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Occupy World Shuts Down Monsanto Facility*

Occupy World Shuts Down Monsanto Facility*

September 12, activists calling themselves the Genetic Crimes Unit (GCU) shut down shipping and receiving access points at Monsanto’s Oxnard seed distribution facility located at 2700 Camino Del Sol. By peacefully blockading the exit and access points, the group effectively shut down the distribution of genetically engineered (GMO) seeds for a day.

Monsanto is the largest producer of GMO seeds and is being called out for their genetic crimes by a network called Occupy Monsanto. Today’s protest is the beginning of a series of over 65 different autonomous actions that officially start on September 17, the anniversary of the Occupy Wall Street movement. Actions are planned in countries throughout the world, including the US, Germany, Canada, India, Paraguay, Philippines, Poland, Argentina, Australia, Spain, Russia, and Japan. More info as well as video available for media use of today action can be found here.

After occupying all three shipping and receiving entrances to the Monsanto facility using flashy theatrics, including a car with a giant “fish-corn” on top of it and a 6-foot high jail cell complete with someone dressed up like the CEO Hugh Grant of Monsanto inside. Eventually after 5.5 hours the fire department was called in and 9 anti-GMO activists were arrested and charged with trespassing.

“The reason I am occupying Monsanto and willing to put myself at risk of arrest is because Monsanto has genetically engineered food crops to contain novel untested compounds that result in more weed killer sprayed on our food, without informing consumers. Unlike most industrialized countries including every country in Europe, Japan and even China, in America right now there are no labels on our food informing us whether we are eating GMOs or not. We have a right to opt out of this experiment: it’s not up to chemical companies what I feed myself and my family. Monsanto has bought and sold both parties and has handpicked henchmen at FDA and USDA making sure we are kept in the dark. Monsanto is also currently fighting the California Prop 37 GMO labeling initiative that would give consumers the right to know if they are eating GMO foods. said GCU member Ariel Vegosen.

The GCU arrived onsite wearing bio-hazmat suits and with giant banners saying the “99% V. Monsanto” and “Seminis and Monsanto bringing weed killer GMO food to your table.” Next week there will be more protests all over the nation.

“In the name of Wall Street profits, chemical corporations such as Monsanto genetically engineer crops to withstand high doses of their toxic weed killers that contaminate our food and water, and have not been proven safe. We deserve to know what we are eating and we should put the GMO crops back in the lab and off the kitchen table.  The US chemical lobby has so far made sure Americans are kept in the dark and we are tired of inaction by Obama, “ said GCU unit member Rica Madrid.

“We are here today in civil disobedience because we believe strongly that we have no other option,” said GCU unit member David Pillar. “Its time for healthy food now.”


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Ma’afa: The Truth Behind Birth Control…

Ma’afa: The Truth Behind Birth Control…

From Alexandra Bruce

This controversial film begins with some  off-putting announcement — but stick with it; this is unquestionably an important piece of  work that is well worth watching.

Ma’afa‘ focuses on the very nadir of US history.  It can be difficult, at times  to watch without  flinching with shame and disgust, no matter  what race you happen to identify with. There is a degree of stridency in the tone of this presentation which has drawn some criticism but to be fair, the emotional tome is understandable.

The wall of secrecy surrounding this forbidden  history about an aspect of late 19th century and early 20th century American civilization is rarely  exposed, even in this day — so, we believe that  now is as good of a time as ever to let it all out,  to heal it and to move forward as a strong society,  which I believe, is within our grasp, when we integrate  these horror stories and all of the lessons we’ve all  learned from them.

It’s said that if we are to escape the doom of  repeating our history, we must first know it.

With this is mind – here’s you inoculation! May God’s Grace be upon all who played their roles in  these grisly, dehumanizing dramas and in bringing them to light, as we strive forward to fulfill a more  exalted destiny.


Ma’afa 21: Black Genocide in 21st Century America is a 2009 pro-life documentary film. The film argues that abortion is an attempted genocide or maafa of black people, and has been so since the 19th century.

