin ulceration Gratitude

An Igbo (Nigeria) proverb states: jide ka iji  – “hold firmly to the joy of being”… Innocent Asouzu, explains the Igbo philosphy further:

“In difficult human situations therefore, in situations of challenges and even of failure, for example, we are not discouraged, by the momentary setback, we rather know that there is always the possibility for a new beginning in view of the future referential source of our being. In this case, we would always see failures and success, good and evil, hardship and joy as different sides of the same coin that seek authentic complementarity. In this case, they become veritable opportunities always to excel and to seek better alternatives.”

Joy is the least likely to get corrupted by our egos, because it’s source is innocence. It is a neutralizing force that vibrates at different frequencies, as expressed by infectious joy of children. Tap that into the collective conscious, and we not only have a way of uplifting our own energy field, we transmute the negative energy field perpetauted by governments, corporations, and their supporting structures for just as we as humans are sensitive to the earth’s energy field, the Earth is sensitive to our energy fields too! Just take a look at Hilary Clinton – for nearly every foreign soil she has trodden on responds with an earthquake! That is the measure of her negative energy field!

The experience of joy involves our whole selves, our bodies, our souls, our hearts, and our minds. There is no room for the ego for the foundation of true joy requires unity of consciousness!

“In spite of fear and pity, we are the happy living beings, not as individuals, but as the one living being, with whose creative joy we are united.” – Nietzsche 1872

The only tool that joy requires is you. So the only question next is what gives you joy whether it be  daily dose of 5 minutes or 1 whole hour, it can all make a big difference in the evolution of our lives, and the world we live in! This will then help us to find joy in the world around us, even in the stupidity of our own actions and the actions of others!


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