Why 9/11 2012 was Definitely a False Flag!*

Why 9/11 2012 was Definitely a False Flag!*

This is according to Veterans Today, which has the experience, and the network to verify their own investigations! Please note the dispute clip Innocence of Muslims is still on Youtube… It does not take 5 minutes for Google to pull a video by governmental request!



  • 15 foreign assualt teams from surveillance to traffic management, to perimeter security to fire support and communications were in Libya in ahead of time
  • 50 trained special operations troops were used for the assault with advance teams and support bringing the total to minimally 80 -100+ men
  • The U.S. compound and Ambassador Stevens were placed under surveillance
  • secure communications were hacked using advanced technologies unavailable.
  • Fire support was supplied by gun trucks
  • In advance of the attack, a perimeter was established, isolating the US Consulate compound which included 7 homes
  • Americans were first channeled into a “safehouse” by a coordinated “two pronged” attack

Those efforts would have been useless without the influx of GOP funding for the Jones telethon, without Google’s violation of its own policies, keeping an offensive YouTube video online and without key sources in the Middle East promoting the video carefully time to the assault by highly trained special operations forces believed to have flown in from Dubai.

Management of the US press, continually dancing from one conspiracy theory to another, is a clear sign that this operation originated in the United States.

It was handed off to an intelligence agency tied to the Romney campaign and Netanyahu, who turned to friends in the Gulf, as intelligence reports confirmed, to complete the complex and well coordinated military operation on two continents.

FBI groups operating inside Libya are working on the assumption that the attack was premeditated but have been restricted from investigating


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