New Bill to Enforce Vaccines After Whooping Cough Scam!

New Bill to Enforce Vaccines After Whooping Cough Scam!


By Hwaa Irfan

It is called Senate Bill 1759 (S.B. 1759), an anonymous enough title, which makes it harder to identify from the point of view of the citizen. Not to be confused with Oklahoma’s S.B. 1759 passed in 2010 to establish standardized social media and limited liability policies for state agencies, or Texas S.B. 1759 pertaining to the registration of a commercial fleet of motor vehicles, New Jersey’s S.B. 1759 2012 is to limit further parental rights over child vaccinations!

As growing awareness expands about the dangers of vaccines today, and the scare tactics employed to enforce take up, comes with increased policing with a spate of bills being churned out in the past 2 years covering all aspects of American civilian life. The question still remains though,  are the elite getting the same treatment!

Passed by 6-2  after both U.K. and U.S. tried to vamp up a recent whooping cough scare hoax in order to panick citizens into taking the vaccine, which is good for business!

Depriving children of building up their natural immunity, the 2012 ‘outbreak’ was toughted as the worst infection since the 1950s the following breakdown is given with anti-vaxxers portrayed in biased reportage as anti-social!

A total of 26, 000 were affected, which if one has in mind that whooping cough is a deadly pandemic, then of course one will bolt right into action and take the vaccine. Even if one doesn’t panic and has in mind that the vaccine is harmless then one also joins the queue!

Creating Fear

California Health Department epidemiologists estimate 50% of the children who fell sick were infected by their parents or caregivers, according to CNN. But whooping cough is a cyclical infection that happens every 3-5 years.


California had its last ‘outbreak’ in 2005, but the cure all and national security threat flag that is being waved silences the fact that vaccines are not cures, do not cure all, ups the rate of infection by undermining natural immunity, and require boosters to maintain credibility.

Facts to date

  • California – out of 5,978 confirmed cases 10 children died!
  • 10,000 of the 26,000 who contracted whooping cough were children (ages 7 – 10)!
  • 40% of children aged 7 – 10 who caught whooping cough were already vaccinated (CDC)
  • Research team led by Dr.  Nicola Klein of the Kaiser Permanente Northern California, found amongst  children aged 4 – 12 from 2006 – 2011 found the risk of getting whooping cough increased by 42% after a child received their last does of vaccine  (fully vaccinated children were investigated)!
  • A year after the introduction of the ‘safer vaccine’ the American Adverse Event Reporting System was set up. From January – August 1991, there were 3,447 cases of  adverse reactions to DPT.
  • More honest data including  the Australian Bureau of Statistics confirmed that the Australian population had already developed group immunity to measles, rubella,  diphtheria, and whooping cough before the first vaccines were  administered. In fact, in every instance, deaths had already plummeted by over 90% before the first vaccine was administered. Why should anywhere else be different unless the populations natural immunity has been so undermined (the case in the U.S. through allopathic medicines (including vaccines), the food industry and the enviroment). Australia’s findings are  affirmed in Leon Chaitow’s Vaccination and Immunization: Danger,  Delusions, and Alternatives which refers to the oft-mentioned 1950s outbreak, given as the reason why whooping cough vaccine works. What the  publication mentions is that the 80% fall in cases, was not due to the vaccine, but happened before the vaccine was even issued!
  • The 1978-9 Glasgow in Scotland and Surrey in Britain the outbreak there were no fatalities, and no cases of permanent brain damage.
  • Studies like that of Andreas Bachmir, and the national German KIGGS health study have proven that vaccinated children are 500% more likely to fall prey to epidemics, allergies and another childhood diseases which of course means more  vaccines, and profits for the pharmaceutical companies that make and sell the vaccines! The findings of these studies are echoed elsewhere as in the  case of a Cincinnati children’s hospital in the 1990s, which found that the epidemic occured to those children who were fully vaccinated beforehand!


The reasons for the failure of the vaccine drive was pulled out of a hat and varies from:

  • The bacteria, pertussis  bacterium could be developing a resistance to the childhood vaccine (DTap)  and adolescent/adult booster (Tdap)
  • The ‘safer’ vaccine  introduced in the 1990s has had a short protection period.
  • Decreasing take-up

But everytime someone informs the system, whether it be through the press or less informal settings, the information gets used in the fight to reduce personal freedoms via new policies/legislation.

Resisting Fear

Danielle Lawson has a  5+ year old daughter, and her opinion on the matter was shared with New York Times during this outbreak:

“I haven’t categorically ruled them out,” she said. “But I just think at this point she’s too young, and her immune system is still developing. Nothing goes into my baby right now, except for breast milk, so I don’t feel comfortable injecting her with strange chemicals.”

That is a parent’s right, to protect a child’s right until such time a child is congizant enough to take up the repsonsibility (at least that is the case in Islam).

Once a childhood disease, whooping cough started to affect adults in the 1990s, when the ‘safer vaccine’ was introduced. Ms. Long who contracted whooping cough was also interviewd by the New York Times who decided not to follow CDC instructions. At first she staggered the shots (missing some shots). At home Long applid naturopathy in the form of herbs for whooping cough, homeopathy , and craniosacral therapy. She also used antibiotics, which seems a little counter-productive because antibiotics undermine the imune system. Long commented:

 “They’re not a panacea,”

“They’re putting very strong chemicals into a child’s body that may or may not work.”

What actually increases the likelihood of death in whooping cough is the coughing itself, due to lack of oxygen. So the goal should be to increase oxygen, not increase chances of getting a more serious attack, or other health problems, and/or to relax the desire to cough.

New Jersey’s S.B. 1759 2012 will demand:

  • Parents to justify why their child should be made exempt. That exemption now no longer includes:  a legitimate concern over  a negative impact on their child’s health
  • Documentation from a doctor indicating that the vaccine is medically contraindicated for a specific period, which means if it the vaccine is contraindicated for one’c child, this reason will be held invalid! This is undermined by a National Vaccine Information  Center recommendation that GlaxoSmithKline’s Boostrix DPT vaccine, though free of formaldehyde, and heavy metals . This is the same British company that had to pay a U.S$3bn fine involving 10 drugs affecting 10 million  people over safety issues, fraudulent marketing without any long term  research on effcicacy of drugs, overcharging Medicaid, and paying kickbacks  to doctors. GSK will also pay U.S$1bn criminal fine and forfeit U.S$2bn in  civil claims, but it will still be business as usual! One of the drugs  questioned was Paxil, for depression, GSK illegally promoted Paxil for  treating depression in children when it was only approved for 18+.
  • “the bona fide religious tenets or practices of the student, or the parent or guardian” to qualify for religious exemption”

The fact that they are reducing exemptions, as applications increase, makes one still ask the question who are the exemptions really for, because that answer will throw light on the real reason behind mass vaccinations beyond the unscientifically based immunization of the herd!


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