The film has been praised by pro-life activists and condemned by historical scholars, pro-choice activists, and other writers, particularly in light of its unfavorable depiction of Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger, to whom it attributes racist and genocidal positions. Pro-life activists have said that the film is an expose of the racism of abortion in modern times, and that Planned Parenthood is especially racist. Critics have called it a shockumentary and propaganda for distorting the role of Planned Parenthood in the eugenics movement, for deliberately misinterpreting Sanger’s position about black women, and for blaming institutional racism rather than social conditions for the prevalence of abortion among black populations. However Sangers’ wrote:

“The American ruling class had mad a hard decision, Americans of African descent would accept their miserable lot or die… the venerable Saturday Evening Post issues what might be termed as ‘White Paper’, in which it warned Black America that they had better understand and accept the fact that absolute freedom and equality were not part of the game plan for them, and that the consequence of non-acceptance would be wholesale genocide” John Oliver Killens 1982.

The minister’s work is also important and also should be trained, perhaps by the Federation as to our ideals and the goal we hope to reach. We do not want word to go out that we want to exterminate the Negro population and the minister is the man who can straighten if it ever occurs to their more rebellious members.” – Margaret Sanger’s 1939 letter to her benefactor, Charles Gamble (Proctor and Gamble).


American Eugenics Society

The American Eugenics Society (AES) was a society established in 1922 to promote eugenics in the United States.

It was the result of the Second International Conference on Eugenics (New York, 1921). The founders included Madison Grant, Harry H. Laughlin, Irving Fisher, Henry Fairfield Osborn, and Henry Crampton. The organization started by promoting racial betterment, eugenic health, and genetic education through public lectures, exhibits at county fairs etc. Under the direction of Frederick Osborn the society started to place greater focus on issues of population control, genetics, and, later, medical genetics.

Directly after Roe v. Wade was released (1972), the AES was reorganized and renamed “The Society for the Study of Social Biology.” Osborn said, The name was changed because it became evident that changes of a eugenic nature would be made for reasons other than eugenics, and that tying a eugenic label on them would more often hinder than help their adoption. Birth control and abortion are turning out to be great eugenic advances of our time.”

It’s earliest members and sponsors included:

  • J. P. Morgan, Jr., chairman, U. S. Steel, who handled British contracts in the United States for food and munitions during World War I. Wickliffe Draper used his J. P. Morgan Trust Account to fund The Mississippi Sovereignty Commission and its activities.
  • Mrs. Mary Duke Biddle, tobacco fortune heiress whose family founded Duke University.
  • Cleveland H. and Cleveland E. Dodge and their wives, who used some of the huge fortune that Phelps Dodge & Company made on copper mines and other metals to support eugenics.
  • Robert Garrett, whose family had amassed a fortune through banking in Maryland and the B&O railroad, who helped finance two international eugenics congresses attended by Harry Laughlin and Wickliffe Draper.
  • Miss E. B. Scripps, whose wealth came the Scripps-Howard newspaper chain and from United Press (later UPI).
  • Dorothy H. Brush, Planned Parenthood activist, whose wealth came from Charles Francis Brush (1849-1929), who invented the arc lamp for street lights and founded the Brush Electric Company. Draper’s version of Planned Parenthood was to pass the Involuntary Sterilization laws in 15 different U.S. States.
  • Margaret Sanger, also from Planned Parenthood, who used the wealth of one of one of her husbands, Noah Slee, to promote her work. Slee made his fortune from the familiar household product, 3-In-One Oil.

