Muslim Rage!?*

Sorry guys, had to repost this one, its amazing how much stereotypes jump out at the push of a button just so that one can feel better about one’s self — despite the facts, and despite the growing number of people around the world want real genuine change for all and not for the few!

Maybe the aim was to get you lot going so that your governments can have a good excuse to do whatever they are going to do next on your doorstep!

This is a response to Newsweeks propaganda machine by Max Read:

“September 22, 2012 “Gawker” — “MUSLIM RAGE,” screams Newsweek‘s new cover story about last week’s violent anti-American protests. Ayaan Hirsi Ali, the well-known anti-Islam activist, is here to tell “us” (The_West) how to “end it.” And it’s true, isn’t it? All Muslims are constantly raging about everything. So to pay tribute to Ali’s article — which describes the protesters as “the mainstream of contemporary Islam” — and the subtle, smart cover that accompanies it, we’ve collected 13 striking, powerful images of MUSLIM RAGE.

Indeed, as everyone knows, Muslims, and especially Arab Muslims, have no lives, feelings or thoughts external to constant, violent rage, directed at old white people living in the Midwest (due to their freedoms). Sure, only a few thousand people out of populations of millions turned out to protest this goofy anti-Muhammad movie from YouTube, and sure, there was loud outcry against the violence across the Muslim world. But have you seen this photo? Those guys are mad.

It’s hard to find a better image than the one on the Newsweek cover to really communicate how rage-filled Muslims constantly are, but we’ve found a few that will strike a chill into your heart:”

Check out these violent, angry Egyptians:

Click to see photos by Max Read!


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