The other Finance Committee members included:

  • Leon F. Whitney was the Chairman. The Draper Looms in Hopedale, MA were used to spin the raw cotton harvested by the Eli Whitney cotton gins into fabrics, cloth and yarn.
  • Frank L. Babbott, the well-known philanthropist and educator.
  • Madison Grant, noted conservationist.
  • Mrs. Helen Hartley Jenkins and John H. Kellogg who started the Kellogg’s Cereal Company.
  • John Kellogg and The Race Betterment Foundation

Kellogg was outspoken on his beliefs on race and segregation, in spite of the fact that he himself adopted a number of black children. In 1906, together with Irving Fisher and Charles Davenport, Kellogg founded the Race Betterment Foundation, which became a major center of the new eugenics movement in America. Kellogg was in favor of racial segregation and believed that immigrants and non-whites would damage the gene pool. He acted as a sort of mentor and advisor to Wickliffe Draper through his publications. Draper adopted Kellogg’s recommendations and beliefs on subjects like racial segregation, anti-miscegenation laws, staunch anti-immigration attitudes and also the lifestyle choice of total sexual abstinence as a lifelong habit. Draper later died from prostate cancer. It is not known whether or not Draper was converted by Kellogg into one of the favorite Kellogg routines of taking regular yogurt enemas.

Robert Garrett was one of the primary financial sponsors of the American Eugenics Society the personal project of Wickliffe P. Draper who sponsored most of the research behind “The Bell Curve” published in 1994. Garrett also served on the Finance Committee of the International Congress of The American Eugenics Society along with Madison Grant, author of “The Passing of the Great Race.” Margaret Sanger [founder of Planned Parenthood] was a member of the American Eugenics society.

List of presidents:

  • Irving Fisher 1922-26 (Political Economy, Yale University)
  • Roswell H. Johnson 1926-27 (Cold Spring Harbor, Univ. of Pittsburgh)
  • Harry H. Laughlin 1927-29 (Eugenics Record Office)
  • C. C. Little 1929 (Pres., Michigan University)
  • Henry Pratt Fairchild 1929-31 (Sociology, New York University)
  • Henry Perkins 1931-34 (Zoology, University of Vermont)
  • Ellsworth Huntington 1934-38 (Geography, Yale University)
  • Samuel Jackson Holmes 1938-40 (Zoology, University of California)
  • Maurice Bigelow 1940-45 (Columbia University)
  • Frederick Osborn 1946-52 (Osborn-Dodge-Harriman RR connection)
  • Harry L. Shapiro 1956-63 (American Museum of Natural History)
  • Clyde V. Kiser 1964-68 (differential fertility, Milbank Memorial Fund)
  • Dudley Kirk 1969-72 (Demographer, Stanford University)
  • Bruce K. Eckland 1972-75 (Sociology, University of North Carolina)
  • L. Erlenmeyer-Kimling 1976-78 (Genetic Psychiatry)
  • Lindzey Gardner 1979-81 (Center for Advanced Study, Behavioral Sciences)
  • John L. Fuller 1982-83 (Behavioral genetics)
  • Michael Teitelbaum 1985-1990 (US Congress staff; US population policy)
  • Robert Retherford 1991-1994 (East-West Institute, Hawaii; funded by AID)
  • Joseph Lee Rodgers 1994, 1995 (family influences)
  • Current: Hans-Peter Kohler

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As France Passes, South Africa is Still Struggling with GM Crops!

As France Passes, South Africa is Still Struggling with GM Crops!


As France upholds its ban on GM crops, despite the EU attempt to over-ride a sovereign decision, the 9th largest producer of GM crops remains confused as to its safety.

Why should South Africa classified as the most developed country on the continent, with it technical advances, and membership of one the five BRIC nations should be having a problem with testing GM crops is a little difficult to contemplate.

On 5th September 2012, James Wilmot of the Democratic Alliance MP and Shadow Minister of Trade and Industry, issued a press release claiming that poor consumers cannot benefit from the “cost savings offered by GMOs” because genetically modified (GM) foods cannot be labelled. He claimed that labelling could not be implemented without a testing facility and “without an active testing facility, the SABS cannot ensure the safety of GMOs for consumption by the general public. As a result, the Department’s interim solution has been to ban a number of GMOs until the testing facility is operational.”

That is a little hopeful for a country that has been suffering with poverty and hunger in recent years which only goes to show that GM crops do not fulfil the PR blurb of solving world hunger. The African Centre for Biosafety, ACB), reports:

 “It is clear that Mr. James does not understand how GMOs are regulated in this country and has mixed up the functions of the Departments of Trade and Industry and Agriculture. He also does not realise the extent of GMOs in our food system. There is no import ban due to labelling issues; South Africa stopped importing bulk GM shipments from Argentina and Brazil in 2010 when these countries approved GMOs that have not passed through South Africa’s biosafety system. Shipments originating from these countries will contain a mix of approved and unapproved GMOs. Under the rules of the United Nations Biosafety Protocol, South Africa may not allow unapproved GMOs into the country”.

It is with horror one learns from ACB that South Africa has been growing GM crops sine 1998, and that:

  • 72% of maize production is genetically modified
  • 90% of soya production is genetically

Yet, up until 2010 South Africa was a major importer of GM maize with 2 million tons from Argentina in 2007 alone. With the legacy of apartheid still not laid to rest in the country, one would think that, that experience would be enough to question what is introduced into the country, especially as the likes of Rothschild, and Oppenheimer with firms stakes in the country. The post apartheid national land reform process a complete failure transfering less than 5% of agricultural land from white to black ownership South Africans still remain excluded from their own country.

So throwing the health and well being of the environment, the animals, and of course the people out the window, why have there been food riots in recent years!

Then of course there is the issue of labeling due to consumer demand which of course has been blocked by the profiteering food industry along with seed control by the giants DuPont’s Pioneer Hi-Bred and South African seed company, Pannar, Monsanto and DuPont. If these companies are successful in having a monopoly over seeds, this will effectively give them complete control over South African agriculture plunging the small farmers into further poverty, and left unable to do what they do best, provide healthy undoctored produce for their families. It is also insullt upon injury to pass the Protection of Information Bill, which positions South Africa into the hands of such corporations.

Accumulative evidence from scientfic research has found GM crops of:

  • Contaminating natural plants
  • Unable to resist the pests which have now become superbugs, and are in fact being devoured by the      same pests
  • Is water intensive therefore compromises water security
  • Pollutes the waterways
  • Causes tumors of the liver, reduces the size of kidneys, reduces land and animal fertility
  • GM toxins reduces huma fertility, and increases fatalities
  • Compromises the immune system
  • Remains in the gut of humans
  • Reduces the bee population, essential for plant pollination

With recent evidence that GM crops have entrenched the U.S. long drought, causing a drought impact to be greater than it could have been, there is no positive reason to continue with GM crops.

In ACBs report  Seed Merger: Deepening Structural Inequities in South Africa against the merger of Pannar and Dupont’s Pioneer Hi-Bred, and are attempting to testify on behalf of 1.2 million small farmers. With low profit margins, and decreasing access to open-pollinated seeds that are in fact becoming increasing scarce. It would be interesting to know to what extent that South Africa’s long years with GM farming has contributed towards the scarcity of natural seeds, and to what extent the protection of indigenous plant knowledge is putting back into circulation those seeds!

Fortunately ACB’s legal contribution at a 3-week long hearing at the Tribunal was able to stall the merger, but this is only one battle in a long war for food sovereignty and food security. ACB rightly argues:

Eighteen years after political democratisation in South Africa, economic power remains in the hands of a small elite, with widespread poverty and lack of access to the production assets of society. We believe that this economic concentration must be reversed, that a broad and diverse production base, with a more equitable distribution of productive assets is essential for the redress of historical injustices and for an inclusive economic future.

Not only should  South Africans be included in their future, but they should be the owners of their future, because as the global economic crisis has proven, to hand over our rights to an irresponsible few is but a form of indentured slavery!


ACB. “Seed Merger’: Deepening Structural Inequities in South Africa.”

“GMOs have made no impact on food security in South Africa in fourteen years. ACB responds to DA position.”